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  1. l you did great on these workouts! Your probably gonna feel those lunges and pushups for a few days! i know i do.
  2. thanks lobster I agree! Today was all about getting my legs back underneath me. I was rattled last night and off my game. Didn't eat anything, didn't sleep much at all and just didn't feel well this morning but I wanted to get on with it. I did a transition workout this morning. And I used my tri bike and even rode on the same street I got hit on right passed the scene of the crime if you will. I wanted to do this because there is no way I am giving up on riding/racing my bike so it's time to start getting over it right now. I didn't ride in the aerobars as much as before but at least i got out there and did it. The brake seems off so I am going to take it into the shop tonight and have them check it over. work was run 1 mile ride 5 miles and run 1 mile. Honestly I was tired so none of it was my best effort. But i need to get back at it. my knee is sore but i think it is from my leg hitting the frame either when the car hit me or i fell. "crossfit total" shoulder press 45 55 60 65 back squat 70 80 95 105 115 125 135 135 135 140 (onto medicine ball) deadlift 155 175 185 195 205 215 225 total 430 again not my best effort. I feel like i'm walking around like a zombie today. just don't have the extra drive. Hopefully sleeping tonight will be better and I can get back at it for real tomorrow! meal 1 - granola and soymilk meal 2 - clif bar & mac nuts meal 3 - tofu, brown rice, veggies meal 4 - vega wfo w/coconut water
  3. The police said they can issue the guy a citation which is a monetary fine or we could go in front of the magistrate about it. However it is going to be my word against him. I do have the names and numbers of several witnesses. But if i am not hurt and the bike doesn't need to be fixed It is most likely a waste of my time to go to court about it. I am not going to really gain anything from it. And honestly I would just like to forget about it as soon as possible. I couldn't eat last night or sleep. I just think it was from the adrenline because I was shaking for a bit afterwards. Several people have told me I should do it just to make a statement but I really don't think it would make any kind of serious impact. A friend that is a local tri race director said I should let it die because a cyclist was hit during the riverstock tri (which i did last year) in the same kind of situation. Someone turning in front of them and no time to stop. The cyclist went to the ER but the driver and the city actually sued her and won because in the state of pa a bike is a vehicle and they said she wasn't in control of her vehicle and she hit the car. As completed screwed up as that is I just don't need the drama of something like that happening. The guy that hit me is a retired firefighter so I have a feeling it isn't a fight worth fighting wheter it be right or wrong. I am just happy I able to keep riding my bike!
  4. swim - 500 drills to warmup 15 x 100 on 15 second rest did this with a friend at the pool and that really helped to get through it. he swims better than I do so he was responsible for the counting and such. Things that get tough for me as I get tired. all I had to do was follow him. 1 - 1.37 2 - 1.38 3 - 1.42 4 - 1.40 5 - 1.40 6 - 1.43 7 - 1.42 8 - 1.40 9 - 1.40 10 - 1.41 11 - 1.40 12 - 1.43 13 - 1.43 14 - 1.44 15 - 1.43 100 breast stroke to cooldown. Avg about 1:40 for these which I was pretty happy with. CF wod - 7 minute AMRAP 10 thrusters at 65 lbs 20 GHD situps got 3 full rounds and 2 thrusters in the 4th. Wow I didn't miss doing thrusters at all! Had extra time so did some running drills. Trying to get back to proper form. It is going to be a process I can tell already Finally had some dry weather so took my Tri bike ride outside for an easy ride just to get more comfortable on it. That kinda backfired as I got hit by a car. The guy turned left in front of me and I couldn't stop fast enough. I basically hit the front of his car and then fell on the ground. Saddest part is that the guy left and didn't even see if i was ok. However other people did stop. One guy chased him down and got his license plate so we could call the police about it. The police went to the guys house and he claims he didn't hit me I just fell and that is why he didn't stop. My friend I was riding with was yelling at him so he said he was scared. I am very happy to be ok. It could have been much worse. I am taking my bike into the shop just to get it checked out. I rode it a little bit and the rear brake seems weird. some paint on the tire but not much else that I can see. I was mostly just shaken up from it. But I am back to riding again today just trying to feel comfortable on the roads again. I haven't decided what i am going to do yet about it. If my bike is ok probably nothing. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yougurt, ground flax, strawberries, blueberries meal 3 - clif bar. mac nuts meal 4 - seitan, green beans, red beets, yams meal 5 - clif bar
  5. I don't take anything if i am out under 2 hours - over 2 hours i ll probably do a gel every 30 minutes salt every hour. this pic is hilarous!
  6. @lobster - i think it is more of a mental thing, you need to just tell yourself it's ok and then just relax. I personally find it easier if you stand up. foot was in better shape this morning so i had the honor of running with my friend jeff who is just an amazing running. did the boston marathon 7 times plus lots of other impressive accomplishments. We headed out on a flat 10 miler. Took me 1.44 but the foot held up ok. A little sore at the start and finish. No major soreness yet but I am icing it now and hoping that helps with the recovery. Jeff mentioned that I am turning my left foot out when i land on it instead of it being straight. This is the foot that had been giving me most of the issues lately. I am not sure why I am doing that. I took enough water with me this time so that was helpful. meal 1 - 2 slices vegan roasted vegetable pizza & 2 clif bars
  7. Decided not to go and do a crit with the team today because of the weather it was raining and I just don't have the bike skills yet for that. Turned out the entire team decided not to go because of the weather. Im sure it was the right decision because I just don't need crash or injury before the tri season kicks off. i wanted to go and do a long run today but my foot was sore last night and this morning from my run yesterday morning. I am just not in a place right now where I can run back to back days. I really need time to let the foot recover. I really hope this is a post surgery thing and it isn't like this for the rest of my life. so I had to head out in the rain and ride my bike anyway. Did a 40 mile TT. It wasn't a great day for a TT but had to do it anyway. I felt like crap the entire ride. I didn't eat, drink or sleep well yesterday. I just had my schedule screwed up being in NYC. The food wasn't so bad but I def didn't have enough water to drink and I didn't get enough sleep last night. It took me 17 miles on the bike before I even started to feel alive. I rode 40.75 miles in 2:51 minutes. avg speed 14.2 mph. climbed 1,454 ft. max speed 38. not bad for riding in the rain. I took stefan. max hr 160 avg hr 140. avg cadence 78 max cadence 113. It was a tough ride just never felt good. I took 1 salt tablet with me and 3 gels. used the salt and 2 gels. probably didn't fuel enough because by the end of the ride i just couldn't move my bike any faster. Didn't have any serious issues just didn't seem to have anything extra to give today. I also ran out of water which is why i didn't use the 3rd gel. I was able to pee while riding my bike though. meal 1 - sprouted grain bagel & clif bar meal 2 - gels on the bike meal 3 - vega wfo w/coconut water - 2 slices roasted vegetable pizza meal 4 - tofu, mushrooms, peppers, onions, black beans, guacamole, clif bar
  8. @adena - Overhead squats are my worst lift by far! Maybe someday I will be good at them. I am just not that motivated to work on them through because I feel like they are not as functional of a lift as the others. At least I am using that as much excuse. @rob - that's exactly why you use the dumbbells. it is harder because you have to stabilize the weight. It is good to use dumbbells or kettlebells etc. in a wod sometimes into the barbells just to build stability. Run - 1+ mile to warmup with some hills 2 x 800 meters on a track w/ 3 minutes rest between 1 - 3.38 2 - 3.45 Disappointed with the times but there seems to be where my running is at right now. cooldown run - 1+ mile with hills AMRAP 30 minutes 9 hanging squat cleans @ 55 lbs 7 GHD situps 5 manmakers w/ a pair of 26lb Kettlebells 3 Burpees Got 6 rounds was a bit over the 30 minutes but wanted to finish the round up. manmakers are 1) start in the push-up position with hands on db's, complete a push up. 2) row one of the db's after you're in the up position of the push-up, then place db back on the ground and do another push-up. 3) repeat 2) but with your other arm performing the row at up portion of push-up 4) jump your feet near your hands (just like a squat thrust). 5) clean and press the db's 6) after the press bring db's to waist height and squat down until you can rest db's on deck slightly in front of your body. 7) jump back into push up position and repeat. Most of my time in the wod was spent on the manmakers. I never did those before so initial it was slow just remember what the next move was. those are brutal. towards the end it was more about fatigue. You know it is a bad wod when the GHDs and the Burpees are the easy part. My arms are pretty tired from the manmakers. I might have pulled something in my chest too. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - clif bars, banana, mac nuts meal 3 - tofu, brown rice & veggies
  9. Swim - 500 drills to warmup then 25 TT - 65 full lap started the 66th. 1,625 yds. I was surprised by this because I didn't think I could swim that fast. I hope I counted the laps right! CF wod - 5 rounds of 5 dumbbell front squats (20lb dumbells) 5 dumbbell push press (20lb dumbbells) 5 dumbbell overhead squats (5lb dumbbells) 5 burpees time 6.43 I must not have gone heavy enough on this wod because this felt like one of the easier wod's i've done. Had to go super light on the Overhead Dumbbell squats because i can barely overhead squat. It's ugly. meal 1 - vega wfo w. coconut water meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, ground flax seed meal 3 - clif bar & mac nuts meal 4 - grit tofu, brown rice pasta, broccoli, red peppers
  10. abs are still sore! did a little brick workout this morning. Started with a 13 minute warmup on the trainer. Then did 16 rounds of tabata (20 on 10 off) followed by a 20 minute run outside. I put hills back into my running. I think it is time to start doing them again. Used my bike to commute again. CF wod - did the whole thing barefoot because i forgot sneakers. 21- 15-9 Power cleans at 65 lbs pullups Time 7:48 No hand tears again! whoo hoo! I probably should start going heavier on the cleans. I didn't connect my pullups as well as I did last time. meal 1 - granola & soy milk meal 2 - clif builder bar meal 3 - clif crunch bar meal 4 - tofu, mushrooms, black beans, red bell pepper, yellow string beans, pico de gallo meal 5 - vega wfo w/coconut water
  11. ah tabata!!! and those potato kale enchildas are yummy!
  12. My abs are sore today! I guess 160 GHD situps will do that to you. It is cold and rainy here again so no biking and my foot is still a little swollen from the race. I put ice on it last night. will have to do that again tonight. So no running either. Back to the pool! 500 of drills to warmup then 30 x 50 on 20 seconds rest - times started out good but by the end I was so tired. 1 - 41 2 - 43 3 - 43 4 - 45 5 - 44 6 - 45 7 - 44 8 - 45 9 - 44 10 - 45 11 - 45 12 - 44 13 -45 14 - 46 15 - 46 16 - 45 17 - 46 18 -45 19 - 45 20 - 46 21 - 47 22 - 46 23 - 47 24 - 47 25 - 48 26 - 47 27 - 47 28 - 49 29 - 47 30 - 50 31 - 49 cooldown 100 breaststroke 100 backstroke cf wod 10 - 9 -8- 7- 6- 5- 4- 3- 2- 1 Deadlifts @ 155 Walking Lunges Time 7:20 warmup deads 135x5 155x5 175x5 185x3 185x7 I originally was going to do the wod with 185 But the guys were picking on my deads since I wasn't connecting them and they were liking my form so i dropped weight and made sure they were perfect. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yougurt, ground flax, strawberries, blueberries meal 3 clif builder bar & mac nuts meal 4 - thai tofu, broccolit , carrots, peanuts & almonds
  13. Is great to look back and see all of your progress too. Or see where improvements can be made.
  14. finally had time to sit down and read all of this and honestly I think it devalues the publication both the initial problem and second the lame response to the issue. Thankfully the 2nd is a better response. In my opinion I think if they wanted to get photos on specific recipes etc. I am sure there are readers that would have taken the time to make the recipe, photograph it and send it in for them. Would it be more work, yes. But it would be realistic. I'm sure there are even restaurants etc that would have send photos of their food. I believe the vegan community would much rather help them out than have them resort to what they choose to do. I'm not going to cancel my subscription over it because i only have 1 or 2 issues left. However I am considering letting it run out and not renewing it. Up to this point I always felt that vegnews was the best veg publication. One of the reasons I always liked it was because of it being vegan. A lot of the other magazines i have seen are vegetarian and therefore a good portion of the recipes involved dairy and just a few strictly vegan recipes. They also do great articles and are not just a recipe book.
  15. it is going to be on the water row training? sounds super kool! I use an Erg sometimes.
  16. are you tired? could be overtraining and not recovering enough? Sometimes you need a mental break too. Or maybe just do something fun and different and shake it up a bit. Hope your feeling better soon!
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