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  1. Just the type of information to re-motivate me. Cheers.
  2. Hi all. My focus has been lacking (and it shows in my physique). I've changed gyms to a Virgin Active which is right outside my work so makes it easier to go. I want to also refocus my training and diet. Online research has made me feel overwhelmed with varying advice. Does anyone have a great all round vegan fitness book they could recommend? Perhaps something with diet plans? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jay
  3. Hi there. I joined this forum way back in 2015. I posted a bit of detail in my introduction topic. Then I didn't use the forum. I'm still floundering with consistency and proper diet but I do consider that exercise is now an ongoing part of my life. A vegan goes without saying. I've belonged to Jetts Northcote for a number of years and I really enjoy the community feel of the place. My workout plans include HIIT training (such as MetaFIt) and weights training. Now, I want to work on my consistency so I'm turning back to this forum. This post is to see if there is anyone in Melbourne interested in meeting up for training? A training partner, exercise buddy, group whatever who is vegan would be fantastic. I find explaining the diet to fitness people quite annoying - ha ha. Also happy to chat on here as well to help build an on online support network for myself. In the meantime, Cheers, Jay
  4. Rabbit, thanks for the Welcome.
  5. Hi there, Jay here. I've been vegan now for around two years. I can't remember exactly when the change in my diet happened, but I had been vegetarian for over 10 years and just started to feel ethnically uncomfortable eating all those eggs and dairy products. Around the same time I looked down at myself one day and realised, as I approached 40, that my cute slender physique was no longer slender and not very cute. In the past, during my 20s, I hated my skinny body and would punish myself in the gym with no success. Now, being older and wiser, I knew I couldn't repeat that cycle. What I had to concentrate on was just making exercise part of my daily life. I had to forget any motives based on a low self image and just concentrate on feeling healthy. Armed with my new diet and the worldwide interweb for home exercise routines, after a year I felt that I had achieved making exercise part of my life. I was enjoying the exercise and my motivation generally stayed pretty good. Then I joined the gym with the aim of building up my body. I started doing more intense strength based routines and ramped up my diet. That was a year ago. I think I've had mild success. I've put on a little bit of size, and I do stress the little bit. It has been a little frustrating as I flounder with my diet (sometimes I think I've put on more fat around my belly than muscle )and consistency with the gym comes and goes. I work hard for two months and then something will happen where I'm distracted from the gym for a month and then I feel like I have to start all over again. I'm really looking forward to these forums, as I hope they are a place for motivation, inspiration and hopefully consistency. Plus, I have no idea how to write a short message ha ha
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