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  1. My goals are getting more strenght and more muscular mass over all but more in the back, legs and abs. i've search for anabolic and catabolic in the homeostasy balance in the body. the quantities of food and protein needed and when we need it and their effect on the hormones secreted in the body. Well I will focus on getting enough proteins through energy ball or bar (home made) between three good meals, and a protein shake 30-60 min after the big workout. that is a compromise between 3 and 6 meals I gess. Thanx for sharing your ways of doing. it gave me a good idea !
  2. Hi ! After working out at a gym with a friend, he showed me his meal's plan for a day. And it was about 6 meals. Along the discovery of bodybuilding on the net, many people say they eat less and more often, either vegan or not. So, I'm wondering about why (and may I need it) and if it is not that bad that I eat 3 meals for the sake of convenience in every day working schedule. thank you!
  3. Hi Zao! I'm glad to find that you come from quebec too. like you said in my intro, a french vegan/fitness group could be interesting...! I dont have found yet... because i'm still new into that kind of way of life and didn't connect yet with new peoples here. even going at new place like a gym was a big step for me. I prefer woods, mountains, gardens, farm and hit the roads on bicycle and feets. but it is not there I will found others vegan... hehe! And you... where did you go for travel ? it look hard times having go through ... Are you good enough now to do your favorite sport ?
  4. well ! For me even a bean plant in a house pot is more exotic than a cactus. And if you want to grow outdoor, maybe your neighbour will appreciate to have a little share !
  5. Hi guys I've found this : http://raindrops2000.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/how-to-make-protein-powder/ So, to not have the shell and the oil, we need to sifter and pres it to remove the oil. Look like we will need bigger tools than a mixer. that is for hemp. Here is a mix from many sources, beans, soy, brown rice...but it's not a extracting process, I think the % protein will be lower than the by product industry the 'cake'. http://www.livestrong.com/article/353309-how-to-make-protein-powder-at-home/ I wanted to found those kind of stuff too, because tub are too expensive for my little budget but need something ready to eat (smoothies) when I'm busy.
  6. yep ! I dont have any experiece of training as we can name it. hope to find somes 'don't do and how to' over the training progress . And Learn how to strenghten and use my body as a better tool. could meet some good peoples too !
  7. Hi ! My name is Stefanie; I’m a little 25 years old vegetables farmer. Excuse me for my bad grammar or weird sentences form, I’m French from Québec. A little story… I was a vegetarian for 3 years because I’ve discovered how they treat animals in the factory farm. After being a little punkette in the cities, my interests change for organic farming and forestry. I’ve worked on fruit and milk farms and came back to meat, for convenience and not offense peoples around me. my conscioussness falled asleep... Few experiences after I know what is to kill animals and process them. But I don’t like it. I really like animal and I know that we force them to live with us. As a pet, or as food. But I’m not a radical, even if sometimes my mind want to. Yeah cow and horses can kill you. But if we take time to communicate their way and don’t force them, the story change. Every animal and human experience has to be. But as human we have the chance to put purpose, respect and love, in it. Last year I was eating two meals of meat + eggs in the morning. That was the years that I’ve feel the worst: fever, big trouble digesting, always feeling weak… a cycle each month, worst than the women's one.. But some said: Eat more meat, you will be stronger…. Yeah, but after 2 meal per day?? But now I don’t give a shit about what people will say and I want to respect my believing and my values. For sure the hard farm work was there, lots of weight lifting. Some peoples ask me often: ‘Do you go to the gym, do you lift?’ and I say: ‘ no, just farming’. So I’ve give a try and typed on the internet: bodybuilding and vegan… Ha ha! This weird mix does exist! hehe! I’m glad to have found your community. Stéphanie …like to lift and sweat , I recognise my body through it. And I like to eat, give seeds in earth and see my food growing!
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