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Hey Adam! Just another quick note to say great job with your journaling this past month! I got your email request to have your journal reviewed for eligiblity (as well as the one for the contest prize). We'll be shipping out prize packages beginning mid-month! Great job! Hope you'll stick around the forum and continue to post and be a valuable member of this online community!


All the best,


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I am, but it's not emailing me thread updates for some reason. I made a little excel document to keep track of what I'm doing so I can observe improvement easier.


First week of February I've been basically doing daily pushups,situps,squats and some dumbell exercises.. starting yesterday, though, I am keeping track with my cheat sheet.



PLANK: front 1:20, right side 52 seconds, left side 58 seconds



WEIGHTED SQUATS: 20 (30lbs of added iron)




I wanted to do 3 sets of these, but ended up just doing 1.. it was 1am or so and I was tired haha. I also did some shoulder presses, curls, forearm warm-ups and butterflies.


meal 1: a smoothie. Had all kinds of good stuff in it.

meal 2: had a banana for a snack, then a big bowl of misc. veggies and rice

meal 3: made some mushroom potato soup, threw half an avacado in it

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Yar, thanks for the forum jump start. Don't want to lose momentum!


In hindsight, today should haveh been more of a rest day. Still worn out from the past few days, but once I started I kept going for a bit. Chasing toddlers around in a squatting monster pose did my legs in, though lol.


Wednesday Feb 8th!



WEIGHTED SQUATS 10 (yeah by the time I got to these my thighs were done)

JACKKNIFE SITUPS 20 (with 30lbs of wriggling human flesh clinging to shins)


SHOULDER PRESS 10 5 (30lb dumbbells.. need to downgrade to 20-25lb range for other dumbbell exercises still, will interchangeable weights soon!)






meal 1 : smoothie and half an oatmeal cookie

meal 2: burrito

meal 3: veggie pizza w/ daiya mozzerella, which is pretty tasty.

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squats, shoulders, arms, core! I didn't write down how many reps I did total, but I broke a sweat and felt the burn! Also upgrading to interchangeable dumbbells tommorrow, so I no longer have to grip two big metal ones in one hand haha.


been eating a lot of avacado, kale, mushrooms, snacking on almonds. I'm addicted to making veggie nori rolls with cucumber, avacado and bell pepper. Haven't had any beans for a few days, might cook some black ones tommorrow maybe in a soup. Mornings I usually have a fruit and veggie smoothie, or a banana apple and almonds.

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Injured my foot a few days ago at Disneyland.. not sure what I did to injure it, but can't walk or stand very well for more than 5 minutes without some sharp pain, lol. I am angry at my foot today and tried to just pony up and proceed normally, but just made it worse Going to stick to upper body and stay off of it for a bit.


On a lighter note, new weights are here! Got the bowflex dumbbels 552, so cool. I'm using 22.5lb - 30lb for now, reps of 8 to 12. for forearms I go with lighter 15lb ones and just rotate my wrists and forearms seated

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Did some curls today, shoulders, but staying off of my feet mostly. The left one swelled up and I can't walk very far lol. It's reallllyy annoying, but the nerve or tendon or whatever should heal up soon. Hopefully. Maybe. It better!


time for situps crunches and leg lifts!

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