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  1. Thank you a lot Rob, I appreciate ! All of these seems really interesting !
  2. Thank you a lot, very intersting video ! If you have more, I would like them with pleasure =)
  3. I understand and I think I'm gonna try to change my workouts then ... Because I know the problem is in my workouts because I couldn't eat better. Lately I did a lot of cardio with Insanity, so you think I should do more workout with weights instead ? (I usually do workouts from the XHIT channel on Youtube). Because I always thought for losing fat you needed first to do cardio and after workouts with weights ... Thanks =)
  4. Since I started being vegan, breakfast began my favourite meals of the day and I love to discover new recipes ! When I think that before I was never taking a breakfast .. I was crazy xD ! I have most of the time porridge with fruits and seeds but I found two blogs that I love and I wanted to share with you guys : http://breakfastcriminals.com (I did already almost all their recipes and everytime it's awesome !!) http://therawfoodsisters.com/recipes/ (this one is not only about breakfast but I love it!) Enjoy =)
  5. Wow I never thought of this ... The thing is I don't feel like I am, I don't feel more tired than usual, I don't struggle to finnish my workout, I mean I do but in a normal way ! I'm gonna try to slow down a little, but it seems so weird when I have days without workout, like something is missing but I really will try =). Do you think if I do one day Insanity - one day rest all along the week, it's good ? Because I still would like to finnish Insanity =) Thank you for your help !
  6. Thanks for your answer and nice progress =) ! I will do Insanity until the end for proving myself I can do it and I hope I will get resultst =) . The Jamie Eason fit program seems cool but it's a DVD or you just find it on internet ? The links I find on google are weird xD . I don't know if it's what I eat the problem .. I still eat fruits but only the morning and at noon. And I can't eat 5 times a day with the college, so it's 3 meals per day with a snack after my workout (I do my own protein bars).
  7. Hey guys ! So I am vegetarian for like 5 years and vegan for one year. I don't have weight to lose at all but I wanna be more toned, so I started to do a lot of sport (6 days per week, for one or two hours) since november but I don't have the results I want, it's better but it's so damn slow ... When I see that some girls in 4 months change totally their body, I am super disappointed by me. I mean I feel my abs but the little layer of fat on it doesn't wanna leave xD . So I started the Insanity Challenge, I begin the 3rd week and I hope now I will see results soon, but someone has an ideo of what I could do wrong ? Thanks you =)
  8. I know you are all so right ! But I don't know why I care, it's just so important to me that I can't stand people like that ... Anyway, I know I I shouldn't enter in his game so I won't do nothing =) , beside prove him I am vegan and in a perfect health =D ! Thank you everyone =)
  9. You are probably right, I should try to not care for that and let them talk but I usually struggle to keep calm in that situation, because for me it's so obvious that being vegan is right, I just don't understand some people doesn't see that ... I mean you can always find scientific articles in favor of vegans or against them, it's like that for everything but you just have to look a little closer to see documentaries and see the truth ! Anyway I was thinking of just putting the link of Earthlings in comment, should I ?
  10. Hey everyone ! So even I am in vet school, most of my friends are not vegans (crazy no ? I am the only one in my class ! You wanna save animals but eat them in the same time ? WTF ?) but they understand my choices and accept it, and even cook vegan for me when they have to. But I have this friend, he is in medecine school and he is really against vegans .. It's crazy how even at med school they learn all those wrong facts .. He even put an article on Facebook about how bad vegetarism is, I didn't have the strenght to read until the end or answer ! I know I probably should say nothing because people who doesn't try to understand are just dumb for me, I don't say everyone has to be vegan but everyone can respect each others ... But how you react with those kind of people usually ? Thanks in advance =)
  11. I just started Insanity today =D ! I don't have weight to loose but I wanna be more toned up =)
  12. I just did the first day which is a FitTest and it went ok, so I guess I will continue and if my knees hurt, I will slow down =) . Thanks for those advices!
  13. Hi everyone =) So after my exams I wanna do the Insanity workout because it's been 3 months I workout everyday , 6 days a week and I don't see as much results as I would like (except on my arms, but yeah for a girl that's not the part I wanna improve the most). So I think Insanity would be a great challenge for me, but I have knock knees. It doens't hurt me at all when I do sport but I have to be careful to my positions. For example when I squat, I need to be careful because my knees want to go inside xD . So anyone did Insanity before ? Do you think I can do it ? Thanks =) Choé
  14. Hey Dylan ! I don't know how it is in other countries but in France we have a pretty bad image about Romanian, mostly because of gypsies ! But the true is it's so false, you really shouldn't what the medias say, because it's a wonderful country and serioulsy you don't even see gypsies because Romanians HATE gypsies, it's really a big hate mostly because they know what image they have around the world because of them. I live in a big city though so I don't know how it is countryside. But here people are super nice and can be trust, they don't steal at all like we could imagine, it's more the opposite ! I live in Cluj-Napoca and it's a super young city with a lot of students, so there are a tons of nightclubs, bars and all =D . I really enjoy living here, more than when I was living in a big city in France for my studies. And the city is really safe, Romanians are believers so they really respect laws and they are super respect policemen .. And if you like nature you should go see Romania, they have beautiful mountains and forests and this is the country who has the biggest number of bears =) . If you like beer, you'll be in heaven too xD . And I don't even talk about Romanian girls
  15. Hey everyone =D !! So I am Chloé, 21 years old and French (sorry for my bad English) =) . I do vet studies in Romania (love this country), I am in second year. I am vegetarian since like 5 years ago and vegan since 1 year. I always loved animals so for me it's obvious I won't eat them, I always thought being vegetarian would be super hard but I just tried once and I never ate meat again ... I just love this life, fighting for those who don't have a voice! I was never super into sport but I always did. I have my horse so I ride since I am 7 and I did dance for a long time. I am not fat or anything, 58 kg for 1m74, but I would love to see myself with more muscles and see disappear my love handles xD . I do sport 6 days a week, or at least 4 times when I don't have the time. I take some classes like Powerfit, Body Combat, Pilates, Circuit .. and when I come back to France I go to a club with machines for musculation and with classes too. When I can't go at the gym, I do some workouts at home with weights. When I have the time, I go swim too. Since I started to workout that much, it became essential for me, so most of the time I stay two hours at the gym =) . I started to take protein powders from Pulsin' (it's a brand from UK), I really like them by the way =) . Maybe I'm gonna try the Vega after because everyone seems to love them ... I saw some vegan proteins from PinkProtein, someone know them ? And I try to take as much proteins as possible. For now I don't see super obvious results so I think maybe I still don't eat enough proteins .. I feel like yes, but I really don't know.. So there is my typical day : Breakfast : Oatmeal with nuts, seeds (like hemp or chia), vegan milk and a spoon of protein powder and a smoothie with that, it's often with banana and spinach =) Lunch : veggies, quinoa, tofu (it's usually pretty simple because I am in school). I like to do healthy wraps too but I think it's too much carbs .. Sometimes some cranberries and almonds for dessert! Diner : veggies and tofu or seitan, a spoon of protein powder in chocolate soy milk if I did a workout before. Unfortunately I am never hungry so I never take snacks between meals because I feel super full after, I take something only if I know I will have a big workout after .. And after a workout I try to eat as soon as possible something with proteins (Protein bars from Pulsin' are damn good!). Between meals I try to drink green tea or Oolong tea to boost my metabolism and drink as much water as I can, again I feel quickly super fool with water so I think the best I can do is 1,5 L/day , but I know it's not enough .. I am in exams now so I'm quite busy, but I do my best to keep working out every day, even if it's just a little at home. But after I planned to do the Insanity Challenge by Shaun T, I can't wait to do it =D !! Thank you for reading me !
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