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  1. I honestly have not given any cash to anything in a while, but my brother and I are building a new online company in our spare time that we hope to turn into a donation machine for various non-profits. One of them is Mercy for Animals. When people buy stuff, 50% of the money goes to the charity they pick and 50% goes to running the business. http://www.buyforchange.com We sell appliances at this point, and hope other we can offer a new model for doing online business.
  2. Anyone interested in going to Vegan Vacation from Portland for just the weekend? I have a newly converted Mercedes running WVO that I am considering cruising there in, but it would be a lot more appealling if I was not driving myself!
  3. Are you talking about something like raisins vs grapes? Yes, something very much like that. Perhaps even exactly that, I am not sure, it was part of a David Wolfe 1000 words a minute rant on ormus.
  4. Both B12 and DHA/EPA Omega 3 can be handled by adding a tablespoon of blue green algae to one of your smoothies each day if you want to stay raw and supplement free. Like other people said, a B12 supplement and something like hemp seeds are other good options, although blue green algae is the only vegan source of mediam chain essential fatty acids, your body can make them and can be aided in doing so by added just a little coconut oil. I decided after about a year eating very high raw and whole foods to incorporate live blue green algae, and I like it so much I am a distributer for them now.
  5. Yes it is, and sync's up well with Spiritual Nutrition which I am in the process of choking down. So much new vocabulary in this field! Thanks for posting.
  6. Ormus is the name they are giving to live substances that are not in a final state, for example, when you dry some foods they go from having 1 gram of potassium to 5 grams of potassium, where does that extra potassium come from? David Wolfe would say that they come from the ormus in the food. I would say I have no idea.
  7. I have decided there is no right answer, no perfect way or eating, and there are various factors I weigh in my diet. Proper nutritional balance. Taste and ease of preparation. Cost. There is so much information out there about how to eat...blood types, ayruvedic system, oxydative type, etc.... Then there is the question of what is your goal? For example, if boxing was the most important thing in my life, then even though eating large amounts of food might not be beneficial to health in one sense, it may be the only way to reach my dreams and be happy and therefore is clearly more healthy. So, in a sense, food for me is a means to an ends once again. PS - Sprouted large beans (like kidney beans) are not good for eating from what I have read and tried. PPS - If you are worried about keeping protein high enough for weight lifting or something like that, it makes a lot more sense to me to eat some cooked beans than a bunch of "raw" nuts.
  8. I agree, come to think of it I only had a problem when I had nearly zero sodium intake. http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/questions/potassium.html
  9. Try wrapping it with a little dulse, keep the sodium/potassium ratio right.
  10. Maybe we could get oregonisaac to lead a mtb ride. Sounds great! I was actually thinking how fun the trail would have been on a bike (although it is not allowed at South Sister). There are a bunch of great places near Bend, and also on Mt. Hood which is half-way between Bend and Portland, so it could be an inbetween locations event! After watching Robert trail run with me, he is not allowed to go. Just kidding Robert. But falling 1 time and slowing down is one thing, falling 5 times and still running full steam with me, that is a little maso'.
  11. Sunfood Nutrition carries some truly raw nuts. I am sure there are other sources.
  12. A lot of people say you always drop weight when you first go raw, which I think may be at least true for many people, depending on how much raw fresh foods you were eating before your transition. I have been raw for about 5 months now and I just started gaining weight again, and that is without any weight lifting. Where you get your calories might be important too. Make sure you are getting a really wide variety. Some people say to gain weight raw, superfoods are the way to go. I like this idea because it is also a way to really pack in the nutritional and cleansing power of these foods. Things like goji berry power, vitamineral greens or greener grasses (those a product names), and shakes filled with weeds like dandelions, plantains and lambs quarter. My biggest problem with the book raw power is the writing and lack of research, but some of the ideas do make sense. Oh, and if you don't have a good blender, you should get one. You can really pound in some nutrition by eating 1/2 head of kale, a handful of weeds and a couple bananas in a shake. On top of that you can add superfood powders if you are into that idea (and you have the $$$ for it).
  13. Thank you everyone! I wish you could have all spent it with me, but if anyone in the area is interested, I am going to be hiking south sister this weekend as a little birthday celebration and you are very welcome to join me! Just send me a message, thanks again!
  14. I chew my blended drinks, best of both worlds. And if you can chew dark green kale into a liquid like the vitamix can then more power to you. I tried one day, my jaw got really tired and it would take hours to eat 1/2 a bunch of kale if chewed properly.
  15. I find hemp protein to be incredibly heavy, I do better mixing some raw hemp seed in with my foods lately for digestive comfort. Works great in salad dressings. I also like food processing hemp seed with a banana and a little vanilla bean or carob. Gas is something I think of as a sign of bad food combining and digestive trouble. You can read a lot of standard "rules" out there, but I have figured out what works for me through trial and error. I have found dried fruits are bad in general also. I almost never have gas if I am eating well, and definately have not felt digestive pain in quite some time.
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