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Bulk cooking recipes

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Hey everyone, i wanted to know if anyone had some good recipes that i could prepare in bulk on the weekend or something, divide into portions, then eat throughout the week that are nice and high in protein, i was thinking, some sorts of bean chillis, vege burgers, soups and stir fries


right now i'm finding it hard to fill my caloric goals, and ratio goals, so i thought it would help alot if i could prepare alot of the weeks meals in advance, right now i've just been cooking for dinner, about 2 servings, and eating the 2nd one the next day, but i don't always have time and energy to cook, so it means i have to russel something out, usually without thinking about it


thanks, peace

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Yam based stews are good. Also maybe look into the meals that sumo wrestlers eat. You can make a vegan version without the seafood. Good for large portions that you can freeze and store and eat later.

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