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  1. I play in a 2 piece screamo / hardcore band called Coma Regalia (https://www.facebook.com/comaregalia) and starting next week we head out on a 16 day West Coast tour. I am vegan and the other member is a vegetarian. If you live in one of these cities it would be cool to hangout and meet some fellow board members (and maybe get in a quick lift). Here's a link to our most recent split 7" http://middlemanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/coma-regalia-book-of-caverns-split-7 Tour event page https://www.facebook.com/events/162825553912411/ 11 - Denton, TX 12 - Austin, TX 13 - San Antonio, TX 14 - Albuquerque, NM 15 - Phoenix, AZ 16 - Santa Ana, CA 17 - La Puente, CA 18 - Las Vegas, NV 19 - Fresno, CA 20 - San Luis Obispo, CA 21 - San Francisco, CA 22 - Portland, OR 23 - Seattle, WA 24 - Boise, ID 25 - Denver, CO 26 - Kansas City, MO
  2. Work and life are good. But my training and eating has been terrible. And admittedly it's really bumming me out. I did strong lifts for a few weeks but then fell off. This week I am heading down to Austin and San Antonio for a week and am hoping to get some workouts in while I am down there and then restart my working out and healthy eating. Struggling to find the right motivation lately.
  3. Week 3, Day 1 Squat 5x80 5x80 5x95 5x125 5x125 5x125 5x125 5x125 Bench 5x65 5x65 5x85 5x110 5x110 5x110 5x110 5x110 Barbell Rows 5x45 5x45 5x55 5x80 5x80 5x80 5x80 5x80 Started off right today. Had my morning protein shake with a scoop of pea/rice protein, a tablespoon of wheat grass, a tablespoon of chia seeds, and a 1/2 cups of oats (mixed in water). Downed that and walked to the gym. I usually drive but decided that walking is obviously my better option. It's only a 20-25 minute walk and it's some extra cardio. Pounded out the workout like a champ, drank a ton of water and then walked home. When I get home I promptly made an "apple pie smoothie" with a scoop of protein, a handful and a half of spinach, 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, an apple, a banana, some cinnamon, 4 ounces of water and 4 ounces of almond milk. My wife also had pancakes made but I politely declined and enjoyed my smoothie. Going to make a big batch of quinoa, lentils and broccoli for later today.
  4. No idea why but it seems lately I am just sabotaging myself with the diet. I need to make some serious changes starting tomorrow morning. Hit the gym for the start of week 3 and eating right.
  5. The program suggests you start everything pretty light (45lbs) but I started a little bit heaving Here's my past two weeks of workouts. The first three sets are warm ups and then the next 5 are the regular working sets. Week 1, Day 1 Squat 5x45 5x45 5x65 5x95 5x95 5x95 5x95 5x95 Bench 5x45 5x45 5x65 5x95 5x95 5x95 5x95 5x95 Barbell Rows 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x65 5x65 5x65 5x65 5x65 Week 1, Day 2 Squat 5x55 5x55 5x70 5x100 5x100 5x100 5x100 5x100 Overhead Press 5x30 5x30 5x30 5x65 5x65 5x65 5x65 5x65 Deadlift 5x95 5x95 5x135 Week 1, Day 3 Squat 5x60 5x60 5x75 5x105 5x105 5x105 5x105 5x105 Bench 5x55 5x55 5x75 5x100 5x100 5x100 5x100 5x100 Barbell Rows 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x70 5x70 5x70 5x70 5x70 Week 2, Day 1 Squat 5x65 5x65 5x80 5x110 5x110 5x110 5x110 5x110 Overhead Press 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x70 5x70 5x70 5x70 5x70 Deadlift 5x105 5x105 5x145 Week 2, Day 2 Squat 5x70 5x70 5x55 5x115 5x115 5x115 5x115 5x115 Bench 5x60 5x60 5x80 5x105 5x105 5x105 5x105 5x105 Barbell Rows 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x75 5x75 5x75 5x75 5x75 Week 2, Day 3 Squat 5x80 5x80 5x95 5x120 5x120 5x120 5x120 5x120 Overhead Press 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x75 5x75 5x75 5x75 5x75 Deadlift 5x115 5x115 5x155
  6. Just finished week 2 of the Stronglifts 5x5 program. Still trying to get my diet in check and need to add in some cardio on non lifting days but the program has been going pretty well so far. I did the first 3 weeks at the end of last month / beginning of this month but then I went on tour and had zero chance to lift while out on the road. I am not heading out for awhile so I am busting my but with the lifting.
  7. I have been doing the 70% pea / 30% rice mix for a couple of years now. To the point where I order 16 pounds to get the extra 5% off. Vega is awesome and I love it but TP is just so much cheaper.
  8. Pretty sure this dude is not vegan or even vegetarian anymore. On his facebook he posts pictures of his meals with eggs and meat from Chipotle.
  9. Well I might have to work on the day of the sprint tri so I said screw it and am now training for an Olympic distance. http://leonstriathlon.com/
  10. Friday (bike) - 45 minute spin. 13 miles. Saturday (today) - Off day
  11. Alright... I am starting a new log here. This week I started my 12 week Sprint Triathlon training program. I have to adjust the schedule in the book because the only days I have access to a pool are Monday and Wednesday nights. But this is what my week looked like so far. Sunday (run) - 25 minute run. Moderate pace. Did 2.1 miles. Weather was decent so I was able to get outside. Monday (swim) - After a couple of laps I realized that swimming is for sure my weakest of the 3. So instead of following the routine for the day I would do 2-4 laps, take a break, and then repeat. I really really need to work on this. Tuesday (bike) - 45 minutes on the trainer at a moderate pace. I usually go balls out for an hour but I am trying to do things right and follow the plan. So instead I did an easy ride. 13 miles in 45 minutes with an average speed of 17.3. Wednesday (swim) - Showed up to find out that the local open swim had been cancelled. To say I was bummed would be an understatement. Thursday (today) (run) - Same workout as Sunday. I really don't like running on a treadmill but today was just to goddamn cold to run outside (even with my cold gear). Put in another 25 minutes with a distance of 2.1 miles. Not breaking any speed records but just trying to follow the plan.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on that. I am going to hold off on that one for now and order the one your suggested. Thanks again!
  13. I think I might order this one also... http://www.amazon.com/The-Triathletes-Training-Bible-Friel/dp/1934030198/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360452673&sr=8-1&keywords=triathlon
  14. Thanks dude! I am going to order this tonight.
  15. I am not doing a Sprint Tri (actually a dualthon) until May. My fitness right now is slacking due to laziness at the moment. I have only be doing some weight training and occasional ride on the trainer during the week. Cycling is my strong sport. I signed up for a sprint tri last year with only 2 weeks to figure out how to run properly. I did better than expected. I am hoping to do more Tri's this year and make it my main focus fitness wise. And rambling... done.
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