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  1. Richard and Mean green . . . too funny!! I actually just grit my teeth and go with Hilary now-a-days . . . I had a former Marine working for me during the last administration named Bill. So we were Bill and Hilary when we went out on location. He was not amused! Inversions= inversion table, gravity boots, and headstands. I had a Vegan diet before the accident, but maintaining it (no matter what anyone said) was key IMO to a full recovery. I have gotten lots of "you have to eat beef to get strong and healthy" . . . ok, I won't get started
  2. yes , the animal over-population excuse is such a crock . . . I often ask if not eating their brocoli will cause a brocoli explosion in the world turning it into a Kudzu like problem found in the deep south. This will get angry stares, but usually stop the useless argument. I have found, over the years, that most of these idiots are not open to any ideas but their own. Anything that even comes close to an opposing view brings up immediate anger and hostility. I have encountered some creative ones, though, who have called me a "carrot murderer".
  3. I guess I have been ridiculed most of my life for my name, my profession, and my diet. Now joking about it, and poking fun at both myself and my tormentors is great therapy. That way, I stay on a happy even keel. It seems that they aren't really able to take being joked at right back, Hmmmmm? So, I hear you, Beyondwisdom. What is your experience with these people's reaction to you as you stay healthy, fit and age well?? I was at my High School's 36 year reunion last year. The average age was 54 . . . my wife, who is a very fit 36 year old Pilates and Gyrotonics personal trainer from Taiwan was very surprised to see all of the "fat, old people". Smoking, drinking and heavy junk eating were the activities of choice at the reunion. Reactions of my former classmates to me ranged from ignoring to outright hostility. We left very early. So anyway, a sense of humor about it all has kept me sane . . .
  4. ha-ha . . . I will invite them to a "wonderful little place around the corner that has the best organic, fermented bean mold smoothies".
  5. Richard . . . Ditto . . . Tasha . . . all are questions I have been asked, I mean no offence, just joking about the whole experience.
  6. Over the past 26 years, I have fielded many questions about my diet and food choices. I am including the most common questions here . . . 1) Are you going to try to convert us? > No, I have no interest in trying to convert anyone. Nor will I try to get > you to join a magic drumming circle, start chanting, or consulting the > Mighty Kabourka about your future. > 2) Don't you miss eating meat? > No. As a somewhat grownup person, if I missed it, I would start eating > it. 3) So, you don't eat meat . . . is there something wrong with it? > I have no idea . . . is there? > 4) So, you don't eat meat . . . what's wrong with you? > Many things, perhaps that's why I'm a vegetarian? > 5) Doesn't being a vegetarian make you weak? > Yes, but the strength of my gas is weapons-grade (just ask my poor wife). > 6) How do you know you are getting enough protein? > I consult the Mighty Kabourka while chanting at my majic drumming circle. > (see answer 1) > 7) So, do you just go outside and graze on the lawn? > I think that's just the Canadians. > I know you are just dying for some of my triple bacon cheeseburger, > aren't you? Honestly, I'm not, but I am happy to share my raw tofu juice > with mung bean mold and mushroom fungus with you.
  7. Thanks for all of the kind, welcoming words . . . Green . . . I only do soft style stuff on my own a couple times a week now . . . did a variety of styles for many years. The accident was in 1997, and the main injuries were : broken and chip fracture of c-5, t9-t11 compressed, rotated, herniated, sliced and diced, both shoulders severely separated and I think I broke a nail as well. Rehabbed first with breathing exercises, then yoga, and swimming. Vegan diet was key in healing . . . took many years, but now I'm ok for an older type guy, can do most everything, just have to keep up yoga, acupuncture and inversions. Great to be here!
  8. Hello, nice to find a vegi friendly place! Been a vegitarian for 26 years, mostly vegan, lacto-ovo some of the time, depending on digestion. Been training most of my life, of course with my name and being male. Mostly concentrate on trying to stay in shape now, and maintaining re-hab from a bad car accident. Started martial arts and weights as a kid (thanks to my name). Worked as a performing artists for 20 years, now own a video production company. Cheers!!
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