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  1. I'm sorry I'm kind of a freak when it comes down to processed foods (so long as I'm not the one who processed them from fresh ingredients)...
  2. What about all the other crap that they put in ketchup?
  3. Yesterday's workout: 30 minutes treadmill oscillating between 3 and 6 METs, 2 minutes @ 3, 6 @6... 2 x 10 leg raises holding for 5 secs 20 minutes kickboxing on the heavy bag 45 minutes yoga Today's workout: weight this morning: 128.4 lbs Only had time to do isometric contractions before going to work.
  4. Didn't weight myself today. Dragged myself to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, oscillating between 6 and 10 METs. 2 series of 10 x leg raises holding each for 5 seconds 10 x chest press at 100 lbs 10 x pull down at 80 lbs 40 crunches on a 45 degree inclined bench
  5. Xar


    It's a katana, a Japanese sword.
  6. That's what politicians are for.
  7. The "recommended" cardio for most people is 30 minutes of daily exercise between 3 and 6 METs (a MET is the amount of energy you expand doing nothing). For weight loss, 60 minutes are recommended daily. If you run on a treadmill, 3 METs is around 3 mph, whereas 6 METs is around 4.5 mph Also, you gain more if you do something like: 1 minute at 3 METs, 2 minutes at 6 METS for 30 minutes rather than stay at the same pace for the whole time. As far as strength training goes, there are better people than me to talk about it.
  8. Weight this morning (after breakfast): 130.2 lbs Did some ball exercises, and the usual morning isometric exercises. Mid-day update: got out of my cubicle, walked about 1 mile in 15 minutes, going around the duck pond and back to my cube. Evening update: jogged 2 miles in about 30 minutes, did 2 sets of 10 leg lifts, each one held during 5 seconds.
  9. My brother in law had his facial hair removed that way. If done correctly, it will span over several months (like 6 total), and there will still be hair just very thin and light one (easy to wax). I was thinking about it for facial hair too, but somehow the idea of getting my derm overheated and burnt by a laser doesn't appeal to me...
  10. Thanks for your encouragements Phoenix... So, evening workout: I couldn't weight myself tonight (baby sleeping and all), did some yoga and pilates, no cardio workout today as I had a business lunch and no time to do it tonight.
  11. I train in the morning before eating. If I do it after, I feel nauseous... I don't know why, but I've always felt like I can do more on an empty stomach (not eaten for the last 3 hours).
  12. Ok, what do I mean by sustainable? Being able to work out everyday A routine that helps me improve in all components of physical fitness (aerobic, muscular, flexibility and balance) Why is it pathetic? Well, I've never been physically fit... Even though I have improved lately. Day 1 Weight: 127.4 lbs Did some isometric exercises this morning, not enough time to do anything else before going to work...
  13. A few tips for writing a constitution: Put the right to vote in there and make it so that nobody can deny that right If you choose to go for an electoral college kind of vote, make it so that members of the college HAVE TO vote according to what the people voted It's true you can't get a constitution right on the first try, but nobody is keeping Americans from doing it again...
  14. French rap all the way... The lyrics leave no doubt that they're about making great criminals... For those of you who liked the video, here is a BBC clip that was done a little while ago (no special effects), and an excerpt from the movie Banlieue 13 (with David Belle, one of the founders of Parkour - no special effects either). And of course, the le parkour gone wrong video.
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