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  1. Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been asked and discussed before, but I'd like to ask it in perhaps a slightly different way... What is your regime/ritual before you train - specifically weight training? Do you pay attention to what you've ate/drank the day before? How much sleep you get and quality of sleep? And how do you fuel yourself just before training (caffeine? Energy drinks? Powders? Dates/bananas/other foods/drinks?) And what do you find gives you the most energy to fuel your workouts? Cheers, Mark
  2. Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to finally be part of this great community that I've heard so much about for many years now. I've been following a WFPBD for over 20 years now, and absolutely love the way I feel eating and living this way. Looking forward to making some new connections, and sharing/hearing advice, experiences and support. Cheers, Mark
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