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  1. It was a post gold metal media interview... this sounds to me as a pretty big interview. Specially when cameras are rolling around the world.

    Yeah your are right bragging is the wrong word for this. I did not really mean to say bragging but it comes off like hey I am in good shape i took care of my self but now I am going back to eating garbage.

    Really if your in front of a camera and they are interviewing you... you can say anything, it is his right but just being objective there are tons of kids and adults around the world that are looking at him like a role model. When he says he is chowing down on junk... does this not leave people to believe they too can be champs on highly unhealthy foods? I just think it sends the wrong message. Again this is my opinion.

  2. I have been in many groups both athletic and social. I would say being vegan is a true culture.. not just a lifestyle...


    The people I met so far on this site not only are great people but truely pleasant to talk to. I think Robert you have really done something special here. I never been so proud to be part of such a group. This is a true family. Thanks everyone for being part of this great site and forum. Maybe one day I will go to the Vegan Mecca "Portland Oregon."


    - Javier (b-boy RAiN)

  3. I was listening to a doctor who is angle is nutrition and is a cardiologist. He found that these four elements made a significant change in the health of human hearts.



    VITAMIN Q or Coenzyme Q-10


    and Carnatine


    ideal supplement

    for vegetable-

    based products

    Ulla Held


    Excerpt of another article that explained.


    With a strict vegetarian diet, the total amount

    of ingested L-Carnitine is further reduced and was found to be

    around 1-4 mg/day. The consequences of impaired L-Carnitine

    ingestion upon vegetarian health and nutrition have received

    relatively little or no attention to date in man. This is surprising as

    the L-Carnitine requirements of the body are met almost exclusively

    from the consumption of meat, with limited de-novo synthesis. If

    intake of L-Carnitine is low, however, the body must almost entirely

    rely on the endogenous synthesis to meet the needs. A vegetarian

    diet is frequently low in some of the nutrients that are essential for L-

    Carnitine biosynthesis in the body, such as the amino acids lysine

    and methionine as well as iron.

    Although a meat-reduced or vegetarian diet can be a healthy choice

    and has various benefits, there are certain nutritional risks associated

    with being a vegetarian. Dietary supplementation from non-animal

    based sources is required to meet nutritional guidelines. Animal prod-

    ucts, such as lamb, beef and pork, contain the highest amounts of

    dietary L-Carnitine. Lower levels of L-Carnitine are found in dairy

    products. In many plant foods, LCarnitinelevels cannot even be

    detected. Strict vegetatrian therefore have negligible sources for

    this nutrient.


    Anyone know more about this?

  4. Precautionary Advice for Cell Phone Use


    The World Health Organization has been compiling data on the health risks of electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones, but the release of the report has been delayed for over two years.


    In the meantime, many nations have sought to protect their citizens by issuing their own recommendations for cell phone use, including an announcement in Canada last week.


    Here in the U.S., the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute recently posted a useful list of tips to limit harmful health impacts of cell phones:


    1. Do not allow children to use a cell phone, except for emergencies.

    2. Use hands-free ear pieces or speakerphone.

    3. Make sure the back of the phone is pointing away from your body so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move away from you rather than through you.

    4. Switch sides regularly while communicating on your cell phone to spread out your exposure.

    5. Don't sleep near your phone unless it is off, particularly if you are pregnant.


    Obviously, the cellular phone antenna needs to emit radiation, since that is how the phone works. Now a normal hands free headset, if it is not triple shielded, can act as an antenna itself!


    Other devices that stick to the phone and claim to reduce fields are can actually interfere with reception and cause the phone to emit higher fields than necessary (the phone adjusts its output according to reception quality).


    Whenever they are turned on, cell phones communicate at infrequent intervals with a nearby base station even when they are not being used for a call. This is necessary to tell the system where the user is in case a call should come in. Thus, even while they are inactive, the phones are a source of (very low) radiofrequency energy exposure to the user. Hands-free kits reduce exposure to a user by removing the phone from the vicinity of the head. There is no identifiable health benefit in using the kits, but there is no detriment either, and using them may increase a user's peace of mind. Contrary to a widely publicized report by a British magazine last year, the kits are effective in reducing exposure. (This is not necessarily true of other devices that can be bought to be used with phones.) In your case, the cell phone and hands-free kit are clearly an important link to the outside world and I would not hesitate in using them. There may be comfort issues with having the earpiece in place for a long time, but radiofrequency radiation exposure should not be a concern at all. The hands-free kits will reduce exposure below that which you would receive if the phone were kept close to your head.


    Kenneth R. Foster Professor, Department of Bioengineering



    what is the best emf protector against cell phone damage that is legit?

  5. I wanted to do my own research on alkaline acid theory and the ph level in the body. I wanted to know if that can be proven or it is a myth.



    Some doctors say it is a complete croc.


    I decided to start with the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


    I have been reading a few articles in here... how can I determine what is factual what is nonsense what is biased etc...

    By typing the keyword "Vegan" I ran into a few articles that potray veganism in a negative way.


    for example this one :




    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 70, No. 3, 543S-548S, September 1999

    © 1999 American Society for Clinical Nutrition


    Choices for achieving adequate dietary calcium with a vegetarian diet1,2,3

    Connie M Weaver, William R Proulx and Robert Heaney


    1 From the Department of Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC; and Creighton University, Omaha, NE.


    To achieve adequate dietary calcium intake, several choices are available that accommodate a variety of lifestyles and tastes. Liberal consumption of dairy products in the diet is the approach of most Americans. Some plants provide absorbable calcium, but the quantity of vegetables required to reach sufficient calcium intake make an exclusively plant-based diet impractical for most individuals unless fortified foods or supplements are included. Also, dietary constituents that decrease calcium retention, such as salt, protein, and caffeine, can be high in the vegetarian diet. Although it is possible to obtain calcium balance from a plant-based diet in a Western lifestyle, it may be more convenient to achieve calcium balance by increasing calcium consumption than by limiting other dietary factors.


    Key Words: Calcium requirements • calcium bioavailability • salt • protein • vegetarian diet • sulfur-containing amino acids • caffeine




    How does one find the truth?

    Or it is just pick and choose? Some say they work others say they don't

  6. I am podcast crazy... I have been listening to them every day at work. 8 hours or more everyday.


    The ones I have are:


    veganfreaks - itunes

    go vegan bob linden

    peta cast


    vegetarian food for thought

    vegan school 101

    vegan radio

    vegan world radio (use to be go vegan texas)

    hard news vegan

    generation vegan

    dr. mc dougalls audio podcast

    nutritional wisdom with joel furhman MD

    animal voices


    all available on itunes

  7. reason I ask is one of my co workers said he was vegan for two years and went vegetarian. Also another coworker of mine says his roomate is vegetarian. He mentions to his friends that I talk about being vegan... he told me their impression was I was some religious vegetrain nut... Vegetarianism .... Is only good because it is one step in the right direction but if it is like they stopped half way.

  8. I am curious? I am coming from a meat eating background so I don't understand why are people vegetarian? I am being sincere when I am asking this question because I really don't know the answer. I would understand a person said they are vegetarian because they don't like the taste of meat. That would make perfect sence but if it is for health, environmental and specially animal rights reasons it seam to me that it is no different than someone who said I only vegetable based diet and sometimes fish. I think the liking cheese reason is not solving anything.

  9. right on yeah it would be cool to see more vegan actors.


    Yeah I know what you mean eating a burger and actually just holding it is not the same. I agree. Just it seems that by playing a character that pertends that he is eating a real burger is sending the message that everyone eats this it is normal it is ok.


    I mean cutting heads off example makes a good point ... which is true just because you play a violent character does not mean your violent in person... but your still showing that violence is cool. See where I am coming from. Specially if your a big name actor and people admire that actor and want to be like that actor. As many people were inspired by spartans in 300 mainly because of their fit look which luckily in that case it was a positive influence. I do see that stallone in Rambo was taking growth hormone to get ripped. Some kids may think growth hormone is the way to being fit.


    Movies influence people that is for sure. So I say shouldn't actors push the vegan message more in their roles ?

  10. Well many cases it won't be a burger, I would have heard order of shrimp or steak.


    My guess is the corporations have the ultimate say. Even if the actor does or does not want to keep their role Vegan. That is just my guess.



    I went shopping for new shoes. I bought Vegan Vans, geoff rowley model. Which he chose a vegan design. Well now they have been released with leather and suede. Some models of his are still Vegan but I came to find out that the Corporate Van owners ignored what is vegan and thought it would be good to add leather to the design. Dumb ignorant fools.


    There is also to much animal abuse in movies just all together. Hollywood loves to throw in their comedies specially some animal getting beat up, run over or thrown around.


    Still I think if a Vegan actor orders ribs in a movie everyone knows they don't mean moc meats. I think it contradicts what they stand for.

  11. I often will see movies where Vegan or Vegetarian actors will say in their movie. "Hey waitress, can I order a burger?"

    Should we just look at it like it is a just a movie? Vegeterian Christian Bale throwing the dogs in the Dark Knight Movie?

    Should actors ask to change the script? Does it counter act with their image as animal activists?

    Or for vegan actors wearing leather in the film?

  12. I don't see how gmo's are good at all. Even if you were to ad vitamine A it would not be a complete nutrient because their are still micronutrients that work together naturally with the particular food. This does not to me solve malnutrition. We should spend that money figuring out how they can be self sustainable so they can feed themselves.


    Anyway in Europe they are suppose to have labels on all GMO foods. I have not seen it first hand but I will check next time I am over there.

  13. Why is our government allowing these foods... besides the obvious

    I've known that it is in our food for a while now just feel like not much has been done to stop it.


    After watching these documentaries




    I got a better picture of what is going on.


    It shed a good point on the future of our food supply.

    What can we do what are you doing to fight it.


    Stop all

    Franken Foods


    write to your government people to show your anger.

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