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  1. I would be willing to help, Robert. You have my phone number. However, would I be able to do some shopping and see some speakers? Can I still hear Howard Lyman? Give me a call.
  2. We're going to a concert tonight but are available tomorrow if anyone's getting together.
  3. Okay, I'm ready for a swap - I'll see you Saturday!
  4. Great! Let me know (soon!) if you don't find anyone to flyer for you. I know so many of the farmers at this point that some of them might let me flyer their stands. It's worth a try anyway.
  5. So sorry I missed last night. I have not been online in awhile. If anyone is planning on going to the PSU saturday farmer's market, we'll be there (as usual) and will then be heading over to the Give Green Fair at the Lloyd center. So if anyone from the SW area wants company on the MAX, I'll be there. FormicaLinoleum, if you want to see one of the best farmer's markets in the world (honestly) you should check out the Saturday market at PSU starting at 9:30 am. Just head south from your hotel and go west until you get to the south parks blocks (the concierge will be able to give you better directions). There's a vegan bakery stand (Black Sheep, I think - I go there every week but am blanking out on that one) and you can get vegan tamales. Plus all the samples of fruit and bread. And wine and nuts. And cider and jams. It's great. Not to be missed while you're here. See you all later! diane
  6. It was great meeting you on Thursday, Robert. We'll see you again this Thursday at Chef Al's house!
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