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  1. vegetarian multi w/B12 - I get whatever is on sale at the health food store, which is usually Solgar, VegLife, or Country Life cal-mag - I think the one I have in my cabinet right now is made by VegLife creatine - about 1/2 g/day Omega-Zen3 - has 300mg of Omega-3 DHA from microalgae
  2. mixed nuts and trail mixes lentil and other types of bean soups with vegetables avocados apples cereal and soy milk oatmeal bananas orange and grapefruit juice cheeseless pizza chips and salsa rice and beans
  3. Creatine can be found in animal flesh, particularly in the flesh of cows. However, all of the commercial creatine powders that I have come across have been synthetic, and have no animal parts. Also, in a study from Biological Sciences, Oct 22, 2003 v270 done on 45 vegetarian men, it was found that, "increasing creatine intake by oral supplementation (5g/day for 6 wks) resulted in improved brain function, similar to effects shown previously in muscle and heart." I understand the reasons why some people don't take it, and I respect that. But I personally recommend that vegans supplement with a small amount of creatine for the brain and heart benefits.
  4. I just clicked on http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/chatbox/popup , but I get the following message, "You're not allowed to chat. Try logging in." - Even though I'm logged in on the messageboard. Am I doing something wrong, or is the chatroom just not working now?
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