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  1. hi robert, i pulled up the body for life program, and it seems to make sense. I think im going to give it a go. seems really balanced, and covers everything i want. just currious, how long were you on the program, and what were your results like time wise? im not in any rush whatsoever, just currious. anthony
  2. yeah, this is the first time i have ever really had an interest in weight training. i think the reason the trainer wants me to foccus so much on my chest, is my personal embarsment with my 'man boobs' so to speak. can you point me towards some work outs that might be more effecient? best regards, anthony
  3. haven't been on in a while. just dropping a line. not sure that this is the most appropriate place for this post but whatever. since last posting i have met with a personal trainer twice. heres where im at. at the first meeting i did a body fat percentage test (pounds mean nothing to me at this point) and found out that i was 30% fat. wow. we discussed my goals, and decided what would work best for me, would be to set up a schedule, and work out no less then 4 days a week, preferably 5 days a week. i also have tried to eliminate all junk foods and soda, (as veganism becomes more mainstream, these vices become more accesible) ive increased my raw fruits and vegetables, and for now, cut back on my protein and carb intake to help me get down to a diserable body fat percentage.. my plan now, is to work out 5 days a week, and get my body fat down to a reasonable level, then start taking in large amounts of proteins, and reduced amounts of carbs to help me increase size and lean muscle mass. does this seem like a healthy plan? so, one week into my new schedule my body fat dropped to 23 % allready. which seems like an awful lot, but is very encouraging. i havent memorized all the muscles yet. so this is my very rough, tentative schedule. sunday: chest, upper arm, forearms, shoulders, upper back. monday: rest tuesday: half hour of cardio followed by, upper legs, butt, thighs. (legs are hard for me because my knees and ankles are completly destroyed from years of skateboarding. ) i find legs for me, have the longest recovery time as well. wed: chest, mid back, upper arms. thursday: half hour of cardio. then, chest, lower back, lower legs. friday. upper legs, upper arms. saturday: rest. my days of rest are all screwy because im in two different bands, and having two consecutive days off isnt really possible. does this seem like a reasonable game plan? hope your all doing well, thanks for all the encouragement. anthony
  4. Hi all, Question: while at the gym, i was told that if i wanted to build mass quicker, i should do less reps and sets at a higher weight. it seems to make sense to me, but as im incredibly new to this, i just wanted to run this idea by everyone first. at this point, i've been doing 6 sets of 19 reps at 65 lbs. i was told i should try to be 5 sets, of 5 reps at 100 lbs. does this seem like a healthy and effective way to build mass? best regards, anthony
  5. i think if veganism was purely a health choice i could probably date a non vegan, but as its an ethical choice, i just dont think i could have that much in common with someone who had ethics so drastically different than my own.
  6. so im comming up one month of working out. ive managed to get my man boobs undercontroll which is a good thing. . my belly is still chillen, but it will go with time. i have a question though. it seems like my right arm is developing much faster than the left arm (im right handed, and assume this is sort of normal) i do mostly free weights, with the exception of when i work my pecks. in order to get both arms aproximately the same size, or have them develop at the same time sould i do more free weights and less machines, or more machines and less free weights? thanks in advance anthony
  7. yeah you guys are sweet. so far ive been working out for a month, feeling pretty good. nothing noticable yet, but it'll come. im meeting with a personal trainer on sunday to discuss my goals and set up a game plan. thanks for the support.
  8. wow, robert. that was probabbly the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me.
  9. when keeping track of my bench press weights and goals, should i include the weight of the bar itself, or only the weights? for example, i can only bench press 14 pounds in weight on a 45 pound bar. i do 6 sets of 10. how should i count this?
  10. my gym has a stair stepper, i haven't tried it yet. ive been swimming alot. it seems to help, do you think the stair stepper would be better for weight loss than swimming?
  11. hello, i started working out last month. hopefully i can stick with it. ive been a long time friend with roberts older sister, and found him pretty inspiring in the past so i thought id give fitness a try. ive got a long way to go, and im not sure what my ultimate goal is. i look forward to killing time at work on this board getting inspired to work out. regards, anthony
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