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  1. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m255/seanf76/gemmavswhey.png http://www.dpsnutrition.net/images/editor/lipotropic_protein.jpg BENEFITS OF Lipotrophic PROTEIN -Polyphenols-burn fat by increasing mitochondria energy production -Higher BCAA and Glutamine levels per 100g -Lower Fat and Zero Cholesterol -Lower Carbohydrate -Zero Lactose means ZERO BLOAT! -Improved Nutrient Profile -Mixes Instantly A new protein is coming to town and it is something every bodybuilder is going to want to try. The secret to this new protein is something called polyphenols, which are plant extracts that are known to help increase the body's own fat burning effect. Polyphenols can be found in many plant varieties, but some of the most potent come from tea extracts like green and black tea. These polyphenols are proven to help the body burn more fat calories per workout and to keep burning fat all day long. Unfortunately you need to drink a lot of green tea to get the full fat burning effects or take a green tea supplement three times per day. However, a new protein source is now available that contains natural polyphenols similar to what is found in green tea and is proven in scientific literature to increase the fat burning effect in the body's mitochondria. This is the "holy grail" of all protein supplements, to be able to burn fat while promoting lean muscle growth and it is finally available. Lipotropic Protein is a new great tasting protein source from L-Gear that delivers on the amazing promise to build muscle while burning fat. We all want a more toned body along with a lean mid section. Unfortunately, increasing protein and food intake was usually associated with a "bulk" phase of training because of the extra calories needed to get the optimal dose of protein. Your body isn't good at naturally taking in extra calories and nutrient partitioning them only for muscle growth...until now! Lipotropic Protein contains a new kind of protein that is the most advanced on the market, surpassing old whey concentrate blends in protein quality and effect on lean mass. Sativum protein is a high quality protein extract that has some serious benefits over standard whey protein extracts. First it is extremely high in the prime muscle building components of protein, specifically the essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, often called the branch chain amino acids. These anabolic muscle builders are the most important part of the protein for building muscle and Leucine is proven to be anabolic! Sativum protein is also rich in Glutamine and glutamine peptides, which are also very important for building muscle and increasing recovery. These two groups of amino acids make Sativum protein superior to whey and casein proteins for increasing muscle mass and the fat loss benefits of the polyphenols make this protein way better than any whey blend on the market for building mass and losing body fat. Available first in Chocolate, the Sativum protein in Lipotropic Protein will soon be available in many different flavors. If you want the very best protein on the market for increasing lean muscle and burning fat, look no further than Lipotropic Protein from L-Gear. It has the perfect nutrient profile for the serious bodybuilder that is looking to lose fat while gaining muscle. No other protein gives you the benefit of both being the most advanced amino acid profile with fat burning polyphenols!
  2. I have been working out now for the past 4 months full tilt again. I have been away from lifting for a few years due to a back injury from flipping a truck. I herniated l3, l4, and l5. I had worked out for 3 years prior to that. Since the accident I put on about 50 lbs of unwabted weight and fat. I am trying real hard to lose it. Before the accident I was 190lbs with 15%bf and before I started working out I was 240 with 33%bf I am right now 215 with 27%bf and want to get back to where I was. I am very active on many forums and a rep for LG on some forums so hopefully you can help me and I can help you
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