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  1. Hey Robert, yes, it's been a while! Schweinsteiger now is captain of the german team and we won the worldcup (in case you did not notice ). Kid number four is on its way and I am still doing lots of yogic meditation. My life is blessed!
  2. Namasté AnotherHuman, I am more than happy to send them. Mini Forklift obviously is very busy with his business right now (which is a good thing), so I still have all shirt here. Shipping to US would be 20$. Just send me a PM with your address and I will the shirt asap. Best regards, -- David
  3. Dear vegan bodybuilders! I have been active in the forum a while ago and I have been on the VBB vacation (an alltime classic event) in 2007. Since I do not do BB anymore but now focus on Yoga (I am still vegan of course ) I did not wear the shirts for several years. I have 6 t-shirts and 2 longsleeves to give away: 1. 2 blue t-shirts with big logo size M + L 2. 2 blue t-shirts with small logo size M + L 3. 2 black t-shirts with big logo size M + L 4. 1 yellow longsleeve with big logo size L 5. 1 grey longsleeve with big logo size L If you are interested and not live in in Germany, the only thing you would have to pay is the shipping. Please note: I will give away all shirts together - but for free! VBB shirts
  4. Thanks buddies! I feel blessed by having the opportunity to accompany these wonderful little human beings on their way. Parents face the challenge of having to enable their kids to leave them and master life on their own. I enjoy every second in the presence of my family. They teach me to to enjoy being completely here and now. Again thank you,
  5. So you want to see how they grow? This pics cover the time from late summer last year until today. Milo is already 1,5 years old and Marla is 4! http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4715.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4765.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4781.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4819.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4956.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4978.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP4988.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5036.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5046.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5074.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5078.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5084.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5254.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/DSC_0184.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5284.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5314.JPG http://www.david-schulz.com/webbilder/IMGP5342.JPG
  6. Hey Robert! I miss you, too, and you are one of my all time favorites as well! It is great to see how vbb&f grows all the time and how you tamih! Magnus' prophecy from 2007 concerning my bb-ambitions became reality. I am much more into yoga than bb right now and I am in a yoga teacher training class right now. I still do some exercises in my personal gym but the focus shifted. Every once in a while I visit the forum but I do not invest as much time into writing posts than before. I want to stay in contact to those I know personally or via online-conversations. Many forum members I have strong emotional ties to and I am really interested in knowing how their life is going. I just noticed that I am still on position 27 concerning overall posts No need to miss me because we are all connected through our positive feeling towards eachother. See you,
  7. ...and you are not the only one having this trouble. We had discussions about this for a really long time and at the end it comes down to what you believe in and feel right with IMO.
  8. Hey Gorilla! Reading this put an even bigger smile on my already happy face and mind. It is good to see that you decide on you own what to do with your life. If you ever fell the need to talk/write to me, feel free to do so. IMO we have some things from each other to learn and maybe I can support you a little bit concerning the struggles you are going through. All the best for you,
  9. I LOVE YOU THINTHIN! I could not stop laughing when I watched the vid and I really love the pictures! Give the two german girls a big hug from me when you see them! Having been part of VV2007 is very important to me because all the persons I got in contact with where inspiring and lovable! Some of you may have noticed that I do not spent as much time on vbb&f as I did before. I still enjoy reading some of the topics but I had some serious problems with my elbow (I mentioned this somewhere else already) and stopped training for a little while. Instead I focused on yoga to support the healing processes of my joints. Additionally I am really busy (I sound like Thinthin ) with my job and family. Anyway: I am still part of vbb&f and love it! Here is a newer pic of the kids!
  10. You have no idea how much I second that! Check your pm's!
  11. I found an english version of her website: http://vita.ur.ru/english/index.html In her book she gives (as I already stated) explenations why it was possible for her test persons to be extremely activ for a long period of time on very low calories without losing weight (some even gained weight). She cites other mostly russian researchers (I will provide the names later) that did studies on EAAs and Nitrogen usage of healthy persons. She also refers to Shelton and others. She stated repeatedly in her books she has a traditional background of a physician and that she tried to proof her ideas by doing serious research. IMO she accepts that modern science fails to explain some things that can be observed and are therefor called miracles or cheating. Combining it with the info that Bigbwii gave us and others (e.g. indian yogis) provided about the amount of food needed to maintain weight it all makes a little bit more sense (at least) to me. I am very sorry but there seems to be no english translation of her books. I already e-mailed to the contact-e-mail of the website mentioned above and ask for translated texts.
  12. There is nothing like a "european view" on this topic. Especially in eastern europe the are many scientists that never published anything in english for example. The many experiements she is writing about all had in common that persons did long distance runs under extreme conditions on a diet very low in calories and water (e.g. 500 km in 10 days in a desert). Experts assumed the persons would need about 6000 kcal and 6-10 litres of water just to maintain weight. So they had one group eating that amount and the other group consuming not more than 1200 kcal. None of the first group (which consisted of endurance athletes) was able to finish the run. The second group finished even faster than planned and all maintained (some even added) bodyweight during the run. According to the calorie theory (which states humans have to eat/drink the calories they burn) this result is impossible. Concerning EAAs: Schatalovas opinion is that they also must be produced by bacteria inside the body because the results of their studies cannot be explained elsewise. She is not talking about combining "less useful AA" to make them complete. She is talking about the damaging effect of eating animal protein on the bacteria needed to produce EAAs. @beforewisdom: The text I put in "" is taken from a summary. Schatalova bases her ideas on the situation in Russia some years ago. I am very aware of the fact that nutritional science in the US is far more advanced than in any other part of the world especially since it is based on peer-reviewed scientific articles from independent scientists in magazines which are above any suspicion. @DV: Sorry for not being convenient one more time. As I stated many times before it is still a question of believe. I am happy with you believieving in the science mentioned above. Since I have a scientific background and education I understand this perspective very well. But if we believe what Bigbwii tells us, Schatalovas studies provide information how to explain the seemingly impossible.
  13. Ignoring the last really helpful comments: If you are talking about calories: Did anybody here read books of Galina Schatalova? She is a Russian doctor and author of the "book "We are gluttoning ourselves to Death". In this book, she is making an end to several dogmas. At first the completely obsolete calorie science, which claims 3000 calories daily. Half of that is enough. At second the incorrect opinion of the superiority of animal proteins: Meat, milk cheese, eggs. At third the consumption of drinking water (excess should be avoided). To prove that her opinion is right, she has organized a cross-country march through one of the central Asiatic desertic zones, during 10 days. About eight men, eating in accordance with the principles of this doctor, and two sportsmen, eating meat and drinking up to 10 liters of water per day, were participating in this experiment. these two sportsmen abandoned after two days and returned back. The eight other men continued without special strain until they reached their target. The doctor herself has participated in this march, and this at her age of 75 years!" In her opinion 500-1000 kcal are enough even to build mass during long distance marches. She also believes that humans are able to use nitrogen from the air and that microarganisms in our colon build essential amino acids for humans which explains why some humans are able to maintain health although eating inadequately. In her book she cites some of her studies but unfortunately she did not publish any of her studies in scientific literature. She was officially working for the russian government for many years with a focus on the cosmonaut program. So she is not another weirdo coming from a non-scientific background P.S. Yes I am still around but right now I have a lot of work and family business to do...
  14. Please stop spreading rumors. Try reading what his myspace page really says: "This page is for former clients and people passionate about health, fitness, raw veganism, fruitarianism, liquidarianism and breatharianism." and "I WILL NOT ADD YOU AS A FRIEND IF YOUR NOT A FRUITARIAN/RAW VEGAN OR INTO FITNESS BIG TIME!!!!"
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