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Paige's Training Journal for 2012 Contest Season


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5am routine training

100 high kicks each leg, lunges across the floor, walk out pushups, kicks across the floor

5 runs of first 30 secs of routine

5 each of straddle press, double wenson, 4 point explosion, wenson pull through, rocking tricep pushups, turning planche, straight planche, hitch kicks, split pushups, straddle jumps



5am 2 apples and blueberries

7am pumpkin and broccoli with tofu

10am broccoli, tofu, pumpkin, flax oil, mushrooms

12 green beans, tofu, pumpkin, flax, apple

2:30 broccoli, tofu, pumpkin

5:00 green beans, tofu, pumpkin, flax oil

added some extra raw mushrooms, cucumbers and peppers throughout the day


Good day, tomorrow is cardio and legs.

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5am training 30 min run then chest and shoulders


5x12 flat bench DB press

superset of incline DB press and DB fly 5x12

monster sets of side raises, front raises, standing upright rows, standing military press 5x12

pushups 3x20


Food today

4am apple

7am pumpkin, broccoli, tofu

9:30 pumpkin, broccoli, tofu, flax, blueberries

12 pumpkin, green beans, tofu, flax, apple

2:30 pumpkin, broccoli, mushrooms, tofu

5:00 pumpkin, tofu, flax, green beans, mushrooms, red pepper

herbal tea

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For today:

3.5 mile run on an empty stomach. This is never a good idea for me as it depletes me too much.


6am: apple, 1c pumpkin, broccoli, tofu

9:00 1/4c blueberries, tofu, 1c pumpkin, broccoli, flax oil

12 apple, 1c pumpkin, tofu, flax oil, green beans, mushrooms

2:30 blueberries, 1/2 pumpkin, tofu, broccoli, mushrooms

5:00 red pepper, tofu, 3c pumpkin, mushroom, green beans, flax oil, 1/c blueberries


Ate more pumpkin then I planned at dinner but I feel alot better than I have been feeling as a result. I have been pretty depleted the last 3 days on this diet.

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Back today

sumo deadlifts 5x12

super set of close grip pull downs and side rows 5x12

super set of low rows and shrugs 5x12

incline bench rows

30 minute run on treadmill



4am apple

7am apple, pumpkin, tofu, broccoli, red pepper

10am tofu, green beans, flax oil, pumpkin blueberries, red pepper

12 tofu pumpkin broccoli flax

3pm tofu, pumpkin, broccoli, mushrooms

(ate too much of that pumpkin again)

5pm can of pumpkin with mushrooms

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yesterday was tris and bis:

superset of standing curls and skullcrushers 5x12

superset of seated curls and tricep pushdown 5x12

superset of hammer curls and tricep kickbacks 5x12


really struggled with food yesterday. Overate yesterday. Really trying to get that on track. That is my real struggle. Very sore from training today. I think it is because this is the first week of new training. Love being sore.

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Can you say more about your show? Does it require a loss of body fat? Or what are the requirements? Im prepping for a BB show June 9, and thanks to my coach I'm just getting food under control! I did a very unclean bulk and it was easy to overeat on vegan junk food, but its impossible on healthy food, if i didnt know i had to hit certain macros, id be undereating on this diet. Your diet looks really healthy!

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I will be doing a fitness show in los angeles. Yes, I want to lose more bodyfat. My goal is to always have a healthy and clean diet. I do not bulk because I never need extra size for fitness. I put on size easily and my issue is always not lean enough. The judges look for a lean and muscular physique but no striations. I always need to keep my weight down to do fitness moves. I completely understand the vegan junk food thing. I tend to overeat but I only overeat the good stuff.

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for today:


30 min run

leg ext 4x10 each leg

super set of stiff legged deadlifts and squats 5x12 each

super set of leg curls and step ups 5x12 each

hack squats 5x12


food for today

4am apple

6am tofu broccoli, pumpkin

10am tofu, green beans, flax oil, apple, pumpkin

12 tofu green beans, flax oil, apple, pumpkin

3pm tofu, pumpkin, green beans

5pm seitan, mushrooms, apple, flax oil, broccoli

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Today's training:

flat bench press 5x12

superset of incline bench and incline fly 5x12

super set of:

side raises 5x12

front raises 5x12

upright rows 5x12

military press 5x12


pushups 3x15


30 minutes of incline treadmill 15% incline 3.0 speed, 10 mins elliptical



4am apple

6am tofu, pumpkin, broccoli apple

12 tofu pumpkin green beans flax oil

5pm seitan broccoli green beans mushrooms flax oil apple

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I stepped on the scale for the first time in weeks. 151, which is ok for now. Show 12 1/2 weeks out so it puts me at about one lb. a week as a goal to make it to 138 lbs. by showtime. My goal is to maintain a nice steady and slow weight loss so I can lose bodyfat. Today is cardio only day. I am going to hit up a 3mile run today. Legs and back sore from the last 2 days of lifting so this is a welcomed day.

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Yesterday was my cardio only day. Ran 3 miles. Started to cut back on that food to get some of this extra weight off.


4am 2 apples

6am pumpkin, green beans, tofu, flax oil

9am blueberries

12 protein powder (gemma/rice/hemp)

5pm broccoli/lettuce with flax oil and balsamic


Dropped 2 lbs. since yesterday.

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yesterday training:

30 mins cardio stairstepper/run


sumo deadlifts 5x12

superset of one arm side rows and close grip lat pulldown 5x12 each

superset of low rows and shrugs 5x12 each set

t-bar row 5x12


food was protein powder gemma/rice/pea combo, lots of lettuce broccoli with balsamic and flax oil, blueberries. Kept it pretty limited yesterday.

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yesterday was tris/bis


superset of curls/skull crushers 5x12

superset of standing curls and tri press down 5x12

superset of hammer curls and tri kickbacks 5x12


food was:


protein powder, pumkin, tofu, apples, blueberries, yam

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today was routine work: 8x first 30 secs of routine

5x each of straddle press, turning planche, split leg planche with pull through to elephant, rocking pushings, one arm pushups, lots of flexibility work, splits, jump splits, double wenson, 4 pt explosions, straddle jumps, split jumps, kicks.


food was: protein powder (rice/hemp/gemma), lettuce, broccoli, flax, balsamic vinegar.


tomorrow is scheduled for a 5mile run.

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5am training:

30 minute run on tread

leg day

leg extension 4x10 each leg

superset of power squats and straight legged deadlift 5x12 each

superset of leg curl and step ups 5x12 each exercise and each leg

hack squats 5x12

5min cool down on treadmill


food today is protein powder(hemp/rice/gemma); 2 large salads of lettuce/broccoli/flax/balsamic vinegar

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4:30 am training was:



flat bench 5x12

superset of include bench press and incline fly 5x12 each

monster set of side raises/front raises/upright rows/shoulder press 5x12 each

pushups 3x15


today I am going to add some foods back into my program. My body hurts alot today. It may have something to do with my nutrition and my limited food groups. Going to try and alter that today.

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Rest day. My body was so sore I am glad I took the day off. Looking forward to routine work tomorrow. Food was:


protein powder, apples, canned pumpkin, tofu, green beans, flax seed oil, lettuce, broccoli, tofu noodles, banana

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Today was routine training day. Lots of straddle presses, double wensons, flexibility work, rocking tricep pushups, planches, split planches, split jumps, one arm pushups, and balance holds. 15mins of warm up cardio and lots of work on those splits and kicks. Food will be protein powder, pumpkin, oatmeal, banana, apples, and veggies at tonight's reception. (I hope) Always tough on a business travel day.

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