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No Meat Athlete - Journey to an 800 lb. Total

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Hi everyone!!


So a little background about myself. I'm a powerlifter, and a carnivore turned vegan. I am loving this lifestyle and have felt the best that I have in 10 years. So glad to have found this website so that I can get to know other vegans who lead a fit life.


I want to prove to everyone who doubts veganism that you CAN be strong, lean, and mean WITHOUT meat and/or animal products!


I compete in the 60kg division, and my goals for my upcoming meet in June are:


Squat: 292

Bench: 145

Deadlift: 314


Eventually, I would like to turn a 750 lb. total into a 800 lb. total before I turn 23 (3 years from now!)



I recently started working with Brandon Lilly and his "Cube Method", and I am loving it so far. I'm on day #2 of Week 2. Roughly 14 weeks out from my meet, and I'm very excited to see how it turns out.



Anyway, follow along if you'd like, and I will try to update as frequently as I can! Benching in about 2 hours. Time to fuel up.

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THE CUBE - Week #2 Day #2



Pause Bench (1″ off chest):


bar x lots








Full-Range Bench:






Incline DB Press:


25′s x2x20




Close-Grip Bench:







Band Flyes


3×15 (monster mini)




Tricep Band Pressdown:







So. This session could have gone a lot better, but last night at work we were having fitness challenges at the gym, which I participated in to gain more participation from members…so I ended up doing:


2 min plank

2 sets of chin-ups

25 pushups

23 reps with 75 lbs. on the bench press


Didn’t miss any weight or reps on training today, but it was definitely a little harder since I was a bit fatigued, and I haven’t eaten much today.


BUT no rest for the wicked! And crying is for pussies.


Rest tomorrow, and SO PSYCHED for squats on Friday!!



Ab picture from this morning, just for funsies:



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Yeah, hell yeah, a female power lifter. You definitely should made some friends here with some of our iron women on the forum. You definitely get some respect from me and many of us guys here as well.



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Yesterday's training…


Week 4, Day 1 of The Cube:











Snatch-Grip Deadlifts: (was supposed to be from a 2″ block but I didn’t have one)





Squats: (up 2 reps per set from 2 weeks ago)

bar x bunch






Front Squats: (low rest)






Workout was good, but everything was a little bit rushed since I didn’t have long before I had to get back to work.

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Great looking log, The Cube is a great system. Simple but effective.


As Dylan said above, I hope your training is still going to plan. According to the photo you posted it looks like it is, that's a strong looking core !!


14wks out from your meet in March, did you end up going through with it? Interested to hear how you got on and found the competition side of things. Look forward to reading your updates again soon, regards MF.

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