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  1. Thanks for the help, I will go shopping for extra veggies and fruits tomorrow.
  2. maybe a vegeterian could be behind it!? jk
  3. I'm 19, it started when I was still in high school, Junior year I think. It was kinna weird because I've seen most people get it during their middle school years or Freshman year. I remember it started on Valentines Day when I ate a little tiny piece of chocolate. I'll eat more veggies and fruits. I drink a lot of water or used to, I may drink little bit a soda probably not even a cup but I'll replace it with water. Are there any vegan lotions or soaps that can heal damaged skin and maybe prevent future breakouts?
  4. I thought it was only about greasy food. I'd say I eat a lot of soy, soymilk in the morning and at night then some soymeat, rice and beans umm oatmeal. I'm not sure if I'm allergic to anything. I'm not sure if it has to do with the food though, since I started getting acne before I went vegan, about two years ago.
  5. I don't eat cheese, or greasy food at all. So it probably has to do with hormones?
  6. I don't know if this is the best place to post this, but I had a question regarding acne. Anyone knows a good and effective vegan alternative to control pimples. Maybe something that I can eat, drink, take etc to control inside to prevent acne. And maybe some lotions or natural stuff. Hope someone can help.
  7. Straightedge people stop smoking and drinking for the health benefits, but most of the still eat meat!? How does that work? Meat is completely unhealthy! Also for vegans, should we be sxe? Cigarettes contain animal products, I heard liquor (not sure what kind) contained blood and even worms. Many of this products are still being tested on animals. Please let me know what you think.
  8. Hitler, Charles Manson were vegeterians!?
  9. I agree with both of you, I know it sends a message but many fast-food places don't even let people know that they provide vegan burgers. Before I went vegan, I never knew BK provided vegan burgers and McDonald's doesn't even have it listed on its menu. I've never seen BK announcing vegan burgers, like they do with the whopper. Maybe you're right we just need to consume more and let them know about our demanding veganism, but then again you're helping them provide cruelty to animals with your own money.
  10. Yeah I agree with you, but most of this companies aren't doing it for the vegan life style, or to help animals. THey're just doing it for the money benefit.
  11. I'm sure many of you know about fast-food restaurants now offering vegan food, but is it vegan? The food, who knows if its really vegan, but I mean is the action right? Isn't eating a vegan burger at BK or McDonalds just like eating a meat burger? I'm saying this because you're still supporting their cruelty to animals by consuming their products. Let me know what everyone thinks about this.
  12. maybe not anarchic system, I don't know if there's really a reason to be trading. Oil has been one of the reasons people have been dying for.
  13. I never had anything against capitalism. I thought it was fair to deserve what man had worked for. Now looking back, I think capitalism is one of the main reasons why animals have been dying. Money changes people, and people don't care where it comes from as longest they get their profits. McDonalds could be an example, or people selling animals to labs. I think listening to crust and anarcho punk for the last 4 years really made me think about capitalism.
  14. Yeah that sounds really nice, I'm gonna buy soy salami and make soy sandwhiches!
  15. I've been gone for awhile. Ever since I started school, bodybuilding has been sorta of difficult for me to keep up. Now since I quitted my job to focus more at school; I thought it'd be a good idea to keep up with bodybuilding again. I was wondering what should I eat in the morning before leaving to school. I usually can't eat a lot, or I'll end up throwing up. I don't know if that's because of me eating too fast(sometimes running out of time) or my body is just starting up (sometimes I compare it to a computer, when you first boot up your computer it's slow and takes forever to open up programs until you wait for it to be on completely) I don't know if I'm really making a point here lol. Usually what I eat is a bowl of granola or oatmeal with soymilk. When I'm at school I usually eat one to two fruits and one granola bar, til I get home at 5:30. I was wondering if there are any other meals I can have instead of just a bowl of granola and soymilk that can help me stay awake and give me more energy until 5:30?
  16. Can anyone give me some facts on why is milk so bad? I remember reading an article on milk but I can't find it.
  17. Thanks for the replies all those jobs sound really nice. I'm gonna check them out thanks!
  18. HAHA sounds nice, I should try that. Kinna like Aqua Team except the guy got implant balloons into his chin.
  19. I haven't really heard of any bands touring.. my friend said God Stomper played last week.. man i missed it. Gwar and Municipal Waste played last week too. I don't really like Gwar music, but I think it's really cool to check them out live.
  20. I had my legs shake before like Elvis, but that was when I was shy or nervious lol. I'd be afraid of rock climing. The best way to end it is just to work out more?
  21. I think some zoos are bad too. Some of them are just for money. I don't think is wrong to charge small amounts since they need to pay for rent, food etc. but to charge big amounts then it's just big business. I had nothing against capitalism, but after watching A Burning Rage really made me think how evil is capitalism. Just like some of you said that some zoos sell their animals, then that's really bad because they're not doing it to for the care,but for the money. I think there are other zoos that really care about animals, and it's a good thing that these zoos are really doing it, since they're protecting orphans, or other animals from hunters.
  22. by the way I mean free as in running, I didn't mean anything as for money.
  23. sleep! Other than that I like getting in a nice and warm jacuzzi, listening to music, playing video games sometimes and surfing the web for nice and insteresting articles oh and a walk to the park with my dog, when noones around of course.
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