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  1. 16/M, 5 , 9 or 5,10 height..around 120 pounds now. i have the p90x program for shoulders and arms..which dont get me wrong..is really good..but im not always motivated to do it haha. but thanks for the advice guys
  2. hey, basically im trying to gain some weight and get a little more "buff" currently working hard on triceps because i never really worked them before and shoulders..my abs arent too bad but im still working them, biceps, chest arent too bad either.. im not doing cardio really because im trying to gain some mass.
  3. I have heard that if you push your body too much then it can actually have damaging effects...so i was just wondering when should i stop during my workout? and how do i know that i have had a good workout?
  4. yeah ive gained around 7 pounds since june but im having trouble with my diet lol, and whats wrong with my face ?
  5. like alot of people i find music helps me when i workout. I personally like to listen to techno or "biker" bands ; like metallica and ACDC, etc. what do you guys listen to if any at all?
  6. you guys are good at guessing height, im actually around 5.10 ,but my weight varies from 115-120 lbs
  7. http://i26.tinypic.com/5uk1zk.jpg SORRY IF THE PIC IS TOO BIG LOL!
  8. i just found this guys vids yesterday but holy crap can he give a good workout, its like a personal trainer : check out his other ones too "8 minute workouts" good luck
  9. i hope she watches: http://www.earthlings.com/ that will make her go vegan overnight! lol.
  10. keep the vids coming they are a real inspiration
  11. vegeteen

    hi :D

    thanks man this really helped , i probably will go vegan eventually, once i get to a weight iam comfortable with
  12. vegeteen

    hi :D

    thanks guys. i might post some progress pics, and so on. Ive made some really good progress over the last 2 weeks; i was around 110 lbs 2 weeks ago and i suddenly realised, its all down to calories, i wasnt getting enough calories in my diet so over the last 2 weeks ive made sure to get the right amount and even more calories and now im 116 lbs and gaining more everyday still vegetarian not vegan sorry. I did watch earthlings last year which changed my life a bit..lol. But iam making sure we are getting organic cheeses and milk only. I have set a goal of 130 lbs by the end of the summer so thats where my progress thread comes in i guess. .
  13. vegeteen

    hi :D

    hi guys, iam 15 originally from England, living in Vancouver, B.C Canada. when i was really young like..1 or 2 i used to eat "normally" like meats, eggs, ect. but i became sick one day and had to go to hospital (i still don't know why :S) and since then i haven't liked the taste of meat, eggs and so on. so i guess i was automatically a vegetarian , i know this is a vegan site , but maybe i can be persuaded . iam quite underweight for my height , age due to my lack of calories i guess, and the fact i do alot of cardio. im 5,9 and around 115 lbs. Maybe you guys can teach me how to put on weight, muscle the vegan/ vege way because i feel quite uncomfortable in t shirts and when i go swimming and so on :\. anyways i hope i can be a positive addition to this site thanks. p.s i might post some pics later.
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