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  1. That's true, problem solved)) I think meat munchers should have more concerns on this topic than vegans.
  2. I hate soups, just don't understand why I should eat saggy vegetables boiled in greasy water. Yuckyyyy
  3. Does anyone have a problem uploading videos on Instagram? I think this issue only occurs only on Androids( The video is nice but the sound is damaged.
  4. I went to Motorhead show a couple of months ago, it was AWESOME!!! Here's a short list of their songs in case some of you guys didn't hear them http://blablamp3.com/mp3/motorhead.html
  5. The problem is most non-vegans think that we only eat greens and beans. Once you serve something delicious, nutritious and nonvegan-looking, they shut up and have nothing to say. My last treat was vegan donuts
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