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  1. Wow - you're dating yourself man! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on here who bought, used, and even knows about Cybergenics 3000! Did you every try their Phase-1 6 week kit or their total bodybuilding kit?!?! I never got jacked, but I had awesome bright yellow-green pee for a while! Haha! -Scott Ah yes, now your taking me back, the toxic waste pee, the bloated stomach and lets not forget the constipation:) Yes, i fell hook, line and sinker in for the Mega Mass 4000 kit, complete with BCA's and bodyfat calipers. Whats more, that crap wasn't cheap. I actually paid good money to feel like that, what was i thinking lol
  2. Tonight's leg workout... 1. Leverage style Leg Presses 360kgs x 7 reps to failure 2. Romanian DLs 100kgs x 9 reps to failure 3. Seated Calf Raise Machine 80kgs x 14 reps to failure (3 second hold in the contracted position) I'm done, but, its at least its time to feast:) I fancy some Mexican bean and salad wraps, with apple and oatmeal vegan pancakes and vegan butterscotch sauce to top, oh yes:)
  3. Context should be clear from the quoted text. Ah yes, you most forgive me, am not the fastest car on the track.
  4. Thanks Jub, Redsox is a good thinker at a young age, logic and reason is a the forefront of his thinking. Unlike another individual on this thread that blabs out one or two words like Tarzan to make their point. Its a good documentary Jub, its very interesting.
  5. Hi Kon, Sound goods, On reading Ori Hofmekler's warrior diet book, he explains that are nervous system is set-up for eating the bulk of are calories at night (contrary to popular belief), he explain's (and backs it up with considerable research), that we evolved as nocturnal feeders, we hunted and gathered through the day, and feed at night, this is still true with most of the true hunter gatherer societies that still exist today. Ori explains, When your fasting, you body operates on its sympathetic nervous system, a fight or flight reaction to stress, which promotes alertness, and resistance to fatigue, however, when we feed the body switches to the para-sympathetic nervous system, which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. That said Kon, your doing still doing a good thing, ie your given your body sufficient time to detox.
  6. blatantly false. First off cup cake, my advise wasn't to you, secondly that advise was given to me by a Special forces survival expert, and thirdly, if you watch the research in the documentary i posted you'll see its blatantly true!
  7. LOL, i used to consume 300 grams a day too, i haven't used supplements in over 12 years, but back in the mid 90s one of my main protein sources was this thick lumpy goop called mega mass 4000, and cybergenics 3000, they were in vogue at the time. I think the main thing now is the quality, ive experimented over the years for months at a time, with as i mentioned, as much as 300grams a day, and as little as 80grams a day (while at a body weight of 240lbs), there didn't appear to be any difference in gains. For me the most positive changes happened with fasting, proper food combining and meal timing. I hear what your saying with regards to the social aspect of fasting, when am at work, i go out into the car park and sit in my car, have a black coffee and maybe a tablespoon or two of coconut oil or a small handful of mixed nuts and listen to the radio or take a power nap, its not as easy when your younger though. Of course there is longer feeding window fasting methods like Martian Berkhams leangains, i think he recommends an 8hr feeding window. Indeed the post feast crash, for me its good though, it helps me relax and sleep better, i hate going to bed hungry, which is how i felt when i was eating little and often. Anyho, wont do ya no harm to experiment over the up and coming years ahead of ya:) Best of luck Rob
  8. Hi Justin, Hows it going... My advice would be this, it looks like your feet are a wee bit too flared out, this would certainly be a contributing factor to you knees caving in on the assent, turn them very slightly more in and see if that helps. I always take a quick look down at my foot positioning first before actually squatting. Id also recommend using a slower negative, pause at the bottom for a split second, then explode to the top. I find using the slower negative and that slight pause deep in the hole gives more power for the assent, possibly this will help reduce your knee's caving in aswell. Btw, watched some of your videos, great stuff:) Hope this helps Rob
  9. Hi Andi, Hows it going... Oh yes, if your motivated enough, you can really tax the body in minutes... Heres a great example of what can be done with just 4-5 minutes of H.I.T once a week...i've spoken with this individual of a few occasions, really nice guy, and great athlete.
  10. Oh yes, i've heard of David Wolfe, he does actually give out a lot of free advice on his sites, and he does have a masters degree in Nutrition, so he is someone would have time for. You mentioned you've added 15lbs of lean tissue to your frame in the last 18 moths, that's very good, what is your current eating plan like? Ive actually had great success over the last few years with intermittent fasting, its another great way of allowing the body to detoxify, and better recover, i recently switched back to using a vegan version of Ori Hofmekler's warrior diet, have you heard of Ori or the warrior diet? He is not a qualified nutritionist, however he seen by many as an expert of ancestral eating habits, he introduced some very interesting concepts about fasting and how it relates to our physiology. He recommends fasting or under-eating through the day, and feasting/over-eating at night based on how are nervous system is set up, the warrior diet site has a lot of free info from Ori.
  11. Not a all chum, likewise, i do not mean undermine your knowledge:) Indeed i have experienced serious health issues, one of my kidneys doesn't function properly, at 24 i'd a stroke, and i found out this year i've a slight irregular heart beat. But none of which were caused by toxin levels. I switched from being a vegetarian to a vegan at the beginning of this year, never felt better, and no loss of size or strength. The point of my comparison, is that our eating habits allowed us to develop bigger brains over time, and thus accomplish more from that. I agree with your opinion regarding modern day research, with the Harvard study, i'll try and find it, i read it on another forum, i differently remember it mentioning fruit being bad for us.
  12. Exercise physiology and ancestral eating habits has been my passion also, FOR 22 YEARS, my views are from research and personal "experience". Here's some other research in this documentary called "did cooking make us human" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY_vd4SNC-U check out the raw food study 7 minutes into this video. It would appear there are differences of opinion among scientists and researchers regarding whether or not homo sapiens have the capacity for digesting huge quantities of raw plant foods. Most species that do have the ability to digest huge quantities of raw plant foods also have huge stomach's and small brains relative to their size. Indeed were are the only species that cooks are food (as far as am aware), were also the only species that have sent shuttle's to other plants, that build tower-blocks, that used the internet to communicate. With every field of endeavor, there is good research and bad research, there are "reputable" organisations that give out bad advice all the time. For example, A couple of years ago, "reputable" researchers at Harvard Medical School published research stating fructose is bad for us, does that mean we shouldn't consume fruit? After all, that information came from were some of the west's top medical doctors and nutritionists come out of.
  13. Hi Redsox, Few things.. We evolved to eat whole foods, not "isolated" or "engineered food supplements"! Moreover, humans have been building huge muscles and athletic physiques for thousands of years without the need for them, their a money spinner, their sucess is result of clever marketing. I was able to add over 80lbs of mostly muscle to my frame without spending a single penny on them. My question to you would be, why do you want to become a raw foodist? If am too be honest, i see them as people who treat a basic need as a morbid obsession. Their food faddists. When i was in the British army, i was sent for survival training in the Scottish highlands, i always remember one survival expert explaining to us, that we should cook our food whenever possible, as when food is cooked, the body uses a considerable less amount of energy digesting it (now not overcooked). Many scientists also believe it was cooking food that played a large role in making us human, ie it freed up energy and allowed us to over time to develop smaller stomachs and bigger brains. Its an interesting theory, one that i happen to agree with. I would say if your consuming an ample amount of legumes, quinoa, nuts and seeds etc, you'll get all the protein you need and more. Just my two cents Best wishes Rob
  14. Today's workout... Underhand grip pulldown 95kgs x 8 reps to failure Shoulder width grip smith machine bench press 112.5kgs x 6 reps to failure D-B high pull 2 x 40kgs x 14 reps to failure Happy with the increases from the last time i workout my upper body (9 days ago), though of course, its the entire physical system that's stimulated. I must point out, i'm not a lazy individual, i love hard training, i just prefer a more scientific approach to training, rather than a traditional or arbitrary one. I often have the guys at the reception of my gym say to me, "well Rob, that workout out of yours was only 15 minutes", or " it wasn't worth your while getting changed", my stock response has become "well, i had to warm up:)". When anyone really doubts the theory of H.I.T, i invite them for a workout with me, one of those people was my now training partner and nephew (who was into powerlifting at the time), we trained legs H.I.T style, we began with calf presses, then Romanian Deadlifts and then finished with Leg Presses, all for just one set to failure per movement. After being push to complete and utter failure on the leg press, my nephew struggled to get up and out of the leg press machine, looking rather pale, sweating profusely, and with his head hanging, he made a swift v-line for the fire exit door, he kicked the door open and began to throw up outside, i went out a to see if he was OK, well..actually no i just wanted to laugh at him, but anyway, i said to him, "that was a 3 set, 13 minute workout, do you still think the duration of a workout is important now?" His response... "fuck you" lol.
  15. Here's one of my fav athletes / showman..Travis Bagent
  16. Very nice endcruelty, loved the dream video, thanks for sharing:)
  17. Personally i find the forum to be fine as it is, imo the function's are fine, its well look after, and the people are friendly:)
  18. Great stuff MF, Next to MM, John Little is my favorite writer, the man's a font of knowledge whom also uses logic and reason as the driving forces of his thinking. As for Jones, despite contributing a great deal to exercise science, he was a right winged nasty pace of work, he liked to bully the people who worked for him, including Mike and Ray, in fact, when Ray stood up to him one day, Jones fired him and had him thrown off the premises. He liked to boast about how many people he'd killed, and according to Boyer Coe, he liked to beat the fuck out of his then child son. The worlds better out without assholes like that. Indeed some can tolerate more exposure to H.I.T than others, i personally need the recommended 4-7 days between workouts, i think if i didn't do other activities (martial arts training) and didn't work so many hours i'd probably be able to tolerate slightly more, but hey, we all gotta work:( With regards to volume, when i train with free weights i found i could tolerate more volume per workout (i spoken with quite a few hitters that said the same), on the other hand, i feel much more fatigued from machine based workouts. I can only speculate, that this is because - For example when using pre-exhaustion for the pecs, a pec deck provides maximum resistance in the fully contracted position, were-as a D-B Flye does not, or how a machine pullover provides resistance through a much greater range than say a D-B or BB pullover. With machine compound movements, there's less balance and intramuscular coordination required, the machines allow the individual focus on intense muscular contraction's, not skill. I feel its because of this, less volume can be tolerated when using machines, that, and the combination of Mikes recommendation of eliminating momentum by using a 4-2-4 cadence on most movements. Of course, this is not to say free weights don't have their place, they most certainly do, used properly, their extremely productive tool's.
  19. Here's a fantastic John Little article from a few years ago, called stimulus addicts... http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/index.cfm?page=article&go2=1429&StartRow=2
  20. LOL... i take two-three layoffs a year (though i do some active rest, such as martial arts training and/or hiking and walking), i always come back to training stronger, and with less aches and pains. The Marjory of trainees today imo overtrain, especially natural trainees, they almost never give their bodies a break from the rigors of hard training. Most operate under the notion that if they consume enough protein, they can train as much as they like, they say, "there's no such thing as over-training, only under-eating", or "bodybuilding is 80% nutrition", to this i say...BULLSHIT!! The body first requires an adequate stimulus, it then requires A "precise" amount time for the body to produce an adaptive response. Can you build muscle by overtraining? Of course, but i'm of the opinion (and many experts opinion), you'll reach your genetic potential much faster and with a lot less wear and tear on your body following the universal principles that nature has put in place. Give your body a break now and then, I guarantee you'll come back stronger than ever:)
  21. Just got done with my leg training... Decided to do it at my home gym, in my father-in-laws garage. trained in a fasted state... Heavy D-B Squats Sissy Squats Romanian Deadlifts Hip Belt Low Cable Donkey Calf Raises *one set to failure each after warm-ups Ive decided to begin again with the warrior diet, ie 20 hrs of under eating, followed by a 4hr overeating phase, i believe this way of eating is congruent with are geneo and evolution as a species, that is, we evolved as a species that did not always have food so readily available as we have today. (its my belief this is the reason why obesity is now common). I happen to agree with Ori Hofmelker (founder of defense nutrition), food is for replenishment, not fuel! That also holds true, as that the body uses a fair amount of energy to digest food. I understand the current trend of eating "little and often", however there is a flaw with that approach, eating "little and often" never allows the body to properly detoxify or fully recover. The research that's been done of late, strongly suggests that....blood pressure lowers, the heart beats slower, there's growth hormone secretion, there's increased insulin sensitivity, there's increased cognitive abilities, there's reduced risk of cancers and there's increased longevity to name a few of the benefits.
  22. Hi MF, Agree with everything... Though, with no.2, "we are all different", yes genetics has Ecto, meso and Endo, or you're got midgets at one end and giants at the other, with everything in-between. All true, that said, we all have the same basic needs, food, water, shelter, sleep etc, we all burn carbs at a rate of 4 calories per gram, we all burn fat at a rate of 9 calories per gram, are physiology is still the same, if this were not the case, doctors would not be able to prescribe medicines, preform surgeries or make diagnosis's. I would also agree that there is no one size fits all "routine", there is basic principles of exercise physiology that are universal set by nature, exercise must be intense enough to stimulate an adaptive response, brief enough for intensity to be maximized and infrequent enough for to allow for recovery and growth production (as you mention in no.3 & 4).
  23. Back to training today after a 2 week layoff... Am back in the gym again, i was missing the machines:) This afternoons workout 1. Underhand Pulldown (2 second hold in contracted position) 95kgs x 6 reps to failure 2. Shoulder width grip Smith Machine Bench Press 110kgs x 5 reps to failure (stopping the bar a couple of inches above my chest) 3. D-B High Pulls 2 x 40kgs x 11 reps to failure (2 second hold in the contracted position) Back to basics, a 2 way split (upper body / lower body), 3 set workouts... Next workout will be in 4 or so days, using the two day rule, that'll be Leg Presses, Romanian DL's and Calf Presses
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