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  1. I tried Soya protein but the taste was awful, bought Hemp Protein and I really like it, it works and it's 100% natural herb powder. I listen to the interview with Frank Medrano and he said he;s using Sunwarrior but I cannot get this stuff where I live.
  2. Hi , my name is Lukas, from Poland, age 32 Vegan for two years now, switch from meat diet in just one day after having problems with cholesterol and high sugar level in blood. What really motivated me was a Gary Yourovsky youtube video. Since then I have lost like 12 kg and for the last 6 month I doing gym twice a week , bit of cycling and swimming from time to time. It's not easy since i work a lot and have two kids to look after but I do manage and finally have enough energy to cope My diet was based mostly on meat like products at the beginning , but now I try to eat more raw, at least one salad a day , fruits veggies, raw cakes and stuff.. i make my own food ( as the only vegan in my family) mostly buy organic now and make burgers from rice, peas, lentils etc and they really cheap and delicious:-) try to avoid fat, fried and processed food. I will seek for some advise since I want to push harder and prove my diet to all that doubt me Here is some pictures of my gym progress about two month ago ( so I bigger now ) Qustions What is the best protein shake for vegans ? at the moment I use Herb Protein and I quite like it What is the best pre-work out boost , I used to take Jack3D once but it's full of chemicals and could not sleep after it any natural alternative with no sweeteners ?
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