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  1. Hey guys... My best guy friend tore his meniscus while dancing or something two years ago...And this old injury is acting up again, to the point where he says he can't move his knee that much or put much resistance on it. He isn't much of a gym rat (he's more of a swimming and runner guy), so he came to me for some upper body workouts he could do. I told him to do supersets with emphasis on the chest and back? But he gets bored easily, which is a problem. I was just wondering if anyone has had the same experience or a similar injury... and what you did for it. Or does anyone have "exciting" routines... Gah. He also didn't check out with a doctor to see if it was ok to work his upper body... Do you all know if he really should see a doctor first? Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Honestly stupid... Geez what a c***bomb... is all I can say right now...
  3. It's totally cool to see there's a vegan in the military. I plan to be an Army nurse. I'd like to know how you managed Basic...
  4. I have this problem too. And I don't think it's my diet. Since I consider it to be more healthy and balanced than my omni counterparts. Maybe I'm not getting enough biotin... I'm also a student nurse and off the top of my head I know it's not a protein defiency (kwashiorkor) because my hair colour isn't faded, coarse or dry. Heh, I hope it's not genetics. But it very well could be because my mother's side carries the gene for male pattern baldness. But OH, could it be caused by hot water?
  5. I know right. And Hermione for all her S.P.E.W. beliefs didn't do much. I'm pretty sure a magical castle and the house elves could make vegan food.
  6. Yes. Totally flay me for posting this. I never thought about this but wizards and witches in the world of Harry Potter would make terrible vegans. I mean they exploit Owls to carry their mail and use magical creature ingridients in like every potion. And Dragonhide accessories and the Invisiblity Cloak is made out of the hid of some animal supposedly. Maybe I'll just fanwank that all the things coming from magical creatures died of natural causes? Well maybe I'm just wondering if you could be a wizard and be vegan. But of course that way of life was like stuck in pre-Idustrial Revolution times so ... (OH man, I'm sorry of this is a thought I just needed to share.) Yeah, I get that it's fiction but this is the kind of thing that pops into my head when I read anything. "That's not vegan!"
  7. I think a Patty Griffin song would be good. Burgundy Shoes. If it's not too slow...
  8. Hey y'all. My name is Charli and I've been vegan for about a year out of the twenty years I've been on this earth. I'm taking up a BS in Nursing here in the Philippines and then go back to the US when I'm done with college. I decided to go vegan when my parents brought home a really cute Pug puppy named Philip after many years of on and off vegeterianism. I just held Philip's little body in my hands and felt his heartbeat. Aww. So looked up all the things I could on Veganism and it totally shook up my foundations. I think a plant based diet that doesn't have animal products is healthier and better for the environment. A nurse should know better anyway, right? So I don't have any definate goals beyond looking and feeling awesome when it comes to goals. Wait, I do know I want to increase strength. I don't have any specific goals as of now. I just love being in the gym and some of my friends tease me about it. But screw them, it's fun and it's a great way to destress after class. Um, that's it for now. Thanks for having me. -Charli
  9. Thanks for all the info. I'll get right on making my intro. I was thinking of buying my own barbell and then stash it at the gym. But I'll do that in the future since I decided to stick with dumbell squats.
  10. Hey all. Long time lurker. So I recently moved to a new apartment complex and the lil gym here doesn't have a barbell. It instead has an E-Z Curl bar. And I was wondering if it was possible to do squats with an E-Z bar in place of a barbell? Or is it possible and you just shouldn't do it because it will cause injury? Thanks and sorry for being a noob in advance. -Charli
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