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  1. Hope all goes well! I may be too late for this bit of advice but I would put something like lip balm thickly on the corners of your mouth before the procedure, because after they had my mouth pried open for hours extracting the wisdom teeth the corners of my mouth cracked and tore! *cringe*

  2. I've only had tempeh ocne and I really wasn't that fond of the flavor. Maybe I just didn't cook it properly, but it had a sour taste.


    The flavor (and texture) of tempeh is incredibly different if marinated before cooking in my opinion. If it is sliced thin and marinated for several hours or overnight (in something like a soy sauce mixture or Braggs, etc) then pan-fried in a little oil the sour taste is replaced by a delicious nutty flavor.

  3. Here is a small list to get started... I found this list by googling "travel packing list"

    * Cellphone and charger

    * Digital camera, batteries, memory cards, camera case

    * Book, magazine, crossword puzzle, playing cards

    * Eyeglasses/contacts/solution if used

    * Addresses for sending postcards/e-mail

    * Cash

    * Copy of medical history, if necessary

    * Driver's license

    * Emergency numbers

    * Paper airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation

    * Photo ID

    * Pre-paid phone card

    * Vouchers/coupons/tickets

    * Keys

    * Luggage locks approved by TSA (compare prices)

    * Sports gear/workout gear/sneakers

    * Sunscreen/SPF

    * Sunglasses

    * Swim wear

    * Pajamas

    * Sandals

    * Shirts/T-shirts

    * Shorts

    * Jacket

    * Comb / Brush

    * Deodorant

    * Floss

    * Lip balm

    * Shampoo / Conditioner / Styling Products

    * Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash

    * Hat

    * Blow dryer/straightening iron

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