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  1. I understand food combining makes digestion more efficient and therefore increases energy...but I would say that caloric intake has a more direct impact on weight. Taking in more calories than you expend = gaining weight. So I would focus on eating more than you expend as the primary factor. Just my .02...
  2. This is great stuff...it really is. I'm so glad to be here. Thank you all for your support and thoughtful words.
  3. I suck at pull ups, too. I haven't even tried to do them in years! When I was in the best shape of my life...which is only "average" shape...I could only do like 5. So, doing 500 is in outer space for me....maybe 500 over the rest of my life... I also suck at dips...same as pull ups.
  4. Welcome welcome. How old are your kids? I have 6...ages 14, 13, 11, 7, 5 and 5! 5 girls, 1 boy..the 13 y/o.
  5. 200 sit ups 200 deep knee bends (sub for push ups) good night!
  6. Hemet is a couple hours east of LA...and south a bit off the 10 freeway. Thanks for the welcome, Kollision....did you typo the numbers in your post...? So you changed to Vegan overnight? Care to elaborate...? I am slowly but surely changing. Animal products are at an all-time low for me...not just because they hamper my digestion...but I am also developing more compassion for animals as I read this board and information on animal treatment from other sources. I am beginning to feel a deep sadness at how they are treated and am considering them as intelligent creatures with capacity for joy. Have you ever ignored, criticised or mistreated in some way another person...and then somehow they became "real" to you....and you realized the impact of your behavior on this other person that has wants, needs and feelings just like you? I feel pained when this happens...especially with my children...suddenly I will realize, for example, that my son David is a 12 year old kid that just wants to play catch with me, just like I always wanted so badly to play catch with my dad..and I will feel pained for treating him like he is a burden of some sort. Anyway - animals are becoming real to me too. I am realizing that I have contributed to the mistreatment of intelligent, vulnerable creatures. It's not that I have done this with full consciousness...that is the point...I've been ignoring this fact for a long time.... I wasn't planning on waxing philosophical...but there yo have it. Thanks to all.
  7. Wow...that's impressive, Robert. Tonight (I'm on Tokyo time right now) going for 200 sit ups...but I need to rest from push ups as I have a knot in my left pec...I need to get it worked out...muscle knot from chronic shoulder issues...bummer.
  8. I'm in... 115 sit ups...this included 30 leg lifts 100 push ups in sets of 10 Thanks...this is more than I would have done without the 100/100 club!
  9. I just think it is important to take our commitment to this lifestyle and to kindness to animals seriously. If we vegans cannot do so, then how can we expect anybody else to do so? When we eat meat occasionally at such and such social gathering, then we send the message that it is - on some social level and for frivolous reasons - acceptable to kill and eat animals. okay i'm done. Well said. Thank you.
  10. good idea. really good. I think I will just begin a day at a time. Thanks.
  11. After reading your post I went and actually took a nice, hot bath. It was very nice and relaxing. In Japan where I'm at right now they have these really deep bathtubs.....I'm still a little hesistant about becoming totally vegan, though....so I'm still not sure what you mean.
  12. Witnessing someone else's suffering first hand is such a powerful experience. In this case - and I don't mean to sound twisted here - I will always be grateful that I witnessed his suffering (given that he was going to suffer no matter what) because it taught me more than any words could ever have. At this point I am making a real connection betwen my daily choices and the status of my long term health. I'm still a little hesistant about going totally Vegan....I think I just need to keep easing into it.
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