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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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Took yesterday off. But I did a lot of walking and a bit of manual labor.


8-6-13 1hr 5 min

1 leg squats 183.5x3 163.5x8 153.5x10 > Hold/168.5/Hold

Pullups 88x4 67.5x7 55x10 27.5x12 > 93/Hold/Hold/Hold

DB side raises 69.25 x10x10 > 71.75

Calf raises 198.5x15 x15 > X


Actually managed to get my quads to totally give out today. Leg day sucks. ;_;

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I don't really crave attention from my exercise habits. But it's really nice when a stranger notices my physique and comments on it. Mom and I are moving and I will not have the space to lift at home so I need a gym membership; as such since my Five Fingers are my only shoes I need to get a pair of over shoes to wear on my walk to the gym in the Winter. So I went to a local shoe store to look at the stock and the woman commented on my physique. I was very flattered to have someone notice my hard work.


I am very excited to be getting a gym membership. With access to more equipment I can push my physique even further to it's limits. I am giddy.


My father also reached out to me today after us not having spoken in a year or so.


Today has been a very good Birthday. (:

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I ran my old route today, 3.1 miles. I'm not even gonna post the time cause I got tired and stopped to walk, then got a stitch and stopped again, then I just quit 1/4 mile from home. This route is A LOT more technical and has A LOT more elevation gain. Needless to say I am going to stick with my new 3 miler which does not suck.


I am positive this brutal route was shortening my training periods before rest.

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8-13-13 1hr 10min

1 leg squats 183.5x4 173.5x7 153.5x10

Pullups +93x4 67.5x7 55x10 27.5x13 > 95.5/67.5/57.5/30

DB side raises 71.75x10 64.25x15 > 74.25/66.75

Calf raises 198.5 x15x15 > X

Lunges 50x12 ea leg > 98.5


I was so damn hungry when I was done I just started shoveling food in my face cause I had no yams/sweet potatoes made. I ended up eating oats and now I have heart burn. I really don't like eating grains, especially wheat.

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8-15-13 1hr 10 min

DB chest press 188.5x 1.5 168.5x7 153.5x10 > Hold

Dips 93x4 72.5x7 57.5x10 30x10 > 95.5/75/60/32.5

EZ push press 118.5x6 108.5x10 > Drop 108.5/98.5

Chest flyes 49.25x10 44.25x15 > 51.75/44.25

EZ triceps overhead raise 26x15 31x15 > 36


Played with my new toys today. :3

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8-17-13 1hr 5 min

EZ Deadlifts 201x4 183.5x7 163.5x10 > DB 203.5/ EZ 186/166

Chinups 98x3/72.5x6/57.5x10/35x14 > H/H/60/37.5

EZ Rows 151x7 136x10 > +166/151/136

EZ Curls 106x7 96x10 76x15 > H/H/81

EZ Shrugs 211x15x15 > X


Well I found a problem. My EZ bar can only fit a maximum of 211lbs with the combination of weight I have. For now I'll combine EZ/DB on deads (which is the whole reason I bought it and the two new 25s) but eventually I want to get 2x35s or 2x45s. It's too much of a pain to combo EZ and DB for the same exercise but I may do it on shrugs and calf raises.


Still, the forearm pump I got from the EZ is so gnarly. I am concerned with the thickness of the steel walls on EZ so I won't be using my screw-down collar clamps on it.

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Must say I have never tried doing deadlifts with an EZ bar, sounds interesting !!


Keep up the good work. Just reading about the hotel and rental car, are you away from home at the moment? Hope you have had a good weekend bud MF.


It's very comfortable if you ask me. I use a narrower grip. My grip is as wide as my stance so my hands drag on my shins and stays tight to my body.


I don't have room for a 7ft or even 5ft olympic bar, so this will have to do.


I was just in San Diego for a doctors appointment and to take mom to the beach, back home now and getting ready to move.


Take care too man.

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8-20-13 1hr 5 min

EZ hack squats 136x4 141x4 136x7 121x10 > 151/136/126

Pullups 95.5x4 70x7 57.5x10 30x15 > Hold/Hold/Hold/32.5

DB side raises 74.25x10 66.75x13 > 76.75/69.25

DB Lunges 98.5x15 ea leg > 103.5

EZ Calf raises 204x15x15 > 209

Vest+EZ Good mornings 101x15 > 106


Was trying to feel out how much I should try with the EZ bar on hacks but undershot. Oops.

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Just swapped two of my 25#ers for two 45#ers (Budget means I couldn't keep the 25#ers ):) I wanted the 45#ers because like I said I could only fit a maximum of 211lbs on the EZ bar when it is rated for 315lbs. The whole reason I bought it was for EZ deads and hack squats. Going with taller 45#ers means I can fit more weight on the EZ bar and that the bar now sits higher off the floor than with the 25#ers (which is a bit awkward IMO) About 2-3 inches to be exact. I should be able to fit 251 to 261 on the EZ bar, have to wait to get the 45s in the mail.


My equipment list is now:


2x oly DB handles 28.5lbs

1x oly EZ bar 21lbs

2x oly 45lb plates

4x oly 25lb plates

4x oly 10lb plates

4x oly 5lb plates

4x oly 2.5lb plates

13lbs of chain

Weight plate vest

Doorjam pullup/chinup bar

Home made suspension straps for aforementioned chinup bar for dips

Two step stools

Straps and wrist supports

Few extra screw-down collars (Not suitable for EZ bar)

Various floor protection


Doesn't sound like a lot but I have gotten by just fine without the 45s and EZ bar and now I have those to add to my arsenal!

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8-22-13 1hr 25min

DB chest press 188.5x2+ 168.5x7+ 153.5x9 138.5x13 > Hold

Dips + 95.5x3 75x6 60x8 22.5x15 > Drop to 85.5/65/50/22.5

Chest Flyes 59.25x7 51.75x10 44.25x14 > 61.75/54.25/46.75

EZ bar overhead tricep raises 41x15 35x15x15 > 56/46

Decline Pushups +20x10 > Hold


I decided to step my game up a bit and lengthen my workouts because I am feeling so good resting 4x a week. I'm going to call 1.5hrs of lifting my maximum and see how I fair. I also moved shoulders to leg day.

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8-24-13 hr 5 min

EZ Deads

Warmup 25/50/75% 4 RM

206 x 4 > 211

186 x 7 > 191

166 x 10 > 171



98 x 4 > 100.5

72.5 x 7 > 75

60 x 10 > 62.5

37.5 x 15 > 40


EZ Rows

151 x 7 > 156

136 x 10 > 141

121 x 15 > 126


EZ Shrugs from below knees

216 x 10 > 221

201 x 15 > 206


EZ Curls

91 x 10 > 96

81 x 15 > 86


Took some vid'yas for your viewing pleasure (And to spot my form on deads)


Bottom set 161lbx10 deads. (I'm locking out too hard, I think it's the light weight I am using, not sure if it's an issue or will correct itself on heavier weights?)



EZ Rows 151x7, top set.



+72.5x7 Chinups, middle set.




In case you want to comment on the form of rows and chins. Strict form is for situations where you can legit hurt yourself, like on deads, squats, chest press, etc. A little wiggle to get the last 1/4 ROM on chins on your last set or a little bounce on rows as long as your back is tight is no big deal and I have NEVER injured myself on those movements, or even felt like I was at risk.


But if my deadlift form sucks, let me know. I think it's A-OK, my back was super tight and unarched and felt really smooth.


I fucking LOVE my new equipment. <3

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Rested yesterday.


8-27-13 1hr


EZ Hack Squat

Warmups at 25%/50%/75% of 4RM

191 x 5 > 196

171 x 7 > 176

151 x 10 > 156


DB Push Press

108.5 x 4 > 113.5

98.5 x 10 > 103.5

88.5 x 13 > 93.5


DB Lunges

103.5 x 13 ea. leg > 108.5


DB Side Raises

76.75 x 10 > 79.25

69.25 x 13 > 69.25


EZ Calf Raises alt. stance for ea. set

211 x 15 x 15 > 216


Vest+EZ Bar Good Mornings

106 x 15 > 111

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