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  1. My business, working with jira, is not easy to monitor since it has managed to grow and managing data for analysis does not seem to be such a simple task. For this reason I found a solution at https://www.alphaservesp.com/products/atlassian/tableau/. Exporting the data to tableau for graph visualization, data analysis and other things is much more convenient.
  2. I cannot take many nutritional supplements as many of them have side effects that I would not want to experience with my sensitive body. Now I started taking CBD capsules and I can say that at the moment this is the best nutritional supplement that really brings a positive effect on the state of my body and health.
  3. Oh, I totally understand, and I can tell you that I haven't played sports in forever. I'd say that I mostly into esports tournaments, and after I discovered https://sportsarenainput.org/most-profitable-esports-games-for-sports-betting/, I even managed to start making money from placing bets. And I wonder, do you place bets on sports since you watch matches?
  4. It's good that business owners can use ready-made solutions, applications and software to optimize their workflow. For example, if you have too much paperwork to do, I recommend reading this article https://lifestylemission.com/which-software-is-used-for-digital-signatures/. Using e-signature and document e-management software will save you a lot of time.
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