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  1. Wednesday 12/27 Side Bends 2x15x55lbs each side Decline Sit-ups 1x40x50lbs 5x400 meter wind sprints
  2. Male. momma is a nickname that a woman on http://www.veganfitness.net/ gave me and it kinda stuck with me.
  3. That Pantera song playing on the youtube clip of Bolton v. Magnusson. What is the name of this song and who is the band playing it? This song ROCKS! Strength Feat Compilation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS0GGC_LD2U&eurl
  4. I lost 45lbs of bodyfat in 8 months. My arse go to skinny, but Deep Squats and DL took care of that.
  5. I haven't read every post on this thread but I thought most women hated being "hit on" at the gym. I work out at home so it is not an issue. If I did workout at the gym I wouldn't flirt with anybody because I know it is annoying to many women to be "hit on" everywhere they go.
  6. No. I wish I was in "kickass" shape like Ross. His website and routines are awesome.
  7. My name is veganmomma. I Powerlift and Olympiclift to developing strength for martial arts. I am not currently training in MA because of time, I am a student, money, the only school that taught Krav Maga in Philadelphia moved to a new location, and I will not sign a contract without an exit clause. My fitness goals are to develope explosive strength for striking power. Eventually I would like to develope a strength routine for stand-up grappling to compliment striking. My weak point is upperbody strength. My strong point is lowerbody strength. My favorite exercises are Deep Squat, Deadlift, DB Power Clean, DB Power Snatch, DB Push Jerk or Press and Side bends. Nice to meet you all.
  8. Monday 12/25 Side Bends 2x15x55lbs each side Decline Sit-ups 1x30x50lbs Russian Twist/Slant Board 15 rotationsx50lbs Shadowboxing 3x3 minute rounds (punches, elbow strikes) 2x1 minute rounds punch-out drills (straight punches) 1x1 minute round elbow strike-out drills Tuesday 12/26 DL 1x15x210lbs Deep Squat Death Set 1x20x176lbs DB Power Clean 3x5x70lbs DB Push Jerk 3x5x55lbs DB Power Snatch 3x5x55lbs
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