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  1. its difficult to describe but the pain can destroy my anterior deltoid (near the top), to the point of the bone that sits on top of my shoulder (maybe clavical?)... sometimes if its irritated my right trap seems to spasm and get irritated. i cannot tell if its my posture doing this though. its very hard to describe though! i just noticed this morning while stretching that BOTH my shoulders pop/crack when doing front raises w/o weights.
  2. is this the injury section too? ive been weeping for days now that ive come to terms with my shoulder pain and have halted all future weight liftin'. i couldnt play through the pain, my lifts were getting smaller and smaller... i dont want to live with this for the rest of my shortshort life, and its irritating TOO BOOT so sheesh its been 1 weeks now, am depressed and prolly catabolic. I have reason to believe my injury is of the AC variety. in a few months or so i will see a doctor and chime you in. cross my fingers "please, no surgery". so where does it hurt you?
  3. JANG! is resist and exist still around?! i used to go to crust shows at your old pad. lookin swole bro! haha
  4. 6/25 off 6/26 back attaque. went for strength... my lat pulldowns suck! 6/27 off 6/28 chest. flat bench, db fly, incline db press, incline fly, skullcrushers and pushdowns. 6/29 off... work and bike ride 6/30 back and biceps. deads, lat pulldowns, tbar, low rows 7/01: off. work is killing me. may have lost 4 or 5 pounds in one 10 hour day! 7/02 chest. lots of dumbell presses and cable flys as well as DIPS+SKULLCRUSH+pushdown can give you a crazy pump! weight is now 156 and got my first bf% estimate at 8 or 9%. i thought it was around 14%... been binge eating carbs+fat before bed because of exhaustion. 7/03 shoulders. many sets of shoulder routine. db press behind neck, front raise, rear delt raise, lat raises, standing barbell row and some leg extensions and leg press. 1.5 hours later my mind is blown. 7/04 OFF. work. celebrate your independen ce. ugh
  5. 6/23 chestday bb benchpress: 1x8x175 2x8x165 incline db press: 1x8x130 2x8x120 inc flys w/ db: 3x8x80 cablekickbacks: 3x8x20 each arm pushdowns: 3x10x70 cable skullcrushers 2x10x50 hanging side leg raises 2x25 propped up straight leg raises, 2 sets till failure (12-20?) 6/24 shoulder mornings barbell shoulder press 3x10x75 upright rows 1x8x80, 2x8x70 latraises! side,back and front. 3x8x25, 3x8x20, (front 2x8x35, 2x8x25) leg press 1x8x190, 2x8x265 calf extension 1x12x190, 1x12x265
  6. woah its hot. 6/22: 8 mile bike ride at 9am. work! ! ! taking the day off... which means tomorrow had best be a brutal workout
  7. -just need a little more commitment from myself. this log WILL. 6', 155lbs 6/20/2008 TRABAJO PANADERIA : 4:30am-1pm (this always exhausts me) BACK DAY 2:15 pm ChinUps 4x8 Deads 1x10x185, 3x8x225, 1x5x245 (shoeless) LatPulldowns 2x10x140, 1x12x130, 1x12x120 Bent BB Row 1x8x135 3x10x125 (first time trying) TBAR 3x8x80 CloseRows? (whats that name) 3x10x120 Curls 1x6x35, 2x8x30 (arms are dead) hammers 2x8x30 and one set of preacher curls w/ 75lb bar Crunches 4x25 in machine with some weight out by 3:30 irritating pain where i broke my rib a year ago... been noticing this for 2 months. feels like nothing else, but doesnt HURT, just annoys
  8. yeah cereal is too easy! Id given it up for about 2 months before... 'cept for my huge bowl of S.C.Oats every morning at 4am. maybe OT: any bulkers ever wake up every 2-4 hours at night simply starving? This happens to me almost every night and ill eat something small. im afraid my digestion may never get a rest
  9. last night: one box kashi golean (sucks fer the sugars) half a jar of peanut butter some granola bottle of unsweetened almond milk Holy fuck! !DEATH BY CEREAL! I had been up for 24 hours straight too boot-toob oot
  10. i was wondering if you take any meals before bed that help bump your protein intake. i wake up hungry all the time and eat peanut butter or black beans and rice for midnight snackies, 3am and 6am snackies
  11. yo kids does anyone eat this? where i work i buy in bulk. I LOVE IT. I sprinkle on anything and everything. don't know how vegan it is because when i was a kid my gramma would scoop a spoon of fresh nut. yeast and we'd all watch it jump and fly into the air. "eets alive!" I know its contains a high level of carbs/aminos/protein famous tofu sauce recipe... pour over any veggies/rice/beans/salad/sammich. 1 block tofu braggs amino acids (maybe 1/4 c) nutritional yeast (maybe 1/4c?) garlic pwdr spike w/ no salt 1/2 c to 1 c water 1/4 c olive or safflower oil 1 tbl parsley dry (for garnish dude) puree everything. bring to a boil. simmer for 5 minutes. dont let it get thick, as it cools it gets heavier. oil isn't necessary for those worried, lemon+kombu seaweed+namashoyu helps the taste. ive never used a recipe just added more braggs and yeast until it tasted amazing. mix well and serve at room temp over your bland foods. sprinkle dry basil or parsley to garnish. MMMMM
  12. CantLove

    YO! BRO

    HELLLLLOOOOO The name is joshu (yo shoe) and i live in LOS ANGELES> HOLLYWOOOOD. Been reading this site for awhile and wanted to say HOLA. after an injury AND a new job (that works me like a SLAVE) i started to get really down, lost a good 10-15 pounds muscle mass, started eating poorly so i joined your community. Been vegan 10 years (since 14), quit the life for one year exactly and now i'm back for good! holler, BROseph Just starting to get over an RC injury to my right shoulder and beginning a light wo routine. Figured this place could inspire and push me to keep a super tight food and workout log and hopefully one day quit all my night cheating! well thats it. hello... is there anybody out there?
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