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  1. Hey thanks so much for asking. It's going really good. I'm finding a routine, that both challenges me, as well as being fun. Im seeing fiiine progress. Even though not so lean, my back, shoulders and triceps pop out really nice now. Slow but steady, just how I like it Allso I have taken up Pilates and lots of spinning, just to get the blood flowing, and doing something else
  2. I'm having a hard time cutting down the gym time. The first 3 weeks were 6 days a week working out. This last week and the next two I'm "only" supposed to go 4 times ! I feel like I'm wasting my time on my rest days.... Even though I know the rest is really important. So I went anyway. Did some cardio and HIT and some experimenting with new weights and reps... Next Week I promise I'll be better at resting on my days of So new years' coming up. And I have a few goals for 2014 That I'd like to share with you guys. #1 The obvious to gain about 5 kilos of lean musclemass and cut bodyfat% to around 18% (perhaps 16...) #2 I will be able to do pull ups before the end of 2014. #3 I will be able to do a perfect handstand. #4 I will work on my dips. Getting more reps and perhaps even weighted.... #5 I will work hard, dedicated and consistently. And I will achieve my goals.
  3. Wednsday. Super workuot again. Seems like my assisted dips are getting really strong now. Did weighted today. 10 kilos. So By christmas eve I'll do the real ones !
  4. Haha, yeah, I'm just figuring everything out inhere So Finch it is
  5. Hi I'm new in here too. But welcome and I hope you'll benefit from peoples knowledge and experience
  6. And just for fun, I'll post my most horrific photo. This is from 2003. at the age of 20. I weighed 121 kilos. Didn't do anything, but ate everything....
  7. So here are some before and after shots. The first photo is from september 2013. 65 kilos. 30 years old, vegan for 5 months. Finally satisfied with my weightloss. The second one is from last week. December 2013. Building up some lean muscle mass and loosing fat. Weight 70,5 kilos, 30 years old and vegan for 8 months. Me early september 2013. 65 kilos. Reached my weight loss goal. And started to lift, in hope to gain musclemass. And this is me last week. Gaining lean muscle mass. Loosing fat. 70,5 kilos. Strong, happy. work in progress. 30 years old. Vegan for 8 months. Still bulking up and leaning out
  8. Hi Dylan, Yeah I did. I like keeping track of everything. My training included And i guess this is a good way of letting people in here know who I am, what I do and what I stand for First workout today is done. Chest, shoulders and triceps. My modified (is it called that ?) dips, are getting stronger and more stable. So I'm pretty sure, that I'll reach the goal to do my first REAL dip before christmas eve Later I'm supposed to do at 45 minutes cardio. But I think I'll cut it down to 15 minutes, because I'm still fighting the last of a cold, and just have a good time with my Mum and Sister at the gym instead. They are going with me to the gym 3 times a week. I'm really proud of them and how consistent they are.
  9. Hi Dylan and thank you Yes DK is a abbreviation for Denmark Well I'm not sure what it's called in english. Bu directly translated I am on "Early retirement". Some kind of social welfair I guess... So I'm able to pay rent, gym membership, phone and all that. I don't have a lot of money, but I manage just fine Well I've been browsing the forum just briefly, but I allready feel at home in here ! People seem really nice and helpfull. Sanne
  10. So Tomorrow (monday December 16th 2013), I'm starting the third week of my latest musclepuilding program. (I'm totally new to bodybuilding, and because of my tiny size I'm having trouble calling myself a bodybuilder). Well the program is a BPB (Bulgarian Power Burst) program. I'm loving it so far. But really looking forward to ending the 3 Ramp up weeks, and start lifting heavier. The first week was tough, but my body is getting used to the many reps and sets. I'm not counting calories, or macros at this point. Just feeding my body what it needs. But a wild guess would be that i get around 3000 cals a day at the least. I'm making sure to get plenty of protein in my diet, but again, not keeping track on how much exactley... I should get a diet plan I know... Any ideas guys ? I've been fighting a cold for the last few days. But nothing so bad it has kept me from working out. But my body loves the rest day I've had today though Here's a link to the program I'm following at the moment. The article is in danish, but the program is kind of universal i guess http://news.bodylab.dk/artikler/3465-ramp-up-traening-vejen-til-ekstrem-masse-og-styrke
  11. Hi you guys. So I'll introduse myself a bit My Name is Sanne, I'm 30 years old, I live i a small town called Ansager, in Denmark, and I've been vegan since April 17th 2013. I have lost A LOT of veight (55 kilos), over the last 3 years, so now I'm working on my overall health. My future goals are Trying to lower my bodyfat% from 21,4 (where it is now) to my goal (yeah my goal for now) at 18% And build up some great big muscles Vegans are pretty rare in denmark, and vegan athletes even more rare... So I'm looking forward to sharing with you guys in here. I suffer from various mental illnesses, but the way I live, my diet, training and sleep, makes my life both fantastic, wonderfull, powerfull and great. So I have no job, besides keeping myself fit inside and outside English isn't my main language so please bare with me.
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