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  1. Casserole sounds good! As for Omegas, I haven't really thought about it lately. My VegaOne supplements have quite a bit and I eat a lot of walnuts and seeds like flax. What's your thoughts for that?
  2. I've been focusing on my Krav training lately for a level test in June. I can't wait to do some cross-training!
  3. Thanks man! I agree...I love my food and enjoy eating healthy. I think that's the big difference...most people see a "diet" as them giving up stuff they love to eat and suffering. You'll never stick to anything like that. Friends see how I eat and are like, "man, that really sucks!". But I'm not complaining at all and when I throw down for 2 hours of sparring they usually rethink how I eat. I've been training now for 11 months with Krav and started doing bodyweight exercises (found on YouTube, Frank Medrano, etc.) about the time I started eating completely GF/V...which was about 5-ish months ago. Hundreds of punches and push-ups daily has been great for my shoulder strength.
  4. C.O.- Thanks man, eating right and training hard has been great for my health and happiness! Over the years I've done elimination diets on all major allergens and different food groups. I've evaluated different proteins as well as EFA's and even how different Omega balances can affect my health. For me personally, eating gluten causes digestive issues. It also promoted inflammation in my body (monitored by joint pain and facial swelling, which is very slight). My goal was faster recovery after training session and inflammation is a huge part of that. I also believed that inflammation was at least partly responsible for my long-term migraines...which was true to an extent. I know several people who have tried eliminating gluten from their diets and have noticed an improvement in overall health and just feeling more energetic. When they go back to gluten, and they always do, they get sick for a while and usually regret going back. My good friend and his wife have gone gluten free and have never looked back. They have both been feeling much better with their long-term issues (not sure what they are, but I think they were mostly digestive related). Every now and then I will accidentally ingest something I am allergic to and have a reaction, so I know those allergies still exist and just avoid those items as much as possible. -Mugen
  5. Thanks for the encouragement guys! veganMT - I use oils here and there...extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and hemp oils at the moment. I may explore this more as I'm getting a little more creative with my cooking! I eat 2 breakfasts everyday. I have the test to get into Level 3 Krav Maga in about a month. It's a 6-hour test and is pretty brutal... Needless to say, my diet and training are ramping up considerably for that! I'm at about 4,000 calories a day to maintain my weight. C.O. - I'm still looking for an older photo...when I moved/divorced I kinda deleted most of my old pics! I think I know where to get one...will post soon.
  6. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this! I've switched from weights to mostly body-weight training for strength. So it's all compound movements for the most part. Keep up the good work bro!
  7. Thanks Maverick! Well, my diet and exercise logs are kept on iPhone apps. But I can give you a summary sample (basically what it is). I try to stay consistent with the diet, but there are always little tweaks to try. My workout routines are consistent for a month or two, then I will switch it up. Current workouts are: Monday- Advanced level Yoga class 60 min., followed by a high-intensity ABS class for 30 min. Tuesday- 2 hours of Krav Maga training Wednesday- 1 hour of Krav training and/or body weight strength training Thursday- 2 hours of Krav Maga training Friday- 1 hour of sparring Saturday- Usually hiking or skiing! If not...I'll do 1-2 hours of Krav Maga training or body weight strength training. Sunday- REST I'm about to shift focus to Krav more for the next month or so. My usual diet is around 3500-4000 calories, here is a sample: Breakfast #1- Fruit smoothie with Vega One powder, bowl of buckwheat and hemp cereal with coconut milk Breakfast #2- Large bowl of oatmeal and a large bowl of mixed fruit Lunch- Usually a very large salad, Vega Sport chocolate protein bar Afternoon snack- Seed snack bar or nuts, couple servings of fruit and possibly a Vega Sport protein shake with water Post-Training- Vega Sport Recovery drink mix and/or Protein shake with water (depends on training type and intensity) Dinner- Usually veggie based like a veggie lentil soup, some seed crackers and grilled asparagus...or something like that. Before bed- Usually something sweet here like a Vega Sport protein bar or a baked good from our local GF Vg bakery (yum!). Could be a protein smoothie or shake depending on training and intensity. On days I don't train, I scale back my calories a bit to aid digestion. Also trying to reduce the amount of "product" I consume by finding simpler alternatives. Like I said, I'm always changing things up a bit to examine the results. But never too much too fast...my body doesn't react well to drastic changes. I would appreciate any thoughts!! -Mugen
  8. Hello, I am currently at month 4 of my vegan diet and at month 9 of my training program. Gluten-free Vegan Diet. My weight has increased from 140 to 145. I'm hoping to get into the 150's by summer. Krav Maga, Yoga and body-weight calisthenics are my tools for training. I'll post a new pic every few months! I need to find an older one with my shirt off as well... Thanks, Mugen Month 4.
  9. I have no idea what that material is...but I use Hayabusa gear for all my fight training. Great product! I'd give them a call and ask...assuming this question is still relevant? I just looked at the date
  10. Lol, that MH's thread was great! Thanks for the laugh man. Most people just aren't that bright... I don't bother defending or explaining my diet to anyone anymore. I just say, "for me personally, this lifestyle has me training harder and feeling better". Welcome man!
  11. Hello! Thanks everyone for the great site/forum...it really helps me sort through the many questions that surface when one decides to eat a vegan diet. I am 4 months into my vegan diet and have been gluten free for a few years. I developed some food allergies about 4 years ago and have been experimenting with nutrition ever since. As my training regimen got more intense, I started looking for ways to recover faster. This led me to Brenden Brazier's book and his nutrition program. I started taking Vega Sport protein as a nutritional supplement (to replace Whey...ugh). After a few weeks I was using several of those products because I felt so much better! I have never processed dairy very well and ate very little of it, basically...I just decided to get rid of what little meat I had left in my diet. My results were great and I see no need to go back to eating meat. Many of my allergies and random health issues have cleared. My energy level has increased substantially during my training and recovery times have decreased. Basically, mission accomplished! I know a lot of people on the Paleo diet and they are constantly complaining or "cheating". I don't complain or cheat...I love the way I eat and the way it makes me feel I've always been lean, but never very strong or particularly athletic. I'm attaching a recent photo. That photo is at 4 months of my current nutrition plan and at about 9 months of my current training program which consists of Krav Maga, Yoga, and body weight calisthenics (bar training). Thanks! Mugen Month 4
  12. I take almost all of the Vega Sport products and also use the Vega One nutritional shake. I read his book and have had great luck with their products supporting my training needs. BugsB, I snack on the protein bars all the time! I train 6 days a week, 2 hours a day and need the extra nutrition to keep up my recovery.
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