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  1. I'm giving it a shot now. I'm with my family during the summer, and we eat out a lot, so I forgo raw foods for those occasions, but I'll just use this as an easy intro period, I think. I'm probably over 70% raw now and once I'm back at school, I'll try upping it to 90%-100%. Detox/transitioning is interesting but not too bad. Symptoms so far seem to be canker sores, kind of tender gums, increased HPPD (hallucinogen persisting perception disorder) symptoms, and weight loss. The last two are welcome, provided they don't get out of hand, though. I feel a lot clearer (mentally), healthier, and energized after only a couple weeks of this partial raw conversion. All told, I'm pretty optimistic. My thanks goes out to everyone on this forum section who piqued my interest in this diet.
  2. Just don't worry about it. Most girls I've talked to don't really care about size. In fact, I've had several tell me that those Peter North horse dicks look (are) downright painful, so I wouldn't worry if I were you. Also, don't be so hung up on sex and never having been kissed. I'm a virgin too, and only kissed someone once. There've been plenty of chances, but no one that I really felt right with. Don't throw yourself at whoever comes first just to do it, but also, don't feel ashamed or anything. It's all natural. Don't be ashamed to masturbate. When you feel bad about enjoying yourself in any way that doesn't hurt others, society beat you. Just, absolutely pwn3d. Vegansky, well, you've piqued all our curiosities now, do tell.
  3. I don't think that's entirely true about the body using fat before muscle for fuel. It certainly will start with fat, but it's not like it'll avoid breaking down muscle until your fat stores are exhausted. If you workout for too long in any one sitting and don't give the body anything to recover on quickly enough it'll turn to muscle breakdown for energy as well as fat. As a general rule though, you can't really gain much muscle, if any, while cutting, especially if you're cutting down a lot and working hard on those last bits of gut. If you're getting really ripped, you will lose muscle; it's really a matter of damage control as far as maintaining muscle mass goes.
  4. I do a two day split with a day of rest between each workout and maybe two occasionally if I feel like it; a bit of extra recovery never hurt anyone. That means I get through each body part about 1.5 times a week, and I'd say from previous experience that doing any more than that is flirting with overtraining, which is the lamest thing that ever was. I used to do a 4 day split working everyday for 3 weeks and then one week of solid rest. It worked really well for about a month, and then I peaked and stopped gaining at all. Try to avoid overtraining, no matter what else you do. Less gain for more work is not the way to go.
  5. A good forearm exercise is to be in that sitting position with your forearms on your legs and your hands hanging off your knees. Have your hands facing away from you, holding a barbell and essentially you take the lowest position of finger curls, with your fingers only gripping the bar and hold it there as long as possible. It really burns up your forearms after maybe 60 seconds. I do these after three sets of finger curls, and I've seen good progress so far.
  6. That song's The Sickness by Disturbed. I personaly really don't like them. Saw them by chance at Ozzfest, and they're about the most boring band I've ever seen.
  7. I've got a sing I wrote for a high school project, and one I did for college applications. I'm not great with only 3 years, but not bad either.
  8. Noam Chomsky is among the most ultimatest men on earth. I have a fancy that I'd like to become president and divide the cabinet into two user-friendly groups. As Secretary of Everything I'd appoint Chomsky. The other title would be an honorary role for Ann Coulter, acting as my Secretary of Nothing. Listen to some early Anthrax, Richard. Listen to Among The Living, their third album. Magic. Will, what style do you play? I've been perfecting the shred for maybe 3.25 years now. I got an '84 NJ Warlock last year, and it's a dream.
  9. Actually, yeah Richard, it's stationary biking that I've been doing of late, but now even that's provoking some lung trouble. I had a hard cardio session today a couple hours ago, and even now my lungs feel kind of raw, like you get from breathing deeply on a cold day, and I have some trouble inhaling. I might try running soon.
  10. Don't get monohydrate. It gives bloating and is much less efficient, by all accounts. I've been satisfied with ethyl ester. It tastes like 52 varieties of ass, but it does the job. I take it (and really all awful tasting things) in shots. Don't mix it with water. Just dump the teaspoon in your mouth and wash it down immediately with some juice. Cranberry works best, I find. Apple too. It'll actually blow your mind, it's so bad.
  11. Pullups are really good, I'm just bad at them. I can get 9 on a good day. A very good day.
  12. Yeah, I was guilty of that until recently. Then my knee healed and I'm showing up the posers now with my mighty 95 lb squat. Lots of people do this cause they have no sense of symmetry or don't care about being strong. It is weak. If it interferes with sports, though, that's an entirely different matter. It should also be noted that doing big compund leg exercises (squats, SLDLs, and to an extent, deadlift, which is really a back exercise) stimulate greater HGH output and result in greater gains on all body parts.
  13. Yeah, Rob's pretty fingers. You need to stop living in England dude. We sound like soulmates.
  14. People ride my ass for this, but I really don't like Pantera. They sound like a really heavy rock band to me. Not metal. It's like Metallica's later stuff but more southern.
  15. Makes sense with the form point. I would imagne that the ability to do more weight comes from being able to manipulate that side of the body more easily and twist and turn and whatnot, which in other words means poor form. But that's just me. If I do one armed curls, you have to employ some extra stabilizing muscles and I might do a little "extra stabilizing".
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