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  1. I'm all for "science is the proof I need." Saying that, most of these herbs(that I know of) have been proven efficient antibiotics, antiviral, antifungals. Especially the oregano, that stuff is serious. I made up a batch of infused oregano oil for that very effect, plus it has been shown to minimize, prevent and halt tumors in rats. Which was the main interest, for me rats. I would get the actual oil of oregano, but it is actually too intense for the rats to handle, so I stuck with infusing. I'll book mark her site, thanks! Apparently I have very sensitive lymph glands, even tom's maine will cause them to swell. Then I have to stop using any deodorant for awhile, then start the cycle again. Just a matter of time before that crap gives me cancer
  2. Nah. Society and culture is trying it's hardest to make us feel ashamed and apologetic for being different. Many times it works, there are many apologetic vegans out there. "I'm vegan. Um, I'm sorry. If that makes you uncomfortable that is. I'll be quiet". Or you see them rushing to the aid of a carnist who was determined to confront a vegan and now they backed themselves into a corner, making themselves look foolish. The fact is, even if you feel embarrassed for them and let them have an "out", they are looking to dump responsibility off of themselves. So long as they won't take responsibility they will continue to do what society will let them. If someone ever tried to confrentate me on veganism they only make that mistake once. People that know me avoid that discussion at all costs. No mercy.
  3. Whoops, you've got my attention. Do you have sources to these studies? I study rodents and am writing a book on updated care for rats, which I'm assuming they tested on. Infact, whenever y'all come across a study that shows something beneficial or harmful to t rats (or rodents) send it to me plz! And to get this straight, IF is basically eating between a set of hours and then fasting? Is there a specific time of day or something?
  4. So, I just started exercising again after two years, and now that I am getting serious I could use some help. My goal is to lose about 27 pounds, become leaner and build muscle tone/become stronger. The special areas that need attention are of course, the ever flabby stomach although EVERYTHING needs work! Before hitting the gym, while waiting to get a membership, I have been doing cardio. I know I am already getting stronger, I can easily walk to the gym and back, 3 miles each. I could have ran a good part of it, but by the time I realized that, my feet were already hurting because I need to invest in some real shoes. Should I focus one one area over the other or just do over all work outs? For now I have been doing upper body, then lower body, then rest for two days (as long as my muscles are still sore). I have been eating a lot of high protein stuff, but that's because those are the foods I naturally gravitate towards. Does it matter what type of fruit I eat? I love bananas, but because I like them so much, I kind of think that they aren't the best fruit to eat, am I just crazy? And strawberries are so expensive, and pineapples a pain to prepare, mangoes are a mess...I know, I am a fruit fuss! Anyone else having trouble with this six meals a day thing? By the time I figure out and make something it's time to eat again! I need simple stuff or I will drive myself crazy! I guess my biggest problem is that I find it very hard to organize
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    Whelp, I am a "long time" vegan, about 4 years (hey, that's a perspectively long time for me ), and I've been a vegetarian since I was 13, soo 8 years, plus 4, 12 years with no meat. Read the Skinny Bitch book, lost 60 pounds. Found all the vegan junk food and stopped exercising and gained 17 pounds. Which totally sucks, all the "new" clothes that I bought now are tight on me because of the weight gain. Not to mention I feel like a fat slob, and I am seriously weak. So now I am getting serious about fitness and incorporating body building as my sport. No one thinks I can do it, I only mentioned it one time on facebook, but everyone will soon see my amazing future gains. I also think that if people are serious about the animal rights movement they must invest in their own bodies. It's no time to be weak, in body or mind. The person you're going to have to rely on the most is you.
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