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  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  2. Will someone that knows something about this please respond. Thanks for any suggestions right now.
  3. I am using the Vega mix and using water with it is horrible. Can others share what you mix with your vega products? Also, how much liquid do you use to keep it from being so thick Thanks Felicia
  4. When you say beans, can you tell me what types of beans? Is can beans good or are you referring to frozen or what? I need help in this area. Thanks I just want to add that beans and nuts aren't the same thing (you seem to say above that you are cutting back on both nuts AND beans). I would certainly advise you to cut back on nuts as they are very high in calories (a few are fine, but don't have too many!), beans are a great food for weight loss! They have fibre and make you feel full. They are not high in fat like nuts. They have protein and carbs, two things you need for exercising!
  5. Hello Everyone, I am so excited to join here. I am a new vegan fighting for my life to stay healthy. I almost gave up being a vegan until I ran across this support group. I look forward to meeting others. Felicia
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