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  1. Potatoes are very healthy depending on how you cook them. A potato has like 50% fiber and potatoes with skins have Vitamin C, Pottasium, B6. and many trace minerals like zinc and iron. Except for the fiber, the skin is where most of the nutrients lay. If you don't believe me check out the "pototo" article at www.wikipedia.com
  2. Hi Anna, Your writtten English is nice. Were, you in Britian or America?
  3. Yea it's a slow river. Were, yu a memeber of any of the boathouse clubs>?
  4. Ha! Ah!, That's funny. Sometimes i time mine too fast. Unintentionally, of course!
  5. Oh, OKAY<' That's fast! Isn't slower better?
  6. What, do, you mean, by "one count up and 2 counts down" Are you saying that each movement is a rep? Like lifting the weight equals one rep and bringing 'down is 2 reps? I thought one whole exercise equals one rep.
  7. Where i am at Philadelphia, there is an area on the Schuykill river that has a number of historic boathouses. I've been wanting to join one of them. The price is right and there's classes. My only concern is the cleanliness of the water. I've walked by and over many times , and , though it's not garbage or sewage strewn, it is dark, brown, and murky. Is falling in the water actually a problem for most !?
  8. Any advice on counting reps? Starting to lift alone and occasionally skip in counting reps. Also its kinda of monotoneus muttering numbers to yourself over and over. A kitchen timer, is that somethin to help?
  9. I now starting a home dumbbell 5 day workout plan. I want to know what others do when they miss a workout , due to scheduling or tiredness. I wanting to only skip that day and finish the weeks workouts. How does that effect progress?
  10. Just starting out with lifting, at home with dumbbells. Worked out before a few years backs at Gold's Gym. Now i'm moved to Philly and has a little more space, so gonna attempt home 'workouts. Been vegan for nearly 2 years and on and off vegetarian for about 5-7 years prior. Became vegan for love of delicious food and the enviroment. Though i support the anti-cruelty against animals, i'm not a animal lover. I checked out this forum a few times over the past months and wanting to support and give happiness!
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