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  1. Hey Pazios02, Yeah, Franklin is from Ohio, but he trains with the Miletich team. Can you send me the link to the fight?! That would be cool to see! What made me dislike Team Miletich was the tendency of non-Miletich fighters come in and 'stand up' with a Miletich opponent when their forte was BJJ or ground fighting. The Arlovski / Sylvia fight was a prime example. Here is Arlovski, an amazing BJJ fighter who could have broken Sylvia's foot off of his leg. Instead, he opted to stand up with Sylvia, who cannot ground fight if his life depended on it. Vegan Power Steve
  2. Hey Darth; long time no talk! I did not see UFC 63, but I read the written account of the fight. I am bummed that BJ lost. Hughes' corner prob. told him to just 'hang' with BJ for the first two rounds, then go in for the kill on the 3rd. It's that strategy which helped Hughes win. Igor, did you watch the pre-fight on Spike? BJ was saying that cardio was 'boring' to him. So I can only imagine that he was not doing much of it during fight prep. Personally, I do not like the Miletich camp at all; with the exception of Franklin. I am beginning to think that the UFC should be renamed the Miletich Fighting Championships. Did BJ really get hurt that bad during the 3rd round? Like I said, I did not see it on PPV. Steve Vegan Power
  3. Great! I hope you like it. Steve 'Vegan Power'
  4. Sounds like you are on the right track, my friend. Try Hummus, Pinto or Black beans, Peanut / Almond butter, Lentils, Rye bread (high in Lysine), Hemp Bread, Soy Milk, etc. Buckwheat, Spelt, Amaranth, and Quinoa are high in protein, too. These are pretty much my staples and I am an easy gainer. I can overeat and not be too worried about it; unlike when I used to eat meat and my entire system would come to a screeching halt. Overeating is never a good idea, but these proteins have superb digestability. Welcome to the forum! Steve 'Vegan Power'
  5. Hey everybody, I tried this one yesterday. It turned out to be pretty tasty! (and minus the pig gelatin!) 1 Cup of Chocolate Soymilk (Ricemilk) 1/4 Banana 2 Tbsp. Ground Flaxseed (must be ground to achieve consistency) Mash the banana in a bowl and combine soymilk and ground flaxseed together until you get the pudding texture. For smoother effect, combine the contents in a blender and voila, you are ready to go to town! Enjoy! Steve 'Vegan Power'
  6. Odidnetne, I can relate to that! I did legs last night and all they played was Top 40 music. Blah! Pantera's A New Level would have been refreshing to do legs to. Montana, I was a pro drummer for many years and I am very familiar with Portnoy. He is amazing. Pat Metheny is a Jazz guitar player and obviously not heavy for lifting. But, as far as artistry, Metheny is simply incredible. His recordings goes way back, all the way to 1975. He played with Jaco, if you know who he is. Is that an older DVD of E. Johnson? Get the album by Metheny called 'Speaking of Now'. You could prob. train to the first couple of tracks. It is intense jazz / fusion. Steve 'Vegan Power'
  7. Yes Montana, I have heard of John Petrucci. He used to play for Dream Theatre, but I have never heard his stuff with G3. My 2 personal favorites are Pat Metheny and Eric Johnson. They are both simply incredible in my opinion. In fact, you will find it interesting that Eric Johnson lives in Austin Texas and is a Vegan himself! Steve Vegan Power
  8. I don't like Danger Zone, but that song that sounds like a rock guitar anthem. I think that was Joe Satriani that played that. A red blooded American male cannot hear that song and not imagine himself strapping into the bench press or an F14 Tomcat. Steve 'Vegan Power'
  9. For me it's the Top Gun theme... Hey, what can I say... I'm a pilot!! Steve 'Vegan Power' Robert, I thought you liked George Strait for lifting.
  10. You were performing isometrics, my friend. Isometrics is just one of those 'Weider principles' that happens to be performed when posing on stage! (I only wish I had a physique worth posing.) Steve 'Vegan Power'
  11. Hey Kathryn, thanks for the link for Mike Mahler. The guy has some really good stuff on his site. One site that I like is www.t-nation.com It is not Vegan, but the training articles are prob. the best out there. Steve 'Vegan Power'
  12. I do not think that a superset is something that we should do every day. They take alot of energy to perform. Hey SeaSiren, they get my heart rate pretty high as well. I prefer a higher heart rate because one of my goals is to reach a lower body fat percentage. This way I can keep it up there and not compromise muscle growth. I have seen some positive results. Steve 'Vegan Power'
  13. Welcome aboard, laddie! Steve 'Vegan Power'
  14. Well, the reason your legs were killing you was because of the 12 plates you pressed! I am amazed at your strength! Likewise, you jump started me too, man. Only prob. is that I do not always have access to complete weight training facilities. BUT, today I added some 30 lb. Hex dumbells to my arsenal. I will indeed hit up some back tonight! Keep in touch and thanks for your motivation. Steve 'Vegan Power' P.S. I will let you know as soon as I finish my article.
  15. I have to say that I have not been sore from a lift for a while. Are you hitting it up this week, Robert? Man, get on down to Arlington for Vegan chicken and potatoes and some training! God bless you my friend, 'Get busy with it, Yates' Steve 'Vegan Power' P.S. Hey darth, did you hear that Chuck Liddel is fighting Wanderlei Silva in September?
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