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  1. so, ive been having tons of trouble today replying on this forum, so this is an attempt to see if it will let me post a topic. robert was able to post under my name, but yet i cant. weird.
  2. Test....back in action
  3. Im back after months of being a slacker and internet avoider! I figured I'd reintroduce myself as I've been MIA since before thanksgiving! I ended up moving to right outside NYC and was without the internet for around five or six months, except for the occaisional kinkos fix. I'm back though, with a new motivation, and I've been working in a warehouse for months now, unloading trucks and the like, so Im hoping that with a better diet, and MORE work, I'll be a lot better off. Anyways, whats up guys?
  4. Yeah, Im trying to get it on a cd, so I can copy them and leave them around/pass them out... I think my computer just hates me..
  5. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1282796533661048967 WATCH IT. Honest to god I bawled my eyes out.
  6. Down here I do, but in a week when I move I wont.. Just my roommate and I working out together.. Sounds good though... Now all I need to do is figure out some good lifting routines.
  7. haha, thank you sir... I hate it because that's the first thing you notice in both pictures.. I'm still screwed as far as creating this program.. Anyone know what I should do?!
  8. Thank you bud... Definitely take that to heed when I get started... By the way, glad you got your account unhacked on myspace.. I'm so tired of those idiots..
  9. Alright guys, I hate to be a bother, but I just didnt really grab too much from previous posts... I'm trying to create a program for myself, in order to gain as much size as I can, but also strength, and still maintain flexibility and speed for fighting. This is what I looked like in April, and I've only served to lose since then. In April however I was doing MMA training about twice a week, plus workouts about 4 days a week, but was only a vegetarian..Ignore the shiny metal hooks, and the slight blood loss. The only pictures I have from that time are from a flesh suspension I did in april. I I'll take some more of my frame as it is now in the next day or two. As the scale says now- I'm 123 lbs in only underarmor shorts, and I hit about 5'10 flat footed. I literally try and eat as much as I can, constantly but with work I can't eat on the sales floor. In two weeks, Im moving, and Ill be joining a gym a block over, and training daily with my roommates, but also doing bareknuckle training on a heavy bag. Any help for a completely clueless newbie?
  10. Idk, I tend to be a hugger, especially if you're a friend of someone I'm close to. I guess it just opens the door to a better connection.
  11. You guys are awesome, thanks a bunch. I just found a sweet pair of those blue suede sneakers to rock, now if only I wasn't too broke to grab some 14 eye boots..
  12. I'm sure this has come up before, so I really do apologize if that's the case. I've been on vegan essentials, peta, etc, and I'm sorely disappointed in the lack of vegan friendly shoes. I tend to wear alot of slip ons, as before I went vegan I had a wide selection of Nike Lo Dunks. Anybody know of any more aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable shoes?
  13. YES! Another vegan edge person!
  14. I live in Charlotte, NC right now, but I plan on moving to White Plains, NY October 1st.. And I'll be a block from a full gym, so I'm hoping to get back in shape..
  15. Just joined this morning, so I thought I'd do the obligatory self-introduction post. Guess I'll just rattle off some random facts.. Haha The name's Patrick, I've been eating a vegan diet for right around six months now. Used to train in kickboxing, but I lost alot of size after I changed my diet over. I'm 5'10", and stay right around 120 pounds on a good day, with my highest weight ever being about 127. Hmm... not sure what else to say, so feel free to ask, etc..
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