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  1. are you talking about that shitty goth rock band from germany??
  2. really? when i heard the two new songs i thought it's actually so boring that i want to fall asleep.. it's hard to listen to if you expected a the things we carry pt 2 because it's like a whole new band and i like it. i still like the 7" best i just didn't expect such a copy of the latest verse stuff (which i don't like at all).
  3. really? when i heard the two new songs i thought it's actually so boring that i want to fall asleep..
  4. germany - turkey is probably the most thrilling game ever! there will be so much brawls here after it, haha. i really hope that we will win it.
  5. dude! gimme some!! seriously, i need to get more money to spend it on supplements. i'm thinking about a bank robbery or something like that..
  6. from time to time i do some jogging in the morning and i always do it with an empty stomach. i just drink a glass of juice and a protein shake before. i read that you're burning more fat doing it this way because your body has almost no carbs to burn so it has to burn fat instead. but i never feel really hungry before i go out jogging since i drink the juice and the protein shake. i would say that doing cardio in the morning with an empty stomach is cool but i would never do a real workout without eating anything before.
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    i'm just as suprised as you dude haha!
  8. http://i28.tinypic.com/2ro00hx.jpg this one helped me out doing a great work out today!!
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    thanks to all of you!
  10. xphilx


    that would be pretty awesome! thanks to you and all the others for saying welcome! i'm looking forward to talk to all of you somewhere on this board soon.
  11. dude, when vio said your backs looks ing i knew it has to look really good but it seriously exceeded all my expectations!
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    hey everybody! i'm phil from the north of germany. i actually wanted to wait some time before i start writing here but xjohanx forced me to do it now. not much to say about me i guess. i'm vegan for a bit more than two years now, i've been vegetarian for some years before. i'm straight edge as you may can see. i've always been into almost all kinds of sport but i started working out at the gym about two years ago. first i trained really irregular and i wasn't making any progress at all but for about a year i hit the gym four times the week and i'm making quite some progress. beside my real life in the gym i'm studying political science, which is very interesting so far but i couldn't figure out if it's the right thing for me. i hope that i can get some helpful tips in here concerning my training, nutrition and maybe i'll post some pics in the before/after section. greetings!
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