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  1. I had heard points 1, 2 and 3 before, except I read it was about 65g RDA of protein for an adult male to retain muscles properly. Don't know enough about point 4 to comment on it, but certainly whatever is in meat isn't necessary to do body building successfully. When I first started lifting weights, I measured all protein and calories and stuff accurated, and I took in about 70g of protein a day, and worked out between four and seven times a week. In this period I was able to build muscle alright, and the size of weights that I was lifting increased rapidly. I altered my diet since and don't work out as much and I've levelled out, although I am now hoping to get back into it with renewed enthusiasm and GUTS
  2. They would probably say that you shouldn't watch MYM for pleasure, and that that is sick. That would be their flimsy line of reasoning as to why they wouldn't watch it in that scenario. But that in itself underlines that there's something wrong with animal slaughter, if it can at all be considered to be sick.
  3. Yea there seems to be a huge divide on Donnie Darko, not much of a grey area, I never met someone who said 'Yeah it was alright'. People seem to either really like it or really dislike it. I really enjoyed The Matrix, but the sequals seemed more and more ridiculous and fueled by its own hype, the story and development of characters dried up I feel. The first film was kind of about discovery and realization and dealing with this huge development about the world. In my opinion, parts 2 and 3 didn't really go anywhere, I dunno what they were trying to achieve.
  4. The new boy at the lab, Dwayne (or Fingers as we call him) did some preliminary tests on your DNA and facial bone structure, and he says there is an overall 70% likeness between you and Owen Wilson. He says that the main Wilson-Zones on your face are your eyes and mouth and cheeks.
  5. I don't actually live in Yarmouth, but a village nearby. The village I live in is okay, low crime rate and generally peaceful with lots of trees and grass etc. Yarmouth however is a dirty bumhole. I've not been to Ipswich much. Norwich isn't tooooooo bad. But yea this isn't the most fabulous place, espesh (especially) not for vegans. There are a couple of health food shops to buy vegan subsitutes from, and Sainsbury's is generally reliable in their labelling, so it's fine really. Sad that I never meet other vegans I guess. Thanks for all the replies. When I was little, the popular games systems were spectrum / C64 / Amiga / Atari. I've stayed with games all my life, although these days I feel a bit seen-it-all-before and only play a game if it seems really high quality or new. Most stuff is really bland and there are other games I've played before which are basically the same, and it's no fun playing some churned out crap.
  6. I play lots, they used to dominate my life. Right now I mainly play Tekken 5. Other favourites throughout history include: Ico, Manhunt, the Legend of Zelda series, Street Fighter series, Soul Calibur series, Counter Strike, Goldeneye 64, The Super Mario series, Half-Life, Bust-a-Move, Tetris, Metal Gear Solid 3, Devil May Cry 3, Burnout 3, Populous, the Grand Theft Auto series, Point Blank, the Bomber Man series, the Mariokart series, Halo 1, the Monkey Ball series, Resident Evil 2... What do you play?
  7. I think it's 'evil' to kill stuff for your own enjoyment. I don't think it's evil to kill stuff in order to survive. However, if I think someone is evil, this doesn't mean that I dismiss them entirely or think they should be punished, I just mean that I think they are morally wrong. I see eating meat as evil, if it's in a situation where it's totally unnecessary. In the 'developed' world, there is a simple choice and it's not linked to survival at all, so I think it's evil. If a person lives in a desolate remote place where they literally cannot survive on a vegan diet, then I think it is totally understandable to kill or be killed. The supermarket is not a desolate remote place where you fight for your survival, it's where you buy whatever you want to eat, and it's up to you to make a compassionate decision.
  8. That's exactly where I am, too. Welcome aboard! Yes yes! Hey Brendan, I had my scientists at the lab look into it with over-complicated equipment, and they say that you have a 68% likeness to Ashton Kutcher. Has this analysis been carried out before?
  9. I went to see Mr and Mrs Smith because I had nothing better to do, and it was much better than I thought it was going to be, it wasn't a total waste of my time, and I thought Pitt did a few good bits of comedy acting. Batman Begins was pretty fresh, although that girl from Dawson's Forehead or whatever shouldn't have been in it, her character was entirely pointless I felt, there didn't need to be a love-story to it, and she was incredibly under-explored and pathetic. Also the relationship between Batman and Qui Gon was not explored properly in my opinion, it wasn't deep enough for what they were trying to do. But the setting and effects and everything were lush. I loved Christian Bale and Silly-Ian Murphy, I think they both did astoundingly well.
  10. Magnolia Donnie Darko The Matrix Reconstituted and The Matrix Revolting. I liked the first Matrix. Sex and the City the Movie (this doesn't actually exist, but if it did, it would be my nemesis and I would destroy it)
  11. I have a problem that omnivores that I know won't watch Meet Your Meat because they say it will put them off their food (duh). I don't know how to get them to watch and face up to their actions. I have watched part of MYM, but it made me so sick I would have fainted, and I have no need to see it, so I stopped watching. I am pumped all the time about animal cruelty, it freaks me out constantly to think of the torture and suffering, and I hate it that humans in general don't give a crap.
  12. I have a link to this site from one of my websites, and I also give the link anytime someone online wants to say something about skinny veg*ns, they come here and have to face facts.
  13. Ah man, I read all the posts in this thread, and it happens a lot that people think fish is veg*n. And yeah it isn't uncommon that they think chicken is vegetarian. I once picked up some calcium (with vitamin D) tablets from a shelf in a store which said 'vegetarian' on them (not vegan), and I asked the person in the store what ingredient in them isn't vegan. They said that the vitamin D comes from fish. I said fish isn't even vegetarian. They said 'Yes it is; that's the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian, vegans don't eat fish'. Nonsense
  14. Thanks for your replies. I find it amusing that I joined this site before I was born apparently. I was able to do this using my Ninja Spirit which has been around since Japan was invented, and allowed me to pave the way for my physical embodiment, with things like joining up to appropriate forums.
  15. Wordlife, I didn't realise it could be so easily calculated, that's great information which I can now pretend that I always knew
  16. Hi dude. I'm from the East coast of England. At university I was heavily into weightlifting and went every day to the gym. At that point I was doing 15kg single-arm bicep curls and about 80kg bench press. I've always worked at around 10-12 reps, back then I didn't go much above or below that, so I dunno what I could do in a single rep. These days, my current goal is to lose the flab around my stomach to get more definition there, and then after that I will try to beef up, so right now I am doing high reps with low weights. I have limited stuff at home, I have a bench for presses and flies, and I have free weights for shoulders and biceps, and I have a pull-up bar. I have a slam-man who is great fun to use for cardio, although not sure how effective he is for weight loss. He holds my attention longer than biking or running though.
  17. Hey dudes, I know you've all been anticipating my introduction so here it is. I am vegan because cruelty to animals is bogus, and I don't want to be a part of animal exploitation and murder. I've been weight training for a few years, and now I am trying to get into it hardcore to prove that veganism doesn't make you ill or weak, I want to be an example to other people, and make the most of what I have. I like heavy metal, videogames, anime and stuff. I don't go out (to parties / pubs / clubs) much because people are generally very drunk or high on drugs, neither of which I am interested in. I am pretty much unemployed but do free-lance illustration when I can, and also help at a local recording studio from time to time as a producer / sound engineer. I also record my own stuff there which is awesome. This site rules, I've used it for a while, but haven't introduced myself before, so hello to everyone.
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