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  1. Yoga in the squat rack....that there is a new one.
  2. I use Nature's Plus Cal-Mag. They work just fine and are easy to take caplets.
  3. I find the KSO's fit better without the Injiji Socks. My big toe gets cramped when i wear the socks with them. However they are finally breaking in to were I don't even notice that I am wearing them. Great shoes would recommend them to all.
  4. Hahaha. Great song definitely wrong setting. At least on the playlist at my gym they had Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye" slightly more upbeat.
  5. Nope I don't wear it anymore. Thankfully. I would say stay with static. I never went up in weight I just omitted the two exercises that caused me great pain. I also pinpointed the cause was do to not keeping my wrist in its proper position during the exercise. Something I didn't even know I was doing until it started to hurt.
  6. I experienced a wrist injury a few months ago from doing Incline DB Curls. It took me about 6 weeks to recover from it. I found that working with DB during that period was harder for me since it put more of a strain on the individual wrist that was in pain. I also purchased one of the wrist supports the kind that wraps around the thumb and goes down just past the wrist and is adjustable. Keeping that tight during my workouts helped alot to keep my wrist from moving out of place. Now my wrist is fine however I still stay away from Incline DB Curls and I only do pushup on my knuckles in fear of injuring the wrist again.
  7. I am really getting sick of seeing all these people with cell phones in the gym. Every time I am at the gym there is at least 2 women on the Stair climber talking on their phones, 1 guy texting in between sets and one younger girl chatting it up during her stretching routine. Why bother. If you come to the gym come to workout not to chat or text. Hell you can do that anywhere else on this earth.
  8. Lifting Belts. There is this guy who has recently started lifting at my gym. He walks in straps his belt on pulls his gloves on and proceeds to wear them for ever single exercise he does. Biceps curls, leg press (not squats), sit ups, machine pull downs, machine rows and my personal favorite was his need for the belt and gloves during his stability ball workout. I mean really they guy needs to get a clue.
  9. Yeah from a dead start is much better. I found that I get a much better lift if I do that. I just through an initial 45lb on each size first then load up the rest of the weight.
  10. Yeah...after 2 days now they are becoming easier to slip on. The big toe does not feel as cramped but I figure if I go to the next size up my other toes are gonna be too loose so I am sticking with them. So far I like them alot they are extremely comfortable to walk in. And I am a huge fan of clerical errors and Vibram sent me an extra pair at no additional charge...so Woohoo!!
  11. I would try to lower the amount of protein shakes your taking in. Try increasing the amount of whole foods. When I first started bulking I was doing close to the same amount of shakes I got results but not good ones. I moved to a more whole food diet only have max 2 shakes a day and I have been gaining steadily and feeling overall much better with energy. And please like johan said eat more veggies and through is some fruits.
  12. Addai - quick question Just got em today. Tried them on. They feel snug on the big toe but the other toes feel fine. Is that normal and they were kinda hard to slip on for the first time.
  13. Thanks for the great info. I am going to give a full 5 x 5 program a shot over the next 8 weeks or so and see where that takes me. Hopefully I can get up and over the 200 mark which is where i would really like to be. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks for the input. Out of curiosity is there a reason why the isolation is detrimental? I do feel that lately I have been over working slightly was on 6 days a week dropped down to 5 and now to 4. 2 days I only do 5 x 5 on squat, bench, overhead and deadlift. The other 2 days were for direct back/shoulder/chest and biceps/triceps. I am thinking of moving to a 3 day a week workout all 5 x 5 and see where that gets me. However for some reason I just feel that I will be neglecting my arms which I do enjoy working out.
  15. I tried doing it only once a week in the past. Never made any real progression. Then I started up on a modified 5 x 5 and made the progression i am up to now. But I just can't seem to break it. I've been lifting 165 now for over 3 weeks. I mean I can put up more than that but I can't finish out a 5 x 5.
  16. I do Squats and Deadlifts on the same day. I do squats first though.
  17. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but this is my dilemma. For some reason I cannot seem to get my bench up to a number I feel is adequate. I'm 165 lbs. And my 5RM is only my 165 lbs. I have made some improvements over the past couple of months but nothing to write home about. I think I've gone from 135 to 165 in the past 8 weeks. However during that time nearly every other exercise I have done has shown great improvements. My Deads have gone up over 120 lbs. My squats nearly the same. Hell even my isolation's on my triceps, biceps and shoulders have shown great improvements. But the flat bench is killing me. I do flat bench twice per week 5 sets x 5 reps. Then one day a week I do Incline DB Presses 4 sets x 6 reps with Cable curls 4 x 6. Occasionally I throw in some push ups but I hurt my wrist so the only way I can do them is on my knuckles and that just for some reasons wears me out too fast so I limit them until my wrist heals fully. This is the one exercise that for some reason has me aggravated. I feel I should be up higher closer to 200lbs but I don't see that happening anywhere in the remote future. I try to add 5 - 10 lbs each time i do the bench and I can never break past that 165 and complete the 5 x 5. I'm not about to half ass it either and not go down all the way just to make myself look better. I want to fully complete it with proper form. Am I being to hard on myself and is this just one of those exercises that take alot of time to build up? Should I be doing more chest exercises than the 3 I'm doing now? Thanks
  18. Just curious I've never cut before. I've just gone through somewhat of a bulk cycle. I'm looking to cut off excessive fat in areas mostly the stomach. How should my calorie intake change. I have been around 4000 a day now. I'm 165 lbs now. Should I just keep the calorie intake somewhat the same and increase my cardio which over the past 12 weeks has been non existent. I am not really looking to lose weight but to just trim up to get those abs showing.
  19. Does it happen on every ascent or just toward the end of your rep/set?
  20. I would say I disagree with you on shrugs being a waste of time. I don't feel that you should only be doing shrugs but if you combine them into a routine they definitely have their place. I do deads and power cleans twice a week, shrugs for me on done once a week on a day where i do more isolation exercises.
  21. Just ordered the KOS. Really looking forward to trying them out next week.
  22. Just wondering what the your preferred method for doing shrugs is, whether its with Dumbells, Smith or Barbell? Lately I have been using the barbell and I feel its given me a much better exercise over the Dumbells not sure why.
  23. This was delicious. I made it last night with some mashed potatoes on the side. Only thing I added was some brown gravy. Heck it was even better cold today as a sandwich.
  24. Do you wear socks with them? If so does get annoying to have the socks all cramped up on your toes. As far as arch support how does it feel?
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