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Better breath?

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I dont think I do but I eat lots of garlic!


me too


I am a firm beleiver in the power of garlic - another one of nature's miracle foods.


My mom eats 5 raw cloves daily, and she has noticed that her grey hairs are coming out dark brown!! And she also read in a book on the wonders of garlic that garlic, among its many other benefits, mke grey hair grow black!!! Wicked isnt it? My mom's experience proves this too be true - not an old wives tail!!


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Yeah, I hear ya. I was hanging out with World Class Vegan Athlete Brendan Brazier a while back for our movie, and he was eating all kinds of roots and things like that. He knows a ton about nutrition and his diet is soooooooooooo much different than mine (although both vegan) and I started eating some of the foods he eats, and of course I started to use more Vega, the supplement that Brendan created.


Vega is a whole-food plant-based complete meal replacement packed full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hemp protein and tons of other special ingredients like maca, chlorella, and has things like Vitamin B-12 in it. It is a formula he used for years as he experimented with nutrition and became a professional vegan athlete, and then he decided to create a product line for it so others could experience the benefits. Now Vega sells in over 1,000 stores and continues to grow, and I have a bunch of it!!!


You can read more about it on www.myvega.com or on www.brendanbrazier.com


But anyway, I learned a lot about the power of certain foods from him. He also wrote the best-selling book Thrive, you can find on his website.


In his book he shares his vegan nutritional techniques that lead him to become a world class athlete in a very grueling sport, Ironman Triathlons (2.4 mile swim, followed by 112-mile bike, followed by 26.2 mile run)


Keep eating good foods!

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I too eat sooooo much garlic. I marinated and grilled some portabello mushrooms one family barbeque and my brother wouldn't talk to me he said I smelled like an italian restaurant.


Since being vegan, alot of the time, my body feels cleaner. If that makes any sense. But only when I am eating right, lots of fruits and veggies.


Breath assure is make with kosher gelatin...but i wasnt sure if it is always vegan.

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I have seen kosher gelatin marketed as vegan before so I wasn't sure. I think that sometimes it is vegan and sometimes it is not. It can be made from agar agar, but it can also be made from animal products and considered kosher.


Well if its Vegan, I believe it would state it. Same like how there are products with fat. Most of the time its animal fat, but they will state if it is vegetable if it is.

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Um. Gelatin as spelled exactly that way in ingredients, whether Kosher or not, is in fact never vegan. It's from hooves, tendons, and other cartilage. If it's Kosher, it was killed in a certain way and a Rabbi blessed it and inspected the facility in which it was prepared.


Breath Asure is definitely not vegan. Trust me. I've been vegan for ten years and vegetarian since I was a little kid. I'm pretty paranoid about animal products slipping their way into stuff I eat without my noticing it, so I read the ingredients on everything and I research ingredients with which I'm not familiar.


Now, as to this vegan gelatin thing...check out this page:




Emes vegan gelatin is made from Carrageenan, locust bean gum and malto-dextrin. This is cool, but if you have a lot of allergies or if your nose gets stuffy a lot, you might want to be careful about anything that has carageenan. It comes from seaweed and generally thickens up all of the mucous in your body. Anyhow, agar, locust bean, xanthan are a little better, but still cause this. If you need to thicken things then corn, tapioca, rice and potato starch work best and they are easily broken down by the body. So no thick mucous.


Again, though. Unless you see that the Gelatin is actually a product such as Emes that has ingredients listed, the Gelatin you see in the ingredients is animal based.


Hope this helps

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the definition of gelatin:


A protein-based substance found in animal bones and connective tissue. When dissolved in hot liquid and then cooled, it can be used as a thickener and stabilizer.


This article explains all about gelatin to inquisitive vegans and vegetarians:




But about my last post, my research shows that no vegan should use Emes Vegan Gelatin.


This article explains why:




Basically, some scientists tested Emes and concluded that it behaves like animal gelatin and not like carageenan. So I would just use agar if you want something similar. Or the starches that I mentioned.

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