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  1. Has Soya been linked to thyroid disease? I ask because I eat more Soya than a large Chinese village. I said MY tendonitis must not be due from overtraining. I know tendonitis is from overtraining, therefore what I have MAY NOT be tendonitis, but I don't know what else to call it. No I dont have diabetes or gout. Yes, soy is a goitergenic food and should be avoided by people with thyroid disease, specifically hypo and hashimoto's. Soy by itself does not cause thyroid disease, but it does worsen the symptoms if the disease is present. My goals are to gain more muscle mass, and I have a very thin body type which makes it hard for me to gain muscle. I just can't do it with once a week workouts, I need to lift heavy consistently to grow and keep my gains, or else my high metabolism just eats it up.
  2. I've tried B6, it does work somewhat for the carpal, but it makes me terribly nauseous. I do have food allergies to wheat and dairy products, and I avoid soy due to thyroid disease. That doesn't leave a whole lot of variety in my diet.
  3. Maybe it's not tendonitis then, because it's definitely NOT from overtraining or overuse ( I've worked out maybe 5 times in the past month due to moving, new job shift, etc. ) I also have carpel tunnel-like symptoms in my arms and wrists and shinsplints in my legs when I run. I've been to doctors, sports doctors, several PTs and no one can figure out what it is or how to make the pain go away. I don't know what else to do except stop moving my joints when the pain starts. But working out 5 times a month isnt going to get me any closer to my goals. Thats why I was thinking it was related to diet, doctors RARELY ever consider diet when diagnosing patients.
  4. Since going vegan I've noticed a lot more tendonitis in my joints after weights workouts. It's starting to affect my training. I'll admit I don't eat a lot of protein, could this be the cause? Would supplementing with amino acids or BCAAs help? Collagen?
  5. I can do 3 pull-ups. I don't do them on a regular basis so I was surprised when I cranked the 3 out. All those bent over rows must be paying off.
  6. It took me about 3 months until I got into the groove of raw food, knowing what to buy, how often to shop, what meals to prepare, etc. I recommend having a few raw un-cookbooks around, they are great for when you are bored and want new meal ideas. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed too when I started on the raw journey, but you learn as you go. You just gotta take it one day at time. You'll get there!
  7. I'm Mindi and been working out for the past 10 years or so, mostly weightlifting. I dread cardio! I am fairly thin so I am trying to put on a few pounds of muscle. Been eating raw the past few months and I feel great! Had some medical problems awhile back that were keeping me from making progress in terms of fitness. But hopefully I am on the right track now and can get back to work! So glad I found this group, you seem like a great group of people.
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