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  1. 31/12/08 40 mins of cyclette for cardio, diff. 4/12 3x12-10-7 biceps 3x12-10-8 back machine, 25/30 kg 3x12-10-8 pecs (5-8-10kg) 3x8 triceps (4 - 5kg) 3x12-10-8 shoulders (4-7-9kg) I ll be adding to the weights more significantly when Im not in a strict caloric regimen as I am now, btw. Now I just change them when I feel like I am not exercising
  2. Because junk food is worse than killing. I mean, the only question I would ask someone who watched the video and thought of "meat quality" is about when they had their souls extracted.
  3. I know, boring title Well, I needed a place to save my efforts anyway, since I always tend to get water/tea/sauce over my journals, both of training and nutrition. Ill skip my first month since I was making every possible mistake in the book and hardly managing a training at all. Its mostly for me, I doubt theres much of interest in a standard 2400 cal diet 25/01/08 First day of serious cardio - 35 minutes cyclette, diff. 4/12 Diet: 07.00 200mL soy milk (0carbs, 0fat, 8prot, 159cal) 125 g musli (70c, 7,9f, 12,5 p, 400cal) 10.00 2 Bananas (30c, 0f. 2p, 150 cal) 70 g seitan (4c, 9f, 13p, 145cal) 13.00 Rice 130g (42c, 1.7f, 5p) Peas canned (12c, 2f, 8p, 395 cal) 17.00 Nuts 55 g (2c, 30f, 15p, 350 cal) Salad (15c, 0f, 1p, 32 cal) 20.00 150 g tofu with sesam (0c, 13f, 21 p, 200cal) Carrots (10c, 0, 0, 150cal) Total: 142c, 59 f, 82 p, 2330 cal. 49-22-28 Thats been my typical day since, just changing fruit and kind of vegetables, and getting nutrients some higher (220 - 130 - 130). 27 - free day 28/01/08 40 mins cardio jogging (diff 5 to 11) 29/01/08 3x8 biceps (5kg - remember I am still in te very beginning v.v) 3x8 back machine (25 -30 kg) 3x12 pecs (4-5 kg) new: 3x12 triceps (4-5 kg) new: 3x8 shoulders (4 kg) 35 minutes cyclette diff 4/12. 30/01/08 40 mins cyclette diff 4/12 new: abs 3x12 Now Ill be going to get this day done
  4. Thanks everybody for the warm greets Hmm.. Kind of hard to say. I think its fairly easier than it used to be, since new organic/bio shops opened as it began to be something of a mode ("Try the new vegan 1000 calorie diet! Youll get skinny as those hippies are!") So, we can find tofu or seitan at almost normal prices, ike almost sixteen dollars/kg for raw seitan to make an example. But we are so little of a minority that we are associated with anorexic people or persons with eating disorders, and there is more aggressivity when we try and make something political - last thing I remembered, a demonstration of about (my esteem) 20-30k people for the banishment of a particular pro hunt law was completely ignored by the media, even when we passe right beneat the tv studios of Firenze:lol: Of course, already drawing that much people was already a victory, so I can stop grumbling, and luckily we have no such meat centered culture as Germany or the east of Europe, and I still can enjoy pasta from time to time In the end, its average. Yes, even if more of a lyfestyle than as a subculture - not that I dislike our hxc friends and music, of course. Still hope to see Good Clean Fun in concert here in italy someday.
  5. Thanks. By the way, I had something to add - that Im sorry that I have only that recent photo of me, as it looks pretty awful
  6. Hello there! Have been lurking for a while, mainly spying on the blogs to see how everything was working out for you - then I felt like I had to register already. I spent about half a year since turning vegan, and didnt really care about my diet most of these months, personal problems and my general laziness. So, since I didnt want to be coping with a body I feel unsatisfied with, I began training - thats about a couple of weeks ago, daily. Of course, still pretty much no results to be seen, but Im feeling better, so I dont see why I shouldnt keep up For the stat lovers, I weigh 74kg and am 182 cm tall! First of all I plan on losing five or more kilograms in fat, then to bulk up to the 80plus kgs in time for my birthday (july). Since I have nothing more to add - xskotx
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