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  3. So I wonder if applications that are functionally similar to already existing applications are worth working at all? I think it's better to really spend time and money on developing something new but revolutionary in your niche. It will bring more benefits.
  4. If you had to print your photos, what kind of paper would you choose for printing? I am really interested in your opinion about this question, because I am just starting to practice professional photography and printing.
  5. It is also interesting and relevant information for me, I have been looking for something like this for a long time, so that I can easily order pet food online.
  6. I believe that without a strong team of software developers, it is impossible to make a working and high-quality product. I also don't really like conservatism in software development, so I involve different teams in different languages. Recently I have been working with https://www.scrumlaunch.com/hire-developers/php-developers Quite an interesting team that can perform any task.
  7. Hello. I don't know about you, but I really want to live in different countries. And to do it comfortably, you need a residence visa. Now I am very interested in living in the UAE. I want to learn about all the steps that should be taken to get a residence visa as soon as possible. I really need all the current information about this. Will you help?
  8. Hi to all. Popularity has always been something that can be bought. Here's another proof that nowadays it's easy to get a baby, but it's hard to keep it. But if you know such methods as buying active followers, then the question is solved by itself and the wheel of fortune starts working for a good result for the one who launched it.
  9. Hi, I can't imagine my workflow without using different cloud drives anymore, but with each new account, it's difficult to move files or share them with other users, and it makes the work very difficult in general. Therefore, I have a question, how to combine several cloud storages to make work a little more convenient? Have recommendations?
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  11. I'm working on our relationship and trying to make it better, but I still feel like I'm not doing well. I need more authoritative experience that will be shared with me, and my wishes for a happy marriage will be accepted for serious work, and not as the stupidity of another married woman. Can you recommend something?
  12. Signs of betrayal are usually very obvious, but sometimes we get so used to our loved ones, routine and home atmosphere that we need to force ourselves to open our eyes to obvious things. You may find it useful to read the article https://signscheating.com/signs-your-wife-just-slept-with-someone-else/ about the signs that your wife is cheating or about to cheat. When you realize that the situation is critical, talk to your partner, maybe the situation is completely different, and the marriage can still be saved.
  13. Technology is so fast moving forward that I just don't have time to keep up with it. However, I am absolutely sure that in matters of development it is worth using the advice of people who have experience in this field. It is important.
  14. Hello, do you know where I can get a utility bill template in order to learn how to operate with them correctly?? I need it so I don't get into trouble or scammed when I'm in Australia.
  15. Have you ever wondered how difficult it is for lesbians to find a partner? I was convinced of this when I just went to dating sites. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to such acquaintances. Therefore, the way out of the situation is to find a dating site that can help you find lesbians near me. I think such dating sites will be useful to many people.
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