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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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I try real hard man! Thanks.


5-11-13 1hr 12 min

DB chest press 186x4 166x8 151x10 > H/171/156

DB push press 126x6 116x8 96x10 > 131/121/101

Weighted dips +75x6 52.5x8 32.5x10 > 77.5/55/35

DB chest flyes 2x55.5 x14x14 > Hold

Tricep pushdowns 17.5 x15x15 > Hold

Pushups till failure +10 x35

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Yesterday was Mother's day so I ended up doing a lot of nothing and focusing on mom. We drove down to San Diego and ended up walking around a lot though, on the boardwalk and such; my pedometer says 7 miles or 350-400kcal. I know I burned a lot of calories because I ate A LOT of my sisters food and still was not satisfied.



I'll run today once I get some coffee and DAA in my system. =P

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5-13-13 1hr 3 min

1 leg squats 130x6 111x8 90x12 > 131/116/101

45* leg press 190x15 200x15 250 x15 (Subbed in for lunges, back to 171 lunges next week)

Chinups +75x6 57.5x8 42.5x10 >77.5/60/45 (Forgot 2.5 plate on 75s, oops)

Seated calf raises ~190x15 Standing calf raises 190x15 > 196

EZ bar curls 75x15 80x15 > (Subbed in for bicep curls back to 53x8x8/43x15 DBs next week)

Failure chinups +10 x35


I decided to lift instead of run because it's like...85 degrees out. Wasn't much better because I lifted in my sisters apartment complex gym and had to wear clothes. I was like a kid in a candy store because I had access to so much equipment; so I just went balls out for just over an hour. I am pretty fucking obliterated but I feel great.


An interesting note. I had to use a aerobic step pad for my 1 leg squats that sits about 6" off the ground vs step stool at home with is 12" and my quads were absolutely a mess afterward. I fell over in fact because they gave out.

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Nothing. a 1 mile walk to get an oil filter. My diet has been shit the past three days; and am under slept; I have gone from San Diego to desert extreme temps of 110 to my home of and back again, my body is in slingshot mode and I feel worn and dehydrated. Tomorrow I have chosen to do nothing but sleep, eat, hydrate and recover. Back to the iron on the 16th.

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5-16-13 1hr 20 min

1 arm DB deadlofts 140.5x6 125.5x8 110.5x10 > 143/128/113

Weighted pullups +65x6 45x8 32.5x10 > 67.5/47.5/35

DB rows 191x6 176x8 166x10 > 196/176/166 [Will switch back and forth between 1 arm and doubles when I master 196]

DB deadlift failures 196x35

DB shrugs 191x15x15 > 196 [Will switch to arm shrugs next week]

DB lateral deltoids 2x58x15x15 > 60.5

Pullup failures +10 x45 > 12.5

Bicep curls one arm 53x8 two arm 53x15


Feeling good after that ass kicking. My lats are super sore.

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5-18-13 1hr 35 min

DB chest press 191x2 176x7 156x10 > 191/176/161

DB push press 131x6 121x8 101x10 > 136/126/106

Weighted dips +77.5x6 55x8 35x10 > 80/57.5/37.5

DB chest flyes 2x58 x15x14 > Hold

Tricep cable pushdowns 17.5x15x15 > Hold / Overhead raises on cable 10x15 > 12.5

Push ups untill failure +10 x40

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5-20-13 1hr 16 min

1 leg squats 131x6 116x8 106x10 > 136/121/106

Chinups +80x6 60x8 45x10 > Hold

Lunges 171x16x16 > Hold

Standing calf raises 196x15x15 > 1 leg calf raises 100.5

Bicep curls 53x8x8 43x15 > Hold

Hammer chinups till failure +10 x40


Nearly freaking hurled today I went so hard. Fine by me; if you're not clawing, fighting, bleeding, and spitting you're not going hard enough IMO.

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5-22-13 1hr 36 minutes of hell

1 arm DB deadlift 143x6 128x8 113x10 > 145.5/130.5/115.5

Weighted pullups 67.5x6 47.5x8 35x10 >70/5037.5

1 arm DB rows 130.5x6 115.5x8/ 100.5x10 > 133/118/103

DB deadlifts till failure 196x40

1 arm DB shrugs 98x15x15 > Hold (Grip failure)

DB side raises 60.5x15x15 > Hold

1 DB two arm bicep curl 93x8x8 83x15 > 98/H

Pullups till failure +10 x50 (Extreme grip issues)


I need power hooks because even with the straps my grip is fried after deads and rows. Was a fun day, everything felt brutal and awesome.


Here is how I do my 1 arm DB deadlifts. There is a lot of screaming so you may want to mute.


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5-23-13 52 Minutes

3.7 mile run, 40 minutes

Crunches +25 x20x20

Hanging abs +0 x15x15 (Forearms are fried and could barely hold me up)

Side planks +10 2x30 seconds each side


Average speed is about 5.4 or 5.5 mph. I am pretty slow, but meh. I hope to get my runs up to 4 miles in the next month or so. Knees and ankles feel good. Should take me about 43 min to do 4 miles.

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5-24-13 1hr 27 min

DB chest press 191x3 176x7 161x10 > Hold

DB push press 136x6 126x8 106x10 > 141/H/111

Weighted dips +80x6 +57.5x8 +37.5x10 > 82.5/60/40

Chest flyes 2x58 x14x14 > 2x8/1x15 48/58

Tricep pushdowns 17.5 x15x15 > 20

Triceps overhead raises 12.5 x15x15 > Hold

Pushups to failure +10 x45


Added a single rep to my chest press, felt easier this week. Woo.

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5-25-13 38 min

3.7 mile run, 38 minutes (15 minutes walking warmup/cooldown)


I had to cut stuff like white/brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and bread from my diet. I eat them sparingly now because I was getting bad heartburn. As such, my calories have dropped from about 4,500 to 3,500. Another problem was because of my ostomy constantly filling up at night from my huge diet I wasn't sleeping well.


I don't think this will negatively impact my goals too bad.

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5-26-13 1hr 23 min

1 leg squats 136x6 121x8 106x10 > 141/126/111

Chinups +80x6 57.5x8 45x10 > 82.5/60/47.5

Lunges 171 x16x16 > 176

1 leg calf raises 100.5 x15x15 > 103

1 arm shrugs 98 x15x15 > 100.5

Bicep curls 53 x8x8 43 x15 > 55.5/45.5

Chinups until failure +10 x40


Almost didn't lift. Tried to talk myself out of it but I forced myself to lift and I am not disappointed. I think I will rest tomorrow and perhaps Tuesday since I have much work to do in the campground for Memorial Day cleanup; and since I think my body might be yelling for an extra day off.

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5-24-13 1hr 30 min

1 arm DB deadlift 143x6 128x8 113x10 > 145.5/130.5/115.5

Weighted pullups 67.5x6 47.5x8 35x10 > 70/50/37.5

1 arm DB rows 130.5x8 115.5x8 100.5x10 > 133/118/103

Deadlift failures 196 x40

DB side raises 63 x8x8 60x15 > 65.5/60

Single DB bicep curls Skipped

Pullups till failure +10 x50 > 12.5


Had a Crohn's flare today, ended up going back to bed and weightlifting anyway. My lower back is EXTREMELY sore so I may skip next weeks single arm deads. Was so exhausted and tired I skipped biceps.

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5-31-13 1hr 35 min

DB chest press 191x0 176x10 161x12 > Hold/181/166

DB push press 141x6 126x8 111x10 > Hold

Weighted dips +82.5x6 60x8 40x12 > 85/62.5/42.5

DB chest fly 58 x8x8 48x15 > 60.5/50.5

Tricep pushdowns 20 x15x15 > 22.5

Tricep overhead 12.5 x15 > 15

Pushups till failure +12.5 x50

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