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  1. You can buy carob powder bulk at any health food store. I am sure it is availible by package as well. I don't know too much about the nutrient data of carob. I think 3 tablespoons is about 70 calories though.
  2. Yes! I have tried it! And it was delicious!, Granted, I blended it with a banana and carob powder...It filled me up but not to the point where I felt stuffed.
  3. I keep reading conflicting viewpoints about how late one should eat. There seems to be two schools of thought: A. Eating before you go to bed is good because it keeps your metabolism pumping through the night. OR... B. Eating before you go to bed is bad because your body cannot digest the food since you are sleeping. To top that off, there are two other schools of thought about WHAT kinds of food should be in your last meal of the day A. You should avoid carbs at night since you won't be using them, and you'll get fat. OR..... B. You should eat carbs because they are good for you anyways. NOW, to my point. I eat a lot of complex carbohydrates throughtout the day. I am also a dedicated runner, so I know I need them. But I don't know if I need them for my last meal. However, it's hard to find a carb-free meal on a vegan diet. What do I eat? Fruits have carbs. Grains have carbs. Fake meats have carbs?? Tonite for my last meal, I stir fried up some soy sausage, mushrooms, and kale. I don't know if I should be eating this, or something like a bowl of oatmeal. Any takers on this timeless dilema in the bodybuilding/fitness realm?
  4. I have been feeling better. My energy levels have increased, and I seem to have more clarity. I also feel more compassionate, and in tune with nature. That being said, I have been on the toliet all day long, I think my body is naturally cleansing itself, well I hope...But I have felt like SHIT the whole day... Here's what I have eaten today Meal 1 (Pre Workout) Banana, Yerba Mate Meal 2 Kamut with Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Goji Berries, Almonds, Hemp Protein/ Small Strawberry Banana Juice Meal 3 Odwalla Bar Meal 4 Wild Rice, Garbonzo Beans, Baked Tofu, and Dinosaur Kale Meal 5 Almonds, 1/2 Carrot, Apple Meal 6 Small Whole Wheat Lentil Wrap with Brown Rice, veggies, cucumber, Yerba Mate (with soy milk) Meal 7 Almonds, Quiona Flakes Does this sound like a healthy vegan diet? Cuz I have been feeling sick to my stomach all day long... It has also been day three quitting coffee, I have switched to Yerba Mate instead... Anyways....
  5. yes, i have been noticing a "detox-like" effect in my bowel movements. i hope it goes away soon....
  6. I have been eating strict vegan for over a week now. Before that, I wasn't eating vegan, though I was sticking to whole and organic foods. Now I am wondering if my body is going to go through a detox, and what that would entail?? And if there is anything I should do to take care of my body? Would any of you like to share what Detoxing was like for you, if you had any, after you switched to not only a VEGAN diet, but a HEALTHY VEGAN diet. Thanks...
  7. Hey, HI back to you all. I would love to go to the Vegan Vacation in Portland but I have prior commitments that week. I was just down in Portland and had a blast though. I went to Cafe Vita at the end of Alberta Street. They had amazing vegan fare, plus I could order brown rice and veggies for breakfeast. The Alberta Street Co-op was great too. Maybe there could be a Mini Vegan Vacation in Seattle since Seattle is a Vegan Mecca as well. Anyhoo...
  8. Hello All!! I am truly inspired by this forum! I was vegan for four years. When I got into bodybuilding and fitness, I stopped being vegan. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to gain muscle and lose bodyfat. BUT recently, I have become vegan again and am ready for the challenge and inspiration of eating HEALTHY and VEGAN. When I was vegan in the past, I lived off junk food: tofutti cuties, toast, cookies etc... I am into long distance running, and try to run 7 miles, 6 days a week. I also do weight training. I do a three day split. Though I enjoy weight training and would like to gain more muscle, my heart is in running. I am starting to do races (5K..) and want to start training for a half marathon. I am interested in connecting with other vegan athletes, especially runners and those who live in the Pacific Northwest. I am also interested in lowering my bodyfat and dropping 5 more pounds. Shout Out to Y'all Peace! Andre.....
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