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  1. Are you really suggesting that cooking food is the sole reason for what has lead to the metabolic syndrome that sweeps are nation's today? If so, NONE of the doctors or nutritionists that work in the same hospital as me would agree with you. Neither does the British heart and stroke foundation, nor the British cancer association.


    Btw, had it not have been for a high fat diet, we my never have made it as a species, it also is the preferred source of fuel for most of the hunter gatherer societies that still exist today. Fat at keeps us fueled for longer (which stands to reason from a survival point of view) and it plays many important roles within the body. In my own experience over the last several months, I've found this to be true, since increasing my fat intake and lowering my carb intake, my irregular heart beat has improved, as has my joint and lower back health. I require only 2-3 feeding's a day, as opposed to the 5-6 feeding a day i required on a high carb diet, and my bodyfat has dropped by 6%.




    Holy crap, hang in there, Rob. You're fighting the good fight.

  2. That works out to 12.5 ml per spoon, which is way bigger than a teaspoon (though smaller than a tablespoon, *shrug*). It's actually closer to a dessertspoon (don't ask).


    Either it's actually much more than 150ml total or you're not using a tablespoon. If you have more precise measures you should use those. Medicine cups or spoons, for instance. You could also do it by weight. Olive oil has a density of ~0.9 g/ml, so that's about 11g per dose.

  3. Here's a little secret us girls know. You can actually buy and order low calorie drinks, booze and mixers. LOL, Most bars use a brand called Skinny Girls. I'm not sure how a guy feel about ordering that but is an option. You can also but them at the liquor store.


    There also a brand called skinny mixes that I like and lower calorie alcohols like vodka.


    The SkinnyGirl stuff is generally just low-quality liquor and low-sugar mixers instead of the standard sweet stuff. They've been beaten up for false advertising in the past, too. You're better off making your own or just ordering carefully.


    As for liquors, ABV is the defining factor, not the type of liquor. The difference in calories between vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, etc of equivalent proof is negligible.

  4. It comes In big tubs but contains no oil at all, 100% peanuts so no mixing needed


    Contains no _added_ oil, but does contain natural oil, which will separate if you leave it sitting for too long. It even says so in the product description. If it doesn't separate you should be suspicious of emulsifiers.

  5. Selective breeding and genetic modification are two very different beasts.


    Selective breeding ensures that particular traits become more prominent (for example, a less "stringy" mango) by breeding together varieties that possess said desired trait. It's perfectly natural.


    Genetic modification involves going down to DNA level and "splicing" new genetic information in there which can come from an entirely different organism. This would never otherwise occur in nature.


    That last part isn't strictly true, since cross-species and even cross-genera hybrids occur in nature (and even more is possible with bacterial genetic transfer), but I take your point, which is that it's extremely rare, whereas GM lets us wrap whatever we want with a plasmid and fire it into other organisms.


    However, just because cross-organism modification is possible doesn't mean it's dangerous, nor does "natural" crossbreeding imply safety. One doesn't follow from the other. Plenty of natural crossbreeding results in plants unsafe for human consumption. In fact, that's where all of them came from. There's still risk when the "natural" method is directed by humans as well, since many of our foods have harmful dormant genes, like much of the nightshade family. Crossbreeding can inadvertently activate those genes.


    GM pulls genes from different species, sure, but those genes are selected because we know what they do. In that sense, GM is a scalpel. We don't have to smoosh together big chunks of genome and hope for a useful expression. We can inject specific information, verify that it integrated intact, and even see where on the genome it was incorporated.


    Of course, that doesn't mean GM is automatically safe either. That's why we test them both.

  6. I like the odd drink every now and then, especially after a hard run or gym session. It's one of the few things I crave.


    Favourite drinks?..


    Light beer

    Dark beer

    Black beer

    Organic beer

    Micro-Brewery beer

    Regular beer (if nothing else is available)



    If I'm out at a restaurant I might look at the wine menu. But I'll probably order a beer.

    +1. A tasty craft beer is a nice treat. Sometimes a red wine, but usually beer. There's just so much variety.

  7. I've never had those hot dogs in particular, but I second Eden's advice. It's a bit more work, but you can make your own sort of tofu dogs by slicing and roasting tofu. You can even coat it in whatever you like for flavor. You basically just take a block of tofu, slice it into ~8 long rectangles about 3/4" square, coat it in whatever you like, and roast it for 40 minutes, turning once or twice.

  8. Ahh yeah I was referring to strong lifts but what I'm planning on doing is a 5/3/1 style routine but just mash squats and deads into the same day, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a novice and I've done 5/3/1 + 5x5 before. You're right it's going to be difficult when it gets heavy, maybe I'll do them separate days after all, cheers for the insight blabbate


    I think the warning against squats and DL in the same workout is mostly for people who expect to be able to lift heavy on both and end up progressing more slowly than they expected, hurting themselves, or overtraining. Just like with everything else, there's no hard and fast rule that fits everyone.


    You sound like you know what you're doing, so I wouldn't worry too much. When I did 5/3/1, I sometimes did squat assistance on DL day or vice versa and it didn't seem to do any harm.

  9. I don't see why not, as long as you're not going heavy on both. Obviously you won't be able to pull your max on DL after doing heavy squats, but you can always go for volume or power.


    Base 5x5 (assuming you mean Stronglifts?) and Starting Strength are intended mostly for novices. Once you get up into intermediate weights, both programs (and Madcow) recommend backing the squats down to a lighter weight on deadlift day.

  10. The point of my post was this:


    People are neither wheat or lactose intolerant as per nature. People in India have been living off it for 5000 years.


    Whats wrong is what these Western GMO UNNATURALIZATION companies did with it.


    Well, no. Even the article you posted doesn't claim that. It's actually quite responsible, focusing on pesticide use, but not tying GMO crops to gluten intolerance, celiac, or nutrition.


    Instead, they blame the degradation of wheat on hybridization and cross-breeding, methods we've been using for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. They're correct that wheat today doesn't resemble what it was in "ancient" times, and neither do corn, carrots, tomatoes, etc. However, that has nothing to do with "GMOs."

  11. Aflatoxins used to be a real concern, but not so much anymore. As long as you're buying organic or major brand peanut butters, you should have nothing to worry about. The FDA is quite strict about this one, although they came to it late. Even back a few decades ago, you'd need to eat a ton of peanut butter to be at any risk. But then again, we're all talking about how delicious it is, so that's not far-fetched.



    On another note, don't trust Mercola. He's a liar, a profit-monger, an anti-vaxxer, and a homeopath. He's been reprimanded by the FDA on three occasions for lying about his products.








  12. Rob, I appreciate your insight buddy. Your opinion is no less valid than anybody else and you offer some solid scientific backing. Cardio is possibly the possibly one area that I agree to differ on with regards to HIT; but my viewpoint is perhaps different as I have always looked at things from purely a longevity and heart-healthy stance, rather than optimising musculature in an individual.

    From the research he posted, though, it looks like cardio isn't necessarily more heart-healthy in the short- or long-term. Intense weight lifting can work your heart just as well and can reduce your RHR and BP just as much. Of course, there's always competing research. And I doubt adding or removing a little cardio here and there is going to kill us either way. It's just an interesting perspective.

  13. Hit Blabbate,


    Indeed, your right to be skeptical, no person should take anything on faith...


    A few things Blabbate...


    First, i use a slow cadence on every movement, this reduces momentum, and creates a deeper level of fatigue within the muscles, which in turn also produces greater vascular benefits.

    Doug Mcguff explains it better in this short interview, listen careful to what he says to the local cardiologists comments


    Secondly, My workouts are fast paced, literately, its from one movement to the next, just enough time to resist mentally, then boom!

    My workouts last a mere 12-20 minutes, however this is not important, its the quality of work that's important. I find myself sometimes lying on the floor for 10 minutes after these workouts.


    My rest heart rate it better than ever, even at 235lbs my resting heart rate is usually sitting at around 50 bpm. Years ago when i ran or cycled almost every day my resting heart rate would have sat at around 65-70 bpm (and that was at a lighter bodyweight). Moreover, i suffered greatly with knee, hip and connective tissue problems, as steady state exercise is "low intensity high force exercise", as apposed to H.I.T with weights which is "high intensity low force exercise".


    Hmm. Interesting. So for a max effort workout, I'd probably be shortening my rests. Normally I'll do 3 minutes between heavy sets, 1.5 between light or assistance sets. Just enough time to get back to something approaching full strength.


    I fully agree with the heart rate and injury stuff. I've always had more trouble with my knees and hips from jogging than from anything else. The repetitive stress is brutal. I'm sure some people can take it, but not me.

  14. It's exactly what Fallen_Horse said. In all likelihood, these products don't contain milk or eggs or whatever, because the machines are cleaned between products. The warning is more about covering the company's ass in the case of litigation due to an allergic reaction.


    For Vega, they're probably just not big enough to warrant a dedicated animal product-free facility, so they have to share space or lease machines.

  15. Very interesting. I know I have gained a good 2 pounds in the last two and a half weeks. This could be due to increase in glycogen stores, but I have not been staying hydrated which is horrible and I have not gained any fat. Now I am stagnant. I need money so I can buy food and get in the gym, or I will not get much bigger.

    Not staying hydrated can actually cause you to gain water weight, since your body is desperate to retain it. You can easily put on a few pounds that way, too.

  16. I heard you actually do not need carbs at all from my buddy (biochemist and a beast). Just fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. IDK if that is true or not but it sounded reasonable when he explained it to me... I need my dietetics degree lol.

    There must have been a misunderstanding here, because you can't actually extract enough energy to live from just fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water. You need, you know, raw ingredients for the Krebs cycle.

  17. http://www.vegsource.com/news/2009/12/the-perils-of-dairy-video.html


    Worth a look. Also anyone seen the rubbish from Denise Minger? Some people shouldn't have opinions..

    Denise Minger is wonderful, largely because her opinions are actually backed by evidence, unlike the junk she has made a habit of debunking. She's one of very few food bloggers who actually cares about quality research and science instead of anecdotes, woo, and confirmation bias.

  18. I order my protein from True Nutrition and I get the 70% pea and 30% organic rice protein blend sweetened with Stevia. It's about $6.77/lb. I try and get less than 1/3 of my protein from protein powders, at 250g/day that's about 75g.


    It's an acquired taste but it doesn't have any nasty additives or garbage and it doesn't give me zits like soy does.



    This. That's exactly what I order, with flavorings. It's good stuff, cheap for what it is.

  19. I'm sure the body makes its own HDL cholesterol; you are not supposed to eat it but foods that can be used to synthesise it.



    There are plenty of ways to increase your HDL, but ingesting more cholesterol isn't one of them. That's just silly. Eat more monounsaturated fats and fiber, and keep your omega-3 ratios favorable. Do aerobic exercise. Stop drinking and smoking. Avoid trans fats.


    Really? I did not know that ingested cholesterol could not be modified to become hdl or ldl. I figured the body may have some way to convert it, given the molecular similarity. They are very very close, and so that is surprising, but not unbelievable by any means!

    Oh, the body can modify (and use) ingested cholesterol, sure, but the effect is small compared to that of trans and saturated fats. Some studies show no effect whatsoever from ingested cholesterol, and I'm not aware of any showing an increase in HDL without a corresponding increase in LDL. Regardless, most of your HDL is going to be produced by your liver anyway based on the factors I listed earlier.

  20. I'm sure the body makes its own HDL cholesterol; you are not supposed to eat it but foods that can be used to synthesise it.



    There are plenty of ways to increase your HDL, but ingesting more cholesterol isn't one of them. That's just silly. Eat more monounsaturated fats and fiber, and keep your omega-3 ratios favorable. Do aerobic exercise. Stop drinking and smoking. Avoid trans fats.

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