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BlueRose's diet/exercise diary of Les Mills Combat!

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Beyond leftover tofu curry with steamed rice noodles, I've not eaten much today. I have a bag of fruit I plan to go through. I desperately miss fruit. Ran out at the convention and got tired of eating nothing but bananas and oranges besides. Heh.


I will be redoing CLX's week 1 starting this weekend and in the meantime doing random workouts. The convention was awesome but insane.

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Thanks! My day was taken up by that crazy, will be doubling up on my workouts tomorrow.


One thing is for sure: my next job will give me the time and space to write, workout, and coach or I will not take it.


Food...could've done better but at least I got more fruit in me. But the stress is definitely taking its toll. I must correct this immediately before I start sliding backwards.

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Today was lots of fruit smoothies, also went to the Organic Garden to have some of their raw fettucini alfredo made with zucchini pasta. Quite good!


I am avoiding doing many things, including "homework" and a "test" from one of the numerous companies I'm currently interviewing with. I greatly resent being treated like I'm an entry level kid coming out of college who may not have a programming clue, but apparently the way I think programmers should be reviewed and how other companies feel they should be reviewed don't exist on the same planet. This is part of why I want to leave this industry behind me permanently and with great speed.


Part of this avoidance involves some ChaLEAN Extreme. Going downstairs now to push play on Burn Circuit 3. Woo!

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Sorry to hear about your job! I was laid off in November so I can empathize. Best of luck in the job hunt!


Thanks! Good news is that I have a ton of prospects and work in a really high demand field. Bad news is that I can't wait to leave this industry. I really wanted my last job to be my last programming job, but I don't quite have the numbers yet to do that. I'm working on it!

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Final interview with the 100% work from home job of my dreams Wed. Wish me luck!


Made myself a lovely smoothie to power me for today's interview! Wooo! Four bananas, 3/4 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup light chocolate soy milk, 1 scoop chocolate Vega Whole Meal Optimizer, 1 scoop raw cacao.


Lunch: romaine lettuce wraps with tasty sprouted lentil salad for stuffing! Recipe:


Lettuce wraps! For the filling: soak sprouted lentils overnight, drain. Add sliced carrots, cucumber, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, 1 small clove garlic. Add ingredients to food procressor. Eat. Enjoy.


Picture! Enjoy the tasty.




Two snacks, one was two honeybell oranges, other two bananas.


Workout was Burn Circuit 1


Heading over to friends', there's going to be an ordering of Thai...I'm going to do my best with this one, they do have steamed rice noodles, maybe something tofu and veggie to go with it? Something hopefully with no oil. :-/ I've had very little in the way of fat today so far so I think I may be okay. Hopefully.

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Yesterday was a rest day and I decided to take it. Plus I had to get my front brakes fixed. Whee!


Today is I think Burn Circuit 2, need to check the calendar. I'll post it once I do it.


Two final interviews today, one from the job I really want.


I am currently under a TON of stress, recruiters acting like jealous, possessive boyfriends over my other time committments, parents being neurotic about my choice of job, clients being neurotic about their own eating habits...I'm ready to hit play on today's workout once the dust settles then do nothing but play World of Warcraft. I'm kinda fried, and people are driving me crazy today.

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Burn Circuit 2, DONE. I crashed early yesterday, I was totally drained.


The day is mostly fruit smoothies and tea so far. That doesn't sound like a lot until I tell you that 7 bananas, 5 dates, and strawberries were involved. Oooh.


Another interview tomorrow, and I have a good feeling...

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Interview went well, fingers crossed. Had one rejection and have one offer but am sitting on it, it's a serious paycut and just don't know how I feel about that. :-/ I could do better.


I've barely had time to go eat today, going to get some food in me and work out sometime this eve. My worse case scenario? I double up tomorrow. I do NOT like to do that. I've already missed Wed due to the insanity and swapped out my Sunday rest day for it. Ugh. Ugh. End this misery now, please.

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Hi. Do you think the CLX is a better workout than th P90X? I am considering ordering to change things up. Thank you!


Hard to say cause I've only really been on my first week or so of it. I'll say this much, however: she does NOT go easy on you. I've been referring to CLX as the "sadistically creative version of P90X". You're not only pumping weights, but you're doing stuff like LUNGES while doing so. She works ya everywhere!


The workouts are shorter in length, but if you do the work and "go heavy or go home", you'll feel it. Like, yesterday's workout? Bowling lunges and arm rows, my glutes are feeling it right now trust me!


Dumb question but always a happy one to ask before I pester you with questions: do you have a Beachbody coach? If you order stuff through coaches you get things like free workouts and it's certainly wicked cheaper than Amazon. I'm a coach myself. If you have a coach, awesome--and support them!

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